What Makes Trump Tick?

Playing King of the Mountain

In 1995, 21 years before Trump was elected President, a great spiritual teacher, Ram Dass, gave us this peek at the future we were creating:

“In the fog of our collective denial, while we were idolizing TV programs like Dynasty and Dallas,  we placed on our altars people who are masters of playing games like King of the Mountain --men like Donald Trump.

He points out, as other scholars have since then, that It’s the same collective denial that put Hitler on the altars of the Germans. We closed our compassionate hearts and armoured ourselves with rationalizations.

President Trump is routinely tempted to take a devious course of action in the face of opposition or adversity. But what his soul intends to happen is that he’ll confront his own fears, the dark corners of his mind where he is utterly lost. It’s where he knows he’s faking it by bullying, bravado and grandiosity.

So far, Trump hasn’t shown himself to be particularly introspective. Therefore his destructive traits continue unchecked.

  • Jaw-Dropping Cluelessness

  • No Experiential Learning Curve

What pattern was forming in the stars when Trump was born?

What I’m about to share with you is what I see written in the stars for Trump. His traits, talents, challenges and destiny are encoded in the pattern the stars formed at his birth. Like all of us, what seems random or even fated is actually the unfolding of his soul’s code. I’m simply reading the symbolic language written by his soul.

When we realize that our soul’s plan was already implanted in us before we took birth in a body, then we can find acceptance and tolerance of even the most aberrant and puzzling behaviors in ourselves and in others.

When caught in the ego’s trap, get-more have-more never-enough, any of us can become sick with hatred. Whether it manifests as self-hatred, or is projected onto others, it is nevertheless a sickness. Understanding this helps me forgive myself and others, at the same time I stay vigilant about the dangers surrounding a man like Trump. I’m not saying he’s a victim of his fate, i.e. “he was born this way!” Rather, he has free will choices, as we all do, to decide against love and to invest ourselves in fear.

America’s President has foot-in-mouth disease due to an unfortunate placement of his Sagittarius Moon. Trump operates from his impulsive gut reactions, which aren’t subject to any filters. Thoughts race through his brain, bypassing reason and logic, and fly out of his mouth. Like being struck by lightning while standing in a pool of water.

Unfortunately, there’s no experiential learning curve for lightning strikes. Unpredictable and unattached to each other, Trump’s erratic moods swings are at best uniquely exciting and at worse are out-and-out mania.

Plus, lightning never strikes in the same place twice. Disjointed and destructive, Trump’s capricious tweets are uncensored emotional blasts from his uncontainable rage. It’s simple addition, not armchair psychology, to tally up his tweets as evidence of narcissistic wounding, a punctured fissure in a hot air balloon of suppressed rage.

Committed today, totally indifferent tomorrow.

What’s with firing so many people? He may think he’s looking for loyalty in his partnerships, but in fact he’s not interested in any relationship or agreement that is binding.

He has no intention of giving up his right to have things his own way. Therefore his relationships are unstable, not because someone else has been disloyal, but because of his own unpredictable and unreliable behavior.

With Venus the goddess of love in a tense relationship with the god of lightning, Trump is likely to have unstable emotions. Often due to excitement seeking. This can lead to swift reverses in which he can be committed to one thing today and totally indifferent to it tomorrow.

A type of emotional rigidity which refuses to listen to reason and chooses immediate emotional gratification at all cost, is fueled by his desire for exotic experiences and excitement.

There’s a trickster loose in Donald Trump’s mind. A mercurial thinker who doesn’t consult reason or logic before spewing instamatic proclamations to the whole wide world.

His emotional retorts are spurred by unpredictable surges of emotions that destabilize his ability to navigate the nuances of interpersonal relationships--most of which require a delicate diplomacy.

Perhaps his vocabulary has more competent words than fake, sloppy, and nut job. Perhaps his IQ is genius. The point is-- his cannot access it. If he has the ability to be competent, it’s drowned out by his overwhelming emotions.

I had hoped that there was method in his madness when he’s said things like, “I’ve got the biggest nuclear hotbutton.” But so far all I see is the wannabe superhero role he’s playing, right out of Batman:

The Joker: Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it!

Good Fortune and plain old dumb luck bails him out right when he needs it. In his stars, Trump was meant to bring blessings into this world. Silver spoons and extra helpings of Joyous Jupiter symbolize the energy of generosity of spirit and the impartial good will of a happily optimistic soul.

What went wrong?

Stunning feats of stupidity

We all have what Carl Jung called a “shadow.” A blind spot in our persona that trips us up because it’s unconscious. But it’s the very challenge our soul wants to overcome. Most of us bounce around, in and out of our shadow, until we collect enough painful experiences to wake up, shine the light of reason on this troublemaker.

Some of us refuse to look.

If Trump’s shadow had a name it would be “unintentional unreliability.”  Stunning feats of stupidity coming from a man with above average intelligence makes me wonder--is this intentional? His chart says, No.

Trump’s idiocy it’s unintentional? Yep. Midnight tweets, international blunders and fake news rants tell us that Trump is living in his shadow! Carl Jung had a term for being perpetually caught in your shadow--neurosis.

Again, that’s why there’s no learning curve.

Is Trump simply clueless? His astrological pattern shows us that he has difficulty when it comes to matters of secrecy. Not that he disclose confidential information deliberately, it just seems to happen. Why? There is a type of absent-mindedness and mental disorganization concerning details that indicate an unintentional unreliability.

