Calling out the vampire

October has heavy intensity and lots of fallout from our pasts. Those hurts and slights that are buried without forgiveness, as though forgotten, rise up like the undead on Halloween. Time to watch them vanish in the light of learning to love ourselves. The world spins complex tales of hatred and greed that are nothing more than fragile cobwebs that disappear before the power of telling the truth.


The Force of revelation is with you.
Here’s your horoscope for the week of October 5th-11th, 2014

(*If you’re watching the Blood Moon Eclipse on October 8th, details are at the bottom)

ARIES  (March 20-April 19)

October is a month of calling out the vampires, going deep inside yourself, and looking in the basement of your mind. This week you will be preparing for the big event that happens Wednesday, October 8th. It’s a full moon in your sign and it’s a total lunar eclipse. You want to watch for memories that will pop up without warning. They’ll be about your relationships from the past, and the ways that you have handled them, which are now interfering with your further progress along those lines. Notice that your memory has a limiting belief attached to it, and that subjective interpretation can hold you hostage--like an undead vampire. For example, you might have had a disappointment or hurt that you believed happened because you thought you were unlovable, or unworthy in some way. You don’t have to put a stake in it’s heart! Just open the coffin and it will disappear in the sunlight of your spirit, your love for yourself. October 4th, Mercury, the planet of mental processes, went retrograde in the sign of Scorpio. This turns your thoughts inward even more, but gives you a great opportunity for profound insights.


TAURUS   (April 20-May 20)

Dear stable and loving Rock of Gibraltar, this week may knock you off your feet when the Aries Full Moon, total lunar eclipse, on Wednesday, October 8th, energizes the hopes and dreams you’ve been working so hard on. This extremely powerful electromagnetic field circles around Venus, who is blessing your relationships with some healing laughter. Watch for unusual dreams that bring you a sudden insight about your health and a breakthrough on October 7th. When this storm of eclipses passes you won’t be standing on familiar ground, but you will be working hard to actualize your dreams. Keep your eye on Mercury,the messenger planet, who reversed near and retreated into dark Vader's cave on October 4th. He will stay there through the 24th, but has a respite in between when he'll be in the relationship sign of Libra on October 10th.You get the idea. All of October is about sleuthing your way to the bottom line in your relationships, where you’ll clean out cobwebs of old beliefs that have frightened you away from deeper intimacy.

GEMINI  (May 21-June 20)

Gemini you are in for a whirlwind in your relationships throughout the month of October, but especially this coming Wednesday, October 8th when there’s a Full Moon in Aries, your enthusiastic buddy in the zodiac. As you try to juggle all kinds of facts from your past experiences, you will be looking to heal patterns of domination or abuse of power. On the 7th you can look for aha’s and epiphanies that suddenly arise from your dreams or memories or a call from an old friend. Take advantage of the opening doors of perception that will be available on the eclipse. With your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde motion since October 4th, all answers require introspection. If there is anyone you have not forgiven completely, now is the time to do it. Especially forgiving yourself. Because by the second eclipse on October 23rd, you are in for a new beginning that sets the stage for critical choices you are making.The next pinnacle for committing to those choices comes December 14th. You do not want to drag old ghosts into that time. You are needed to help someone who is as weary now as you once were.

CANCER   (June 21-July 21)

You have absolutely no interest in anything superficial this month! The beginning of October is challenging for you to say the least. This week you are moving toward a powerful Full Moon in fiery Aries that is a total lunar eclipse on October 8th. Time to reboot. This electromagnetic event is energizing issues from home and family, particularly involving close friends and relatives. And your career is getting a big surprise, probably on the 7th, that is likely to result in more power for you. What you want to look at in early October is the balance between having your personal emotional needs met and, at the same time, devoting the appropriate energy to your career. A juggling act you’re not fond of. The messenger planet shifted into reverse gear on October 4th, and he began a trip down your memory lane. The purpose of this is to unmask old wounds. Just know, in your beautifully sensitive heart, that any thought you empower with your feelings will become your reality. What you think, is what you see.


