Jupiter’s Ode to a Jiggle

Thanksgiving 2014 is for belly laughs and giggling. We see the odd juxtapositions that Sagittarius creates are invitations to leap into a higher consciousness.

We’re tiny particles attracted to each other, like two drops of water beading up on a waxed dining room table. We excitedly anticipate the jiggle that will join us. Then, even if we’re tilted, we roll along together.

Jupiter is the landlord for the wide open spaces of Sagittarius. He inspires the celebration of Thanksgiving with his cornucopia of abundance. The goddess of love has joined Jupiter to make this year’s Thanksgiving Day lavish and flamboyant. Plus, Messenger Mercury parades in Thursday evening with brassy honesty, offering you a trip to the realms of the higher mind that are the hunting grounds of Sagittarius.

The Force of gratitude is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of November 23rd to 29th, 2014:

ARIES  ☀  (March 20-April 19)

You’re thinking about your life’s purpose just as your horizon lights up with a more optimistic vision of what’s possible. You want to act swiftly, and you’ll have no problem doing this when opportunity presents itself. Fall in love with an idea about your future that doesn’t involve struggle, but does involve a break with tradition. Tuesday, November 25th, you send an intense message, or you receive one, that is sobering and is likely about a commitment you have. Wednesday is a gloriously loving and happy day for you--as long as you’re up for surprises. There’s lots of sizzle behind your desire to free yourself, which will happen in an unexpected way. Your solar 9th house of higher education, philosophy, and travel is loaded with thinking outside the box. You’re better equipped than most to deal with the energetically enthusiastic Sagittarius planets. You’ll take the odd juxtaposition of ideas and use them as the ingredients of great humor. Do it and you’ll have fun. Laughter is the perfect “medicine” because it breaks the grip of fear, allowing love to enter.

TAURUS   ☀  (April 20-May 20)

Illusions, like a wall made of feathers, blow open this week in unexpected ways. With the line-up of planets in Sagittarius growing, you may feel like your thoughts are going faster than your words can form. It’s true. You’ve been sloshing around in the intensely emotional waters of Scorpio since September 28th, and now you’re suddenly taking a quantum leap into the open mind fields of fiery Sagittarius. You can experience undreamed of realms of consciousness, but you will first have to risk letting go of the need to control the outcome. The middle of this week, you’re asked to reconcile two sets of needs that you’ve been perceiving as opposites. Blending them requires seeing where you actually want the same things. Tongue twisters arrive for Thanksgiving dinner when Messenger Mercury joins the Sagittarius gang. Because all of this is occurring in your 8th solar house of transformation, your solutions will come through prophetic insights about the process of death and rebirth. It seems that you are always choosing between Love and fear, and yet Love has no opposite--being the only real thing that exists. What an easy choice.

GEMINI   (May 21-June 20)

Let your free flag fly. You can literally thank God that you’re reached dry land after a nine week deep dive into murky emotions. The Sun, Venus and Mercury move into your opposing sign, fiery Sagittarius, this week. The heat is on your self concept and your self confidence. It’s time to know your one self, a purely spiritual being temporarily housed in a human from. Gemini is here to integrate, not debate, intellectual curiosity about how things work on the earth plane with knowledge from the higher realms. The place where you easily join with Sagittarius is the devilish mirth of poking fun at the ego’s lies. You’ve got a quirky sense of humor, and you’ll notice people around you are putting an odd spin on what you say--and vice versa--unless you stop and think. Which you won’t feel like doing. The “choice” between Heaven and hell only seems to be a choice. Heaven is real and hell is just a nightmare from which you can awaken. You dear Gemini, can help the world end this debate! Use your inside words.

