Powerful Titans Uranus & Pluto Clash

Ever wonder why horror movies are so popular? Why vampire dramas are a hit TV series? We love to see the theatrics of our fears on stage. It reassures us that our fears are just illusions, melodramas that disappear as soon as the lights come on. 

These same dramas are playing out in our daily lives, only this time they’re not written by hollywood--they’re written by ego. When warring forces seem to battle inside us, it’s really the ego trying to convince us that our fears are real. When we fall for this crap, we’re like those undead zombies. Scary, lifeless, and unable to love. 

Remember those crossroads of transformational rebellion I keep talking about? We’re not done yet. This week it’s time to choose once again. Do you put your belief in fear, or in love? It’s an either-or. You can’t believe in both at the same time, because one cannot exist in the presence of the other. This is good news. It makes the choice simple. 

This week you’re going to feel a lot of powerful warrior energy--which you can channel into aggression and rage, or you can embody it as assertive power to take charge of your own life. To stand up for what you believe in. 

Don’t forget who you really are. You’re not an ego. You’re a spirit, a powerful light that can dispel eons of darkness. 

“If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”  A Course In Miracles

The Force of practical spirituality is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of November 9th to 15th, 2014:


ARIES  ☀  (March 20-April 19)

Beat on some pillows. Roll the car windows up and scream. Release your anger before Wednesday when the titans of rebellion and war will clash. What’s happening is that you want to be free of chains that are binding you, which are your belief in fear. However you cannot do it all at once, which is your usual preference. But you don’t want to fall into a slow burn, repressed anger, because you feel restrained. This week is a lesson in the right use of power. The power to make a difference in the world, and at the same time maintain your individual uniqueness. Wednesday has a more than one challenge, as the goddess of love gets seriously sobered up by a rigorous look at commitments--those you’ve made to others and the ones others have made to you. This may require a goodbye in a relationship, or at least a significant realignment. It can mean saying goodbye to a way in which you relate to this person, which is no longer useful. Slow down and take time to meditate and say a prayer for patience. The big visionary planet Neptune is slowing down and turning into forward to gear after a long sleepy silence. Your energy and your relationships are going to leap into the land of adventure starting next week the 16th. So hang in there, you don’t exactly feel as soggy as you did last week, but your freedom to take action is restrained just a little while longer. 


TAURUS   ☀  (April 20-May 20)

You’re going to feel a push to assert yourself that’s coming from down below, in the depths of Scorpio’s transformative fires. What’s there? The stars want to help you break free of an old relationships issue that is restraining you. And you know how this works--you muster the courage to speak up, or the universe will offer an event that forces you to. The full moon last week helped you end a phase (no more fears about money!), and this week Pluto in serious Capricorn steps in to say, What are you going to do with you’re renewed energy? Wednesday is clash of the titans day,, which for you means a breaking free of obstructive obsessions that have been clashing with your powerful drive to be in control of your life. Venus the goddess of love, serves up a sobering insight about commitment. Use the two very helpful days this week to ground yourself spiritually: First, Tuesday has a beautiful spiritual harmony and is a day for daydreams. In those daydreams is a reveal. A new goal or vision of what’s to come. Pay attention. Next, the week will end on Saturday with the Virgo Moon pulling your awareness to the healthy next step of healing. 


GEMINI   (May 21-June 20)

You probably want to get out the red ink this week, not for bookkeeping but for getting some angry words (always generated by fear) down on paper that you can later burn and release. This week builds towards a big crescendo on Wednesday, when the titans of rebellion and self-assertion clash, stirring up an internal tension in you. You lean more toward rebellion. Monday’s restlessness is about a sensitive nerve related to money or joint resources. Something you are holding onto with your fingernails--needs to go. You have Cancer ruling your house of money and resources, so family and early conditioning have had a big role in how you’ve handled it. You get spiritual help with that on Tuesday and Saturday. Tuesday is a really important time for you to stop, and look at your choices in the light of generosity of spirit, not the darkness of ego belief in scarcity. Pick a quiet zone to think and to write. On Wednesday the goddess of love gets a sobering bit of news from serious Saturn. It doesn’t have to be a goodbye, it could be a challenge to commit in a relationship where you have been reluctant to do so. You’ll get a resurgence of your creative spark beginning next week on the 16th, so don’t despair if you feel a little tired. It’s just the universe asking you, in yet another way, to take it one task at a time.n


CANCER   (June 21-July 21)

Mondays are often moody, but this week it’s more of a angry urge to just hit somebody! Instead, admit that you have a frustrated rebel inside you who needs a voice. All of your sensitivity is going to be steaming, unless you come out of your shell and directly assert yourself. You know right where that is needed. The Moon is in your sign Monday and Tuesday, which helps you know what you need. However it has a strong opposition to the lord of the underworld, so you feel like you’re in the dark about what’s going on. You don’t have to decide today. Feelings are not facts, no matter how intense. With a little digging you can make the clashing egos on Wednesday a day to release yourself from restrictions. Take advantage of Tuesday’s lovely spiritual moments in which your heart feels so open and you have an urge to write or speak about your love for someone. It’s a highly creative day to get centered before Wednesday’s push. Then toward the end of the week you get another uplifting journey into your higher mind when the visionary planet, Neptune, turns to direct motion after a long lull. Happy dreams come true, not because they are dreams, but because they are happy. Lifted by faith in love.