LEO   (July 22-August 22)

For love or money? You get to have both. The Full Moon in Aries on October 8th is a total lunar eclipse that will activate your financial house and bring wealth from the goddess of love. This lunar eclipse is the opening curtain for the sixth revelation coming December 14th. The power of it lies in the fact that the moon will be side by side with the god of lightning quick dashes for freedom. Expect a helpful breakthrough on the 7th. October will have another eclipse on the 23rd which will be a new beginning. Much activity this month will be in the sign of intensity, Scorpio. Communications, since October 4th, are not necessarily screwed up, they’re just your thoughts turning inward. You are interested only in something deeply meaningful that will help get you to the answers you need. You need to sweep some cobwebs out of your memories and clear your thinking of limiting beliefs--it’s not meant to be spooky but may have some tense moments.

VIRGO   (August 23-September 22)

You’re taking a deep inner journey this month--endings and culminations on the 7th and 8th, and a new clean slate on the 23rd. It’s the month of Halloween, and you may feel that your emotions need a disguising costume. You’ll be tempted to race past “signs” and sudden events simply because everything is happening so fast. But the messages meant for you from your unconscious mind will find a way to get noticed. You can pick the time and place, or it will pick you. Best if you pick the restful time and quiet space. The Full Moon total lunar eclipse on the 8th has you feeling restless and wired. It’s a time of culmination and letting go of old beliefs. The eclipse activates your house of money and resources, which is in direct opposition to the house of your deepest desires--meaning you are called to integrate the two. With a retrograde Mercury, who’s back pedaling in Scorpio since October 4th, you're not satisfied with superficial answers. Expect profound insights and sudden events to reveal a truth that’s been hidden behind cobwebs. Scary “ghosts” that are nothing really, just memories hidden from the light of day. What exactly are the stars telling you during this very uncomfortable, yet powerful, month of October? “Dear industrious Virgo, you are always seeking perfection, a very difficult task to bring that vision into human from. Love yourself for trying--and that you never, never ever, give up!  

LIBRA   (September 23-October 22)

October 7th, one day before the powerful Full Moon in Aries, a breakthrough comes unexpectedly that opens a door. The culminating lunation on the 8th is a time of examining the distribution of power in your relationships. Where have you given you power away? And where have you abused power to dominate others? You might say this is the constant balancing act you’re always involved in, so why would this month be any different? The answer comes from the enormous surge of electromagnetic energy your Libra Sun will receive during the October 8th total lunar eclipse. You have the goddess Venus sitting next to your Sun, sweetening your desire for fairness with a focus on the power of love to heal relationships.This opens your heart wider. The old dilemma of his-needs vs. your-needs is in the spotlight. You’ll get a lot of cosmic help, and with the messenger planet in reverse gear since October 4th, the answer are in you. Your only difficulty is the keep-the-peace resistance to unveiling your own secrets, which rise up now like the undead vampire on  Halloween. This is simply an invitation to bring you secret desires into the light. Just like opening the coffin to the sunlight of the dawn. Whoosh. Gone.

SCORPIO   (October 23-November 21)

Dear master of secrets, the month of October is right up your powerful ally. Why? First the messenger planet started his U-turn on October 4th your sign, Scorpio. He's inviting you to an inner journey, inside the deep interiors of your memories, where old cobwebs have gathered to keep you away from telling your truth. You, and Sagittarius, are the truth tellers of the zodiac who will blast open doors on October 8th’s Full Moon in Aries, a total lunar eclipse, which cleans the slate for your annual New Moon, new beginnings, on the 23rd. So dear Scorpio, what secrets do you still keep? They are always the thing you refuse to know about your own trueSelf--ghosts that are negative judgments you’ve made against yourself. You’ve spent too much time in the underworld, so you may have forgotten that your life goal is the Holy Grail itself, perfect forgiveness. You’re almost done with the gruelling tests of your commitment that serious Saturn in Scorpio has given you since October 2012. You’re off the seriousness hook this December 24th. Please take this month as an opportunity to find balance in the way you wield your enormous power.

SAGITTARIUS   (November 22-December 20)

Dear fiery Sagittarius, you’re in for a blazing good time this week as the Aries Full Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow in total eclipse on the 8th. Time to howl! Even though there’s a deeply intense testing of the balance of power in your relationships. Do you have the freedoms you need? Are you thoughtfully telling the truth to your partner, in small doses that can be absorbed? Don't be surprised if memories from the past, particularly as they relate to issues of abuse of power by you, or towards you, comes up very strongly this week. A breakthrough on this issue comes October 7th, paving the way. The planet of communications, Mercury,turned around and retreated to his Darth Vader Cave on October 4th. While Mercury is there, you will be visited by certain “ghosts” from relationships past. Look closely. It’s all hollywood costumes, they’re illusions. When the second eclipse of this month comes on the 23rd, it will be a New Moon in Scorpio, and a powerful Solar eclipse. This will be a new beginning for you, and for your hopes, dreams and wishes. But not the new beginning you’d planned. So do the work of cleaning the slate, as you move toward the sixth of seven revolutionary crossroads on December 14th. You've got a major role in the final act--ruthless honesty.

