Halloween is so Scorpio

Finally, Murphy’s Law takes a backseat. Messenger Mercury’s picking up speed and shifting our communications into forward gear today, October 26th. And, your career plans are gathering mountainous strength and disciplined efficiency as warrior Mars marches into successful and hardworking Capricorn, also today. 

Halloween has a sweeter than sweet tooth this year as generous Jupiter hands out lots of treats, no tricks. Monsters will be hugging each other. It’s raining romance as we begin November. 

The Force of working together is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of October 26th-November 1st, 2014:

ARIES  ☀  (March 20-April 19)

Messenger Mercury makes a U-turn today, October 26th, in the sign of diplomatic Libra. Your focus is on relationships and clearing the air of misunderstandings that date back to September 14th. Also on September 14th, you began a period of a high energy push to succeed, because your inner warrior was jumping with enthusiasm and you’ve felt quite optimistic--that falls down to earth today, October 26th, but that’s a good thing. The expansive ideas and broadened horizons you’ve been experiencing will now take practical, even moneywise, form. Your key words now are--organization and discipline. The test of how well you’ve made this shift comes Thursdays evening. Make a plan, prioritize, then cut the fat. There is so much energy in earth and water signs as November begins, that you’ll need to be more introspective and to slow down a bit. The end of October is a sweet romantic time, if you will stop and feel it.


TAURUS   ☀  (April 20-May 20)

Today, October 26th, mental Mercury makes his U-turn into forward gear. He will still be in the sign of diplomatic Libra, and will ask you to clear the any misunderstandings in your relationships that have been lingering since September 14th. With this clean slate, fortune really smiles on you for the rest of this month, and especially as November begins. Why? Because wore your Mars moves into your harmonious sign, Capricorn, today October 26th. Also, Venus the goddess of love moved into Scorpio on the 23rd. You  now have both Mars and Venus bringing your romantic relationships down to earth, and putting them on stable yet passionate footing. Mars in Capricorn Marches through your ninth House of travel, so this will be quite active for you for the entire month of November. And Venus in Scorpio lives in your seventh house of partnerships. She will inspire both depth and intensity of feeling. Look for a challenge this Thursday evening the 30th, between your career direction and your partnerships. Are you neglecting one in favor of the other? Put a check mark by what’s working, and let go of everything else. As you move into November, you’re in for a dreamy and romantic time. Dust off that volume of Rumi, and sit back with your wildest dreams. 


GEMINI   (May 21-June 20)

Love and romance slipped into the closet to peek at an old box of memories when Venus went into Scorpio on October 23rd. Romance is a little wet and soggy for the rest of this month and into November. Take advantage of the messenger planet turning into forward gear today October 26th in the diplomatic sign of Libra. You have a wonderful window of opportunity to clear up any miscommunications that have been hanging around since September 14th. Mercury, who is your muse and the ruler of Gemini, is making a harmonious mental wave links for you until November 8th. Mars the warrior moves into Capricorn today, October 26th. Your energy and drive has been in high gear for the past six weeks, and now you may feel like you fell to Earth. What’s really happening is a call to organize and discipline yourself so you can take in vantage of the ideas and broader horizons that you’ve envisioned, especially in regard to your partnerships. There’s a lot of earth and water energy for the rest of October and most of November. If you’ll slow down your multitasking, rest your body, and let yourself contemplate and concentrate on all that has happened, you’ll see your ideas fall together like tumblers in a lock. The end of the month is sleepy but sweet. Your next big push to accomplish your dreams comes after November 17th. Might as well relax! 