LEO   ☀  (July 22-August 22)

Fire in the hole! Midweek holds dynamite energy for renewing your goals, or blowing up about a goal you already have--but don’t really want or don’t see how to actualize. Slowly is the answer, because 4 planets are in soggy Scorpio this week. The clash of the titans is happening in your 10th house of career, which means that Monday and Wednesday you will feel an enormous surge of assertive (or aggressive) energy that you can use to power your ambitions. If you’ve been through a time when you’ve let someone dominate you or overrun your boundaries, now is the time to fix it. On Monday you will feel the restlessness that is the precursor, the kick in the butt, that will convert this energy into action. Venus gets way too serious about relationships this week, but it’s a impetus for you to look at your commitments and see if there’s a place where more honesty is needed. A secret being kept that needs to be revealed? Your saving grace is the Leo Moon on Wednesday and Thursday, which gives you good intuitive guidance. Trust your hunch. 


VIRGO  ☀  (August 23-September 22)

There will be a lot of restlessness and perhaps irritability as the week begins, but by the middle of the week you are remarkably assertive about it. So much so that your desire to make things happen can get rather ruthless. Just know that by Friday it will all work out in your best interest thanks to the Virgo Moon. For this coming weekend, November 14th 15th and 16th, you have a forward motion that is inspired by your deep spiritual beliefs. The Moon in nurturing Cancer on Monday and Tuesday turns your attention to family, food and healthy diet. By the end of this week you are back to your busy efficient self. This week the messenger planet has returned to Scorpio, turning your thoughts to more serious matters, and with great depth of understanding. Close long-standing relationships are up for reassessment when the goddess of love takes a hard practical look at her commitments on Wednesday (this will come up again on the 18th), both the commitments you’ve made to others, and the commitments others have made to you. You have a right to expect balance in this regard. No one works harder at fulfilling their obligations then you do, and right now you have an opportunity to test your perceptions through the lens of spiritual wisdom you see in your dreams. 


LIBRA  ☀  (September 23-October 22)

The week opens with messenger Mercury leaving the sign of Libra and returning to the deeper more serious waters of Scorpio. Likewise, your thoughts turn to matters of the second house of money and resources you want to understand the bottom line. This is where your concerns are mentally. The restlessness your feel, particularly this Monday, gives you some internal tension that’s designed to force a change in how you see yourself, particularly as it relates to your role in your family and your conditioned beliefs about yourself. This is a crisis point of confrontation with deeply held and perhaps unconscious beliefs from your childhood that are popping up from your shadow. An event this week will point you in the right direction. Expect this new light to be shown by a family member who will precipitate an event this week that will point you in the right direction. Romance and your love life have commitment in mind, but moving forward with an honest agreement will need to wait until Venus moves into Sagittarius on the 16th. Then you can expect happy and adventurous relationships that carry you into Thanksgiving with a grateful heart. Grace knows no fear dear Libra. 


SCORPIO  ☀   (October 23-November 21)

Your mind it Is once again empowered by messenger Mercury’s return to Scorpio. Your thinking is clear and your naturally intense desire to get to the bottom line is heightened. That’s especially true this week as you feel the clash between your restless urge to rebel and your need to feel powerful and in charge of your life. Your best days this week are Monday and Tuesday when the Moon in healing and nurturing Cancer supports a deeper dive into your spiritual beliefs. Take advantage of this energy to clear up any miscommunications with those you love before November 16th, when the goddess of love will shift directions. A lovely and inspiring harmony between your ideas, the way you think, and your dreams. Visionary gifts comes this week as Neptune turns to forward motion on the 14th. This wonderful alignment of your mental processes and you’re visionary strengths, combines for a clairvoyance that is surprising to others. The clash of the titans is strong during mid-week, and you may have to deal with someone who is expressing a ruthless power drive. As you prepare to move toward the sixth of the seven revolutionary squares between Uranus and Pluto, coming December 14, you get the opportunity to put into words the ideas that you have been keeping to yourself. Choose carefully. There is nothing wrong in withholding a treasured truth from public scrutiny, it should only be shared where you know it will be honored. However right now people close to you, as well as the world at large, need to hear from you, to see what you see. 