CANCER   (June 21-July 21)

You’re trying to make sense out of the things people are saying to you, but it seems they are constantly shape-shifting and elusive. Your 6th house of health is extraordinarily activated through December 16th, giving you the power of healing touch. You are by nature very sensitive and easily wounded, and the overload of Sagittarius bluntness is hard to take. You gotta just laugh at all the incongruity. The odd combinations of ideas around midweek has you wanting to travel the world and stay in your comfy home--all at the same time. Too much activity may throw a fog over your highly visionary self, but don’t let it keep you from trusting your intuition and clairvoyance. What’s going on is a lot of talk talk talk that’s creating an inner tension with your spiritual need for peace (and quiet). You need only remember that what’s real is the love in your heart, everything else is an illusion.

LEO   ☀  (July 22-August 22)

Sunday rolls the week out in wheelbarrows loaded with hope and generosity. This will help you stretch into positive thinking as your work week begins with trying to bend oil and water. You want to implement you carefully crafted work, which you can, but you also want it to be appreciated and recognized, which won’t happen quite yet. Expect lightning bolts of love from an effervescent goddess who offers you pleasant surprises on Wednesday. For your Thanksgiving, Jupiter wants to give you the gift of basking in the sunlight of your own enthusiastic spirit. Your special love of children will be a tremendous source of joy. By dinnertime Thursday evening, your thoughts are decidedly uplifted and you embrace ideals that at other times seemed impractical. Friday seems to impose limits on your plans, but actually it’s just some temporary fog. The solution? Get out your guitar and sing.

VIRGO  ☀  (August 23-September 22)

Guess who’s coming to dinner? Really, you may have no idea. There’s a midweek aspect with warrior Mars that makes actions unpredictable, something that’s rarely true about you. What’s happening is the movement of planets from intensely emotional waters to the creative fires of your higher mind. Scorpio has encouraged you to play your cards close to the chest for the past nine weeks, and now Sagittarius shows up and wants you to spread them all over the table--face up. There you’ll see two things that have appeared to be in competition are clashing because they actually want the same things. Let this surprise you on Wednesday. Imagine good things coming to you, not because you’ve had to work hard to earn them, but because they’re yours by right of who you truly are, by right of your divine birth. You’ll sit at the head of your Thanksgiving feast and realize that Love has set the table.

LIBRA  ☀  (September 23-October 22)

Sagittarius enthusiasm and straight talk is wildly rampant this week, landing squarely in your 3rd solar house of communications. You can give thanks for the grace that’s built in to Libra energy, because Sagittarius is known for foot-in-mouth bluntness. You’ll have so much to say that you’ll be tripping over your own words trying to get your point across. You may even pull out your soap box for Thanksgiving dinner, still trying to convince someone that you’re right. Venus in Sagittarius is setting up a few preposterous pairings of people and ideas that tempt you to try to join two sets of roles that aren’t naturally related. It doesn’t work out well because it creates inappropriate expectations. Then, disappointment. It seems that you are constantly choosing between truth and lies, right and wrong, yet only truth is real. Lies are simply a fabrication of ego, a smokescreen “protecting” you from seeing the truth of who you really are. It doesn’t matter whether you’re aware of it or not, you are love.

SCORPIO  ☀   (October 23-November 21)

Giving, just for the joy of it, is Jupiter’s style. And yours. Don’t miss the opportunities he offers you because they seem to come so easily. You don't have to earn his gifts, and that’s why it feels like “dumb luck.” Venus, Sun and Mercury have left Scorpio this week for the blatantly honest and open fires of Sagittarius. In a way, Sagittarius is a reaction against the secretive energy of Scorpio, calling you to break the strain between you and another person by telling the truth. Pretend they already read your mind, so you’re just putting words to what is already there. It’s not an invitation to butt heads, rather it’s a lesson in reconciling what seems to be irreconcilable opposition. This challenges you to a creative leap in which you learn to blend by jiggling (see above). Take care of business before dinner on Thursday when Messenger Mercury trips over your words into Sagittarius. It’ll be hard to bow out gracefully after that. Your mental clarity will return on December 16th, so just enjoy the ride, the hilarious mish mash, until then. Rest in quiet, and simply receive.