CANCER   (June 21-July 21)

This last week of October is the best time of this whole month for you. The powerful eclipse of October 23rd brought you a revelation. The goddess of love has been in Scorpio since then, expanding your concept of relationships and especially the higher forms of love. Although it will have some jealousy and mystery, you’re going all-in for the people you love. Today, October 26th, your warrior energy gets revived in an organized and very productive way. Mars Will be in Capricorn for the next six weeks, fueling your career ambitions and your relationships with a grounded, focused energy. Communications in general get restored today when messenger Mercury makes his U-turn into forward motion, giving you an intense focus on your family and home. But as for clearing the air of misunderstandings, you’ll need to be patient until after November 8th, when the messenger planet returns to Scorpio. Meanwhile it’s all good. This Saturday November 1st is all about sweet dreams of love. You’ll be swimming in romance.


LEO   ☀  (July 22-August 22)

Deals and plans that have been on hold since October 4th get the green light today, October 26th. The messenger planet is in forward gear in your house of communications, giving you fabulous negotiation skills. If you need to get your point across to anyone, you’ll be able to do it now. Take advantage of this clarity in your thinking between now and November 8th. When it comes to relationships or partnerships, you’d better get somebody to watch your back. The goddess of love is in secretive Scorpio, so you and others will be tempted to all-or-nothing solutions. October 30th and 31st will be the best days of this week for you. You’re pulled into a more objective view of your life, and good fortune arrives with your Halloween treats. You feel like being with lots of people, and financial success comes through your understanding of what items are attractive to others in the marketplace. Basically, you’ve got good taste! 


VIRGO  ☀  (August 23-September 22)

You’re power to get things done returns in full force today, October 26th. Messenger Mercury shifts communications into forward gear and you take action on a revelation left over from the Scorpio eclipse last week, or you may be thrown all the way back to September 14th to retrieve something you lost. But the bigger news is about your inner warrior, Mars, who helps you channel all you great energy into professional and financial success. It’s now time to get concrete results. You’re innate organizational abilities are heightened now and combine with Saturn’s disciplined kick to the front of the line, which gives the right stuff for well timed, decisive action. For the next six weeks the path of your ambitions is well marked, and as easy to follow as walking down a garden path in spring. Venus the goddess of love went into a cooly indifferent Scorpio on October 23rd. Although this is not favorable for romance, it gives you a boost in creativity for all your communications. You are totally in your element! Especially as November begins with six planets in earth or water signs, which are supportive of your growth. November 1st a peaceful Pisces Moon adds the finishing touch--compassion for yourself.


LIBRA  ☀  (September 23-October 22)

Well Libra you can take a deep breath and try again to be heard in your relationships. The messenger planet shifts into forward gear today, October 26th, in your sign. As he picks up speed, you can clear up misunderstandings left over from October 4th. Take advantage of the heightened mental clarity and negotiating skills that you have through November 8th. Since Venus, your ruler and muse, moved into Scorpio on October 23rd, she’s blessing your house of money and resources. You’re able to understand Venus’s intensely passionate drives in Scorpio, but beware of the green eyed monster. The usually impulsive drives of warrior Mars in Sagittarius ends today. Mars in Capricorn will feel like you hit a wall, but actually you hit the needed discipline of Saturn. It’s not too glamorous, but it’s very good for your career planning. Your best days this week come on the 30th and 31st, when the Moon sails into the intellectual air of gregarious Aquarius. You’re at home in your intuitive mind, and up for a short informative trip. Halloween is flat out fun! You’re generous with the candy, and with your expressions of love. You start November with optimism and the need for quiet, contemplative time away.


SCORPIO  ☀   (October 23-November 21)

Happy Birthday to you, magical Scorpios.Take a moment to review the Scorpio of eclipse on October 23rd. It showed you a place where you still have unfinished business. And today, October 26th, your inner warrior gets energized as Mars moves in to your friendly sign of Capricorn. The road to success for you gets a lot easier than it has been for the past six weeks. Between now and December 4th, you have great potential for material success and recognition in your career. Also today, October 26th, the messenger planet shifts into his first full day in forward gear, and you can really clear the air of any misunderstandings in your relationships that have happened since September 14th. Right now Messenger Mercury is still in the sign of Libra, but he’ll return to Scorpio on November 8th, joining you in a friendly handshake with a more prosperous career. November begins with with sweet dreams of love that come from a boost in compassion for others. There’s a sweetness to the emotional intensity that will be with you through December 10th. Keep it warm.