Emotional Perverseness and Instability

With Uranus, the mythological god of lightning, opposing Trump’s Sagittarius Moon, there is an emotional perverseness and instability that leads to frequent and unexpected changes in mood and attitude which are very confusing to other people.

Undependability and unpredictability exasperate friends, colleagues (Comey)and partners (wife) who try to avoid Tump as much as possible. Even the new and somewhat sudden acquaintances, like European and Russian heads of state, will not last long.

Jaw-dropping shock by a large number of incredulous Americans is happening on a daily basis. Seasoned reporters for conscientious news outlets, who might try to write an unbiased account of Trump’s latest idiocy or midnight tweet, are thrown by Trump’s inability to learn from his own mistakes,

It would be lunacy on our part to adapt, to get used to, the foolhardy ignorance of the behavior of the President of the United States. The stakes are too high to ignore it.

There must be senators, congressmen and white house staffers going home every night mumbling to themselves, “Well, certainly we’ve seen the worst of it. Surely he won’t do that again!”  

Sabotaged by his own unconscious mind, Trump keeps fashioning his own hangman’s noose out of tweets and ludicrously imprudent declarations.

But thank God we can always see the truths we refuse to acknowledge about ourselves in the projections from our unconscious mind. It’s a sleight of hand way to shift the blame and guilt onto someone or something else.

What Can stabilize these erratic behaviors?

It's possible that Trump could learn to submit to the advice of others and try to maintain his positive relationships. He will only do this because he’ll decide it's not worth putting up with everyone's disapproval.

Trump has a depressive inclination to feel unloved and unappreciated. He craves attention, in any form, as a demonstration that he is loved and appreciated. One example is his obsession with how many people attended his inauguration.

The ringed planet Saturn is an archetype symbolic of the stern and oppressive father who insists on orderliness. Saturn acts like the skeletal system does for the organs in our body. Saturn in Donald Trump's astrology chart is exactly conjunct Venus the goddess of love. This is the aspect often found in the astrological charts of talented artists. It's a gift for spatial relations and music because it gives a good sense of rhythm, harmony and melody. It also gives him good mathematical ability. Few would question that Trump is good with numbers and good with money.

This combination of Venus and Saturn also gives a sense of justice and fair play--it’s in there somewhere! So is his pride in being an American.

Trump has a down-to-earth approach in dealing with problems and generally he takes a practical approach to helping others. He has a strong ambition for money and a desire to enhance his financial status through partnerships.

Patriotism or Chauvinism?

Trump is a patriot whose good intentions are to support America--but there’s a narcissistic twist.

He has a propensity to take things very personally and to be easily influenced by emotional appeals to exert his power. When patriotism is exaggerated through such a subjective lens, it becomes chauvinism--an intemperate pride and belligerent belief in his own, and America’s, superiority.

On the dark side, this can be a tendency to use others to gratify his own emotional and financial needs.

He's likely to inherit money or just find himself and very favorable financial conditions and situations. He has great optimism, good intuition and flashes of inspiration that enable him to take advantage of opportunities that other people might not even notice.

He has a strong dislike of restraints so he will insist on his personal freedom to do as he pleases--another indicator of excitement seeking and frequent travel that is usually decided upon quite suddenly.

Trump wants to be an active leader and he’s much more suited to liberal policies than conservative ones. He likes to reform the status quo.

He is likely to acquire fame, renown and popularity through the causes that he identifies himself with. He can actually have flashes of real genius.

This guy can be untruthful without consciously realizing it.

We've seen evidence of this over and over when Trump himself seems to be shocked and surprised by the negative reactions to his decisions.

How can such a smart guy appear so stupid? Another blind-spot that is particularly heinous when it comes to his relationships with women is the inner tension between Venus and Jupiter. No matter what else is in the horoscope, this aspect produces over indulgence, conceit, debauchery and a general lack of appreciation of the true value of things and people.

Valuing the truth is exactly what is on the road ahead for Trump, for all of us, when Uranus the god of lightning enters the sign of Taurus March 6, 2019. This 7-year itch planet (Uranus spends 7 years in one zodiac sign) was last in Taurus in 1935.

We have a president who is tweeting his way to destruction, blatantly and without regard for consequences, making announcements globally that are at best meaningless and that at worse are a type of self-will-run-riot.

He thoughtlessly and deliberately flaunts convention just for the sake of causing excitement by stirring up controversy.

He thinks of himself as mentally exceptional and he does have unusual talents. But he does not use them wisely and frankly he's not as smart or talented as he thinks he is.

A strong erratic impatience gets in his way gets in the way of any sustained effort. So even if he does have a genius idea he does not have the patience to implement it.

See if you think this fits: Mercury in the sign of Cancer (Trump) indicates a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns that cause him to look at some facts and ignore others. The obvious result of this type of cognition is bias, prejudice and interference with objective thinking.

This guy can be untruthful without consciously realizing it. We've seen evidence of this over and over when Trump himself seems to be shocked and surprised by the negative reactions to his decisions.

Trump’s offensive use of Twitter may be the gun he’s using to shoot himself in the foot.

“When things were very bad his soul just crawled behind his heart and curled up and went to sleep”

Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Posted on January 13, 2019 .