SAGITTARIUS ☀   (November 22-December 20)

Are you saying, “Houston we have lift-off?” There’s incredible power and punch loaded into the Sagittarius Sun for your birthday this year. You have a charismatic enthusiasm that makes you down right effervescent. The only exception this week is Monday, which is duck ‘n cover day. If you find yourself in a competitive struggle--it’s a no-win so just walk away. Venus is joined with the Sun in your sign to add her most flamboyant displays of affection. You are a lover-of-life. This may be the best Thanksgiving you’ve had in many years. Messenger Mercury moves into Sagittarius in time for dinner, and your thinking and communicating is fueled by a combustion engine of straight talk. Anyone who doesn’t want to hear the truth from you had better run! Remember Sagittarius is a reaction against Scorpio’s secretive and often deceptive extremes. Venus in your sign is a prime example of wanting to be frank and outspoken about your inner feelings, particularly when it comes to those you love. Nothing dispels fear as quickly as Truth.

CAPRICORN  ☀  (December 21-January 19)

You’re ready to get down to business on Monday, November 24th, as the Moon moves into Capricorn, steadying your nerves and bringing you a strong sense of well being for the next two days. Also on Monday, you’ll need to reconcile something that seems irreconcilable, and so it pushes you to take a creative leap in order to solve the problem. No worries, because Wednesday brings you more emotional objectivity, just don’t let your head rule your heart. You may want to dismiss the idealism you’ll feel on Wednesday because it appears to be unrealistic. Look closer. It’s really a call to shift a spiritual belief. For Thanksgiving day you’re served a dish of blunt truth. Some belief, in which you’ve tried hard to conform to social standards, has holes in it. Just because it’s popular, doesn’t make it right. If you’re feeling restless, irritable or discontent on Thursday, it’s because a revelation is itching to come out. Sagittarius tells the truth in a “whatever comes into my head runs out of my mouth” kind of honesty. No filters. You’ll be giving the gift of simply overlooking a lot of faux pas gabble, and being thankful for your disciplined inner warrior who is showing up with decisive action. Emotional calm returns to you on Friday afternoon to make your weekend full of empathy and sensitivity for others. You’ve made the only choice there is. You choose Peace.

AQUARIUS  ☀   (January 20-February 17)

Practice telling a few jokes that nobody’s heard before. The fresh air from three planets moving into truth-telling Sagittarius makes you the humorous life of the party. On Wednesday, November 26th, the Moon in your sign offers an unusual array of feelings, and you will not tolerate being fenced in. You’ll find yourself in at least one conversation that just does not compute. It’s because your basic needs clash, although you really want to find the common ground. Give thanks for Jupiter’s cornucopia spilling out feelings of well-being into your house of relationships Thursday and Friday. Friday also holds an emotional goodbye, perhaps to the limitations you may have placed on speaking your mind. Jupiter has the effect of fertilizing a new love relationship or expanding an existing one. Fear is not an enemy, it’s just a bad dream. Hence, the need for awakening.

PISCES   (February 18-March 19)

Never in your wildest dreams will you guess where Monday’s banana peel has landed. There are so many Sagittarius fires being set this week by thoughtless comments that you can’t put them out fast enough. Talk to that ocean of sensitivity that characterizes your feelings, say “toughen up.” This is a great week to practice taking nothing personally. Thanksgiving dinner will be an opportunity to remind yourself that what other people think is really none of your business. All of the planets in Sagittarius are in tense relationship to visionary Neptune in Pisces. Imaginations run wildly toward too much illusion, landing in a fog bank. You are reading people’s minds, but the information coming to you doesn’t seem to match what they say. It will be easy to tune-in to your calm center beginning Friday, November 28th, when the Moon drifts serenely into Pisces. In spite of Black Friday, the holiday events find you with a peaceful centered consciousness.


Posted on November 23, 2014 .