SAGITTARIUS   (November 22-December 20)

Since September 14th you’ve been enjoying tremendous energy and positive drive from your inner warrior. Today, October 26th, you’ll feel a big shift into slower motion. Warrior Mars leaves Sagittarius for the earthy but ambitious mountain tops of Capricorn. For the next six weeks you have a more time for grounding those brilliant ideas, and making an action plan. Now they can do you some good. Also today, October 26th, the messenger planet shifts into forward gear in diplomatic Libra, and you can pick up the pieces lost since October 4th. Between now and November 8th, you have wind in your communication sails. Gather your friends, do things two by two. Especially now that Venus, the goddess of love, has moved into the secretive depths of Scorpio. This is a cool and reserved energy that is hard for you to understand. However, Venus is stirring up creativity in your unconscious mind, which will show up in dreams and lovely daydreams. Use this energy for visualization. Of all the signs, you understand the power of your thoughts to create your reality. October 30th and 31st are very good days for you. Your inbox will be full, and your phone constantly ringing. You’ll feel very generous, and as sweet as candy for Halloween.


CAPRICORN   ☀  (December 21-January 19)

All systems are go! Your inner warrior comes alive with decisive action today, October 26th, and will channel tons of ambitious energy into your career until December 4th. Take advantage of this time because now you’ll get concrete results and recognition for your recent struggles to make things happen. Plus, Venus is backing you up with sort of a “sacrifice everything for love” attitude for the next three weeks. And, as of today October 26th, the messenger planet is back in forward gear in your fourth house of home and family. Real estate deals, home repairs, and communications with those closest to you are much improved.Your best days are October 28th and 29th, when the Capricorn Moon steers you toward the money. As the month of November begins, you have help from a compassionate Pisces Moon. It will be raining romance and sweet daydreams. Unplug.


AQUARIUS  ☀   (January 20-February 17)

Things that have gone unsaid and messages that have gone unanswered since October 4th will get cleared up beginning today, October 26th, as the messenger planet turns to direct motion. You will feel like you just got a breath of fresh air. However there is another big planetary shift today, when warrior Mars moves into ambitious Capricorn. You won’t feel as driven as you have since September 14th, but the relaxation should be welcome! Your warrior energy is now turned to contemplation in you’re 12th house of the collective consciousness. You are very interested in having your life and your interactions be more honest and open. Secrets may surface, especially since Venus went into the intensely emotional depths of Scorpio on October 23rd. Room for you’re broad intellect to stretch out comes on October 30 and 31st, the best days of the week for you. The moon will be in Aquarius and will team up with generous Jupiter to give your imagination a “green thumb.” Your sympathy for those less fortunate than yourself makes you feel quite charitable, and not just with the Halloween candy. Your start November in contentment by bringing comfort to others. 


PISCES  ☀   (February 18-March 19)

There is such good news for you coming in this last week of October. First, Warrior Mars leave the fiery and sometimes impulsive battlefield of Sagittarius today, October 26th. For the next six weeks, Mars in Capricorn will fuel you’re dreams and ambitions for success with the discipline and organization needed. You can expect friends to help you achieve your goals. Mercury, the messenger planet, also turns and shifts into forward gear today. Your communications may not be quite up to speed until November 8th, but your negotiating skills are good. On November 1st, you will be feeling on top of the world. You will start the new month with the moon in Pisces, making a beautiful pairing with spiritual Neptune. Your Pisces Moon is passing a message of compassion to the hard-working energy of Capricorn, converting it to sweet dreams of love and doing things two by two. Your heightened intuition, and the clairvoyant power you can generate from meditation, will offer you a quantum leap in consciousness. 

Posted on October 25, 2014 .