Powerful praise

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Judith's reading was a whimsical birthday present from a friend. Much to my surprise and delight, my time with Judith turned into one of the most insightful and effective executive coaching sessions I've ever experienced. 

Judith helped me reflect on my priorities and strengths, as well as develop a thoughtful and realistic timeline for changes I wanted to drive.  Not only did I learn more about myself, I also gained new ah-has on how to engage more authentically and successfully with my teams. 

This is not your run-of-the-mill horoscope, this is profound psychological analysis and motivational coaching.  I highly recommend Judith's coaching and workshops for anyone who wants to experience higher levels of clarity, fulfillment, and success. 

Wiebke Liu
SVP Marketing 
Fortune 500 Company

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"I was introduced to Judith's work with a reading, and after, I immediately scheduled several follow-up sessions. I've now been working with Judith for the past couple of months, and she has helped me change be the way I live my life. She offers calm, nurturing guidance, and through our work, I've learned to maximize opportunities while working with my challenges. Our work has made a huge difference in the way I see things and better understand myself and the world around me."


“Your horoscope today couldn't have been more spot on—it took my breath away.”



“I can't tell you how much your Sagittarius readings have meant to me, especially during the past few weeks. I am ready to plant my feet firmly and do the work necessary when necessary!”



“Your writing is so poetic and symbolic, it makes it fun to read your horoscopes.”



“You have such a great gift in hearing people's stories and helping to weave a narrative that comforts and guides. I'm hoping that many more people discover you as a coach.”