SAGITTARIUS ☀   (November 22-December 

You aren’t much for holding anger in, but this week it may tumble out of your mouth recklessly. Wednesday in particular is a day of challenge in which you need to stand up for your right to have more honesty in a long standing close relationship. Your saving grace comes from friends and family, who remind you of what’s truly important--you can expect a revelation in this area. The clash of titan energy on Monday falls in your house of resources and money where some transformation needs to happen--you will not take kindly to any limitations. Even though a lot is happening at once, a big change comes through your 5th house of children and creativity. If you curb the urge to act rashly, you can harness enormous creative drive for the marketplace. You have such optimism and vision, which come naturally to Sagittarius, and this week you get to indulge a few of your wildest dreams. However, you’re asked to make a commitment to practical action. This is not your favorite thing, but tell yourself it doesn’t mean you can’t have an adventure while doing it. Beginning November 16th, you’re going to sparkle with enormous enthusiasm and charisma when the goddess of love moves into Sagittarius where she’ll bring you good hair days all the way ‘til December 11th. What a wonderful Thanksgiving you will have this year, literally surrounded by love! 


CAPRICORN  ☀  (December 21-January 19)

You’re already a pro survivor of the clash of the titans, since you’ve had Pluto in your Capricorn corner since 2009, and together you’ve been battling the god of lightning since March 2011. You’ll finish the 6th of 7 laps this December 14th. This week you’ll get to see exactly where you stand in the transformational process. The intensity of your inner debate, between taking on more responsibility and freeing yourself of undue restrictions, is heightened this week. Particularly on Monday and Wednesday. You have to love that restless spirit inside you. It keeps you from drudgery. Seriousness is a Capricorn disease! On the other hand, you know that freedom carries with it responsibility. Your success has nothing to do with sacrifice, and everything to do with loving yourself. The ego confuses love and sacrifice, having totally misunderstood that the whole message of the crucifixion was the resurrection--you can’t keep a good man down! New life, renewed energy from releasing guilt through forgiveness, is your prize. Every meaningful act is an act of love. Remember, for you the revolution is happening in your deeply held childhood beliefs, in your fourth house of home and family.  And the transformation is through a resurrected self-identity, knowing your true Self is a Thought in the mind of Love. Isn’t that so worth it? Fears of success, or fears of failure, will no longer plague you. And that is true freedom.


AQUARIUS  ☀   (January 20-February 17)

Again, I wish I could say this week is free of heavy choices, but not quite yet. The personal issues before you, about the right use of power, are the same issues being played out in the world. Therefore to resolve this completely within yourself, is your part in helping the world to heal. If, during the ego conflicts that will surround you this week, you can be the clear reflection of a power greater than yourself, you have done your part. It’s your famous Aquarian objectivity that makes it possible for you to be a humanitarian light in this world. This week you get a chance to look beyond the clash of titan egos, which will show up as an event in your life--probably Monday or Wednesday, and see clearly where power is being abused or rightly used. Always the choice between fear and love. Will make clear where Power is abused and where it is rightly used. But you can’t get this from a book! You are able to do this only if you’re doing the deep spiritual transformation called for in your 12th house. The 12th house ruler, visionary Neptune, shifts into forward gear on the 14th and the fog you’ve experienced since June lifts (but it’s still soggy out there with four planets in Scorpio!).  As you approach December 14th, and the sixth of the seven revolutionary squares, you will see that this final push to free yourself is both urgent and essential. Go easy, after all you’re drawing down the Call of your higher Self into a useful but fallible and fragile earthly body. Messy business at best. And so worth it.


PISCES  ☀  (February 18-March 19)

You deserve a break, and it comes this week when Neptune in Pisces not only shifts into forward gear (November 14th), but also makes a beautiful harmonious liaison with mental Mercury, who has now returned to Scorpio. All of this empowers your Pisces Sun, your persona and sense of self-esteem. When the apparent clash of titan ego powers appears on Monday and Wednesday, you’ll get to see behind the scenes. Your vision is not of the body, but of your spirit. You know the body’s eyes cannot really see the truth, but the vision of spirit sees not only truth but knowledge. To the extent that you can trust your inner vision, to that extent will you feel deep inner peace from the choices that you will make this week. Of all the signs in the zodiac, you are the spiritual forerunner for our world. The only problem is that you may fail to speak up. If you can muster the self-confidence to dispel your fears (or should I say terrors?!), you can be a pure Messenger for spirit. With the Moon in Cancer on Monday and Tuesday, you have an enormous opportunity for healing--both for your self and others. These are very intense times, because we need to be intense about our solutions. When you trust your Piscean intuition, and you have the courage to assert yourself, you speak the truth everyone wants to hear. 


Posted on November 8, 2014 .