I started my practice for a simple reason: I wanted to help as many people as possible unlock their potential and have the tools they need to fulfill their life’s purpose.

For over 25 years I worked as a licensed psychotherapist in the traditional medical model of diagnosing pathology and “fixing” symptoms. But even though I enjoyed this work and became quite proficient, there was something about focusing on people’s pathologies that didn’t sit right with me. 

judith royal

I started studying astrology on my own and quickly realized that what I was learning could have a profound impact on my ability to help my patients. But this theoretical leap took me out of bounds for the medical model I was trained in. 

My own discoveries were at odds with my childhood conditioning--I was raised in the bible belt and was used to doing things by-the-book (with a few publicly humiliating exceptions). This meant I held myself back in a lot of ways, for many years—it was a long struggle that left me deeply unsatisfied.

But in a wildly rambunctious moment at the turn of the new millennium, I decided to start my life over with a clean slate. I moved to west to California, to the meeting place of eastern and western thought. I wanted to find a way to combine all of my diverse training—graduate work at Medical College of Virginia, personal study with Ram Dass, continuing work with A Course in Miracles—and create a practice that reflected my own true calling, using what I called people’s “celestial DNA” to guide them to a life that’s more in sync with their true nature.

Joseph Campbell calls it “following your bliss,” which means you’re on fire with the passion of fulfilling your destiny. And that’s how I feel about astrology. When I create a chart for a new client, I feel like somebody’s given me a huge gift, and I just can’t wait to tell the person what I see.

There’s more to you than your job. Your kids. Your cars. Your clothes. Your fears. The authentic, passionate, vibrant, and essential you is there waiting to be unveiled.
— Judith Royal

It’s this kind of bliss, the one that I found when I discovered my own true destiny, that I want to give to you. Because answering the call of your destiny is the key to vibrant health and joyful living. In fact, I believe that all illness is simply frustration of the call unanswered.

While I love doing chart readings for people—especially babies—I’ve learned that the work of uncovering your true self can’t be done in a single session. That’s why I offer intensive, all-day workshops as well as one-on-one coaching and counseling. These more intimate and extended encounters ensure that you have actionable steps to take so that your learning will have a profound effect on your life every day.

Thanks for visiting my site. Astrology is my bliss--I can’t wait to help you find yours. It is written in your stars!

Qualifications: A deeper dive into my TRAINING & BACKGROUND:

•Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Berkeley

•Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia

•25+ years experience as a licensed psychotherapist, program manager, and substance abuse specialist. Program Manager for the 1st inpatient hospital unit for Eating Disorders at Norfolk General Hospital.

•Owner and team leader of the Women’s Family Therapy Center, Virginia

•Consultant for Tidewater Psychiatric Institute, Peninsula Hospital and Colonial Psychiatric Hospital, Virginia

•Two-term president of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Hampton Roads, Virginia

•Post-graduate training with Carl Rogers, The Center for Study of The Person; Murray Bowen, Family Systems Therapy. 

•Continuing study of A Course in Miracles