CAPRICORN   (December 21-January 19)

Some days the workload must seem too heavy, even for a hard-working Capricorn.This week, especially Wednesday, October 8th, you’ll get a surge of electromagnetic energy running through your house of career. An event, or series of events (look for the trigger October 7th), related to how you communicate and how you give and receive messages, will be the source of a beautiful healing and a quantum leap in your spiritual beliefs. The total eclipse on October 8th will blast away any clutter in your career where power has been misused, by you or toward you. Or, someone you work with is self-righteously domineering. The 8th will be an  opportunity for you to totally shift your focus, as the electromagnetic field is interrupted while the Moon passes through the Earth’s shadow. Reboot. The messenger planet started a U-turn in his orbit on October 4th, pulling your ideas into focus and internal review. Stop working long enough to realize that cobwebs have accumulated in your house of friends and groups. Have you ignored them? Too busy? This month is a fabulous opportunity to stare down the demons, just like Luke facing Darth Vader in the cave, and unmask any aggression you’ve turned inward on yourself--that was only an illusory costume to hide old wounds. Healing comes around October 23rd with a solar eclipse, New Moon, new beginning. You get live demonstrations showing that your thoughts, when infused with your spirit, create your reality.

AQUARIUS  (January 20-February 17)

October 8th, this coming Wednesday, is one of the most powerful events in this 2014 calendar year. It is an Aries Full Moon and total lunar eclipse, that brings a beautiful, harmonious energy to house of money and resources and your house of transformations. October is loaded with desires, and the house of transformation is also the house of sexual ecstasy and transformation through death and rebirth within a relationship. You are called to come down from the heady intellectualizing you can do with your thoughts, and get a little muddy in the real world of intense emotions as you walk through some old beliefs that have kept you from true intimacy. When the messenger planet reversed his gears on October 4th, he did so in the sign of transformation, Scorpio. This redoubles you mission to go inside your mind and excavate some deeply held beliefs that have clouded the bottom line for you. Ask yourself, “What is powerful about me? Where do I invest my power? You dear Aquarius, above all zodiac signs, are concerned with the abuse and unequal distribution of power in our world, especially the women and children in third world countries. October will be an insightful (watch the 7th) month in which you may redirect your clever intellect to solve a problem that will benefit many many people. By the time the second eclipse comes October 23rd, a new moon in Scorpio, you will have shifted an important old belief that has held you back from being truly free.


PISCES   (February 18-March 19)

The sweetness of your shy and sensitive spirit gets tested this week by the October 8th Full Moon in Aries that is a total lunar eclipse. Notice your restlessness. Where are you discontent and irritable? This is where you’ll feel an urgency about changing your life. That discomfort is the clue to more freedom which will come through your 2nd house of money and resources, and will be closely tied with taxes, corporate money, and inheritance. If you have given your power away somehow, easy for a Pisces to collapse into, now is the chance to reclaim it by breaking through an old dreamy, pink cloud that does not support you. With the messenger planet retrograde in Scorpio in your house of communications since October 4th, you want to clear up any misunderstandings. Be sure to use your indoor, inside voice. If you don’t get spooked by ghosts from relationships past, you’re sliding easily toward a meaningful new beginning around the second eclipse of this month on the 23rd (more to come on this), a New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio. Your ability to assert yourself in relationships takes a quantum leap. Critical choices are before you, as we move toward the sixth of seven revolutionary crossroads on December 14th. You may feel like you’ve died and been reborn.


*Watching the Blood Moon? The total lunar eclipse in the early morning of October 8th is visible in the western United States. The Full Aries Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow beginning at 1:16 AM PDT; the range of the total eclipse is 3:25 AM to 4:24 AM, PDT, exact at 3:50 AM and ending at 6:32 AM. Sunrise is 7:12.


Posted on October 5, 2014 .