The 6th of 7 bouts between Uranus and Pluto is December 14th

We are waking up. Revelations are replacing revolutions. Right use of power is replacing greed and abuse. Truth is outing lies. Love is lifting us up, wiping away the cobwebs of our sleep, and restoring our vision.  

Have you been noticing the miracles? We are in the midst of revolutionary transformations so massive, so close we can’t always see them. We’ve created the Internet, a massive infrastructure, a network or networks, of shared communications that has the potential to connect all 7 billion of us through computers, almost instantly.

A diagram of the Internet

A diagram of the Internet

Last September astronomers discovered that our little Milky Way galaxy of billions of stars is part of a massive supercluster of over 100,000 galaxies called The Laniakea, meaning “immeasurable heaven.” Astronomers aren’t using words like “hyperlinks” or “network of networks,” but really...look at this diagram of Laniakea:

As below, so above (we’ve had most things upside down).

Why can’t life be as simple as mindfully following a continuous string of epiphanies. Like walking down a garden path in spring.

“Move like a beam of light; Fly like lightning; Strike like thunder; Whirl in circles around a stable center.” Morihei Ueshiba [Born December 14th, 1883]

The Force of enlightening realizations is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of December 7th to 13th , 2014:

ARIES  ☀  (March 20-April 19)

As a leadership fire sign, the Revelations come to you in quick, clear blasts of motivation to do things differently, and your challenge to break the binding chains of conditioned beliefs has a simple solution-- stop. This is easy for earth and water signs, but fire signs keep themselves vital and alive by constantly moving on to new sources of oxygen and fuel. You're driving a fast locomotive engine, and the bolt cutters you need for those chains are in a locked cabinet in the caboose. Admit it, you’ve tried to put on the autopilot and climb over the cars to get to the caboose, without slowing down. Sunday, December 7th, is quiet, but Monday the 8th is going to offer a string of epiphanies without time to think about them. This won’t be a problem if you avoid hair trigger emotional reactions that are stirred up. You won’t feel like it, but stop and think before you speak. Beginning Tuesday evening, December 9th, you get a protective hug from a family member that really helps, and then lovely surprises on Wednesday evening, December 10th. Your relationships calm down when Venus leaves Sagittarius and climbs the ladder of success in Capricorn on the 10th. It gets even better for you on Thursday, December 11th, an all around fortunate time to take advantage of those changes presented earlier. You have the natural gift of letting the past go, and now you want to curb your independent streak and be one beautiful mind among a field of other beautiful minds.

TAURUS   ☀  (April 20-May 20)

It’s a lovely Sunday morning for you as the Moon swims into apple pie Cancer and you feel comfortable enough to take a deeper, very satisfying, dive into your core beliefs spiritual. Because you are a fixed earth sign, revelations come to you kinesthetically, as though you can touch the thought and pull it toward you, embracing it with your physical body. You are a guardian who naturally provides the grounding for epiphanies, the fertile soil for a new spirituality to take root. The question for you at the gate of revolutionary transformation is, What are you willing to see? Monday, December 8th, The Cancer Moon gets struck by unexpected lightning, an emotional hair trigger for rebellion. Your relationships calm down beginning Wednesday, December 10th, when Venus leaves the vigorously adventurous Sagittarius for the dignified reserve of Capricorn where she’ll look for practicality and commitment for the next three weeks. Close the deal, sign the contract on Friday, December 12th. If you’re writing, you find just the right words, and honesty and integrity set the tone of your speech and messages. Practical reasoning and fortunate outcomes apply to anything pertaining to the law, real estate, or travel. An orderly Virgo Moon starts Saturday’s chores a day early, and tidies up emotions spilt all over the place during the midweek fire drills. Attending to the details is a vital part of making the big changes called for right now. Saturday morning is perfect for actively questioning any old beliefs that still run on compulsion. You feel the power of your life changing radically, like thunder rumbling in the distance.

GEMINI   (May 21-June 20)

Stop trying to work everything out with your brain. It will get you nowhere, especially this week. Listen to your intuitive voice within and let your whole life become a series of Revelations. Sunday’s a slow day (you can say Thank God!), but the only calm this week. Well before dawn on Monday, December 8th, Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts the fiery Sagittarius Sun to jump start your already active mind. On the same day, Jupiter in fiery Leo downshifts and begins a retrograde motion that will last through April 8th, 2015. You’ve felt the combustion of his fire to your airy Sun as easy good fortune since July 16th. Now the luck he’s brought you is still there, except it is standing off stage, rehearsing lines for the grand finale April 8th to August 11th. Typically Jupiter has overdone it, so use this time to sift through his gifts and prioritize. On Wednesday, December 10th, Venus leaves Sagittarius and climbs the ladder of success in Capricorn for the next three weeks. Passions cool, relationships are more reserved--everyone trying to look dignified. Thursday, December 11th, a grand fire trine brings you more and more gloriously combustible creativity and a giant helping hand for juggling the many insights you’re constantly receiving. You are feeling a strong sense of urgency from Uranus. The excitement of freeing yourself is fuel by courage, daring and determination. Brains on fire, and hair on fire, unless you pull into your higher mind for objectivity from professor Sagittarius. Know the only thing worth thinking about is what’s happening right now. Breathe in the moment, and enjoy Friday’s great fortune cookie. I thought you’d enjoy this Wikipedia definition: “Epiphany refers to any situation in which an enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.”

CANCER   (June 21-July 21)

Sunday, December 7th, the Moon swims into Cancer and you get a special treat of a sweet mystical morning. Take advantage of this quiet time--you’re gonna need it! You are a leadership water sign, which means that revelations come to you through your exquisite emotional antenna, but you don’t know you have them until you act on them by “serving” your wisdom to help someone else. This gets you out of your shell long enough to expose your own vulnerable truth. Monday, December 8th, your Cancer Moon gets in a quarrel with powerful Pluto--bad idea. Accept that the feeling you’re having is an inner tug of war between staying comfy in your current space, or risking security (sorry) in order to tell the truth. You must hate this idea, but it’s true that there are no private thoughts. Of course not everyone is listening, and details don’t matter. We read the truth in one another. On Wednesday, December 10th, Venus leaves Sagittarius and climbs the ladder of success in your opposing sign Capricorn. Your heart is called to answer the question, How can I feel secure in a relationship? Know that you are in charge of this, and the answer cannot be found by hiding your feelings. Your emotions find stable ground when the Moon moves into Virgo this Friday, December 12th--a beautifully loving day that sets the tone for the weekend, brings success and/or money your way.

LEO   ☀  (July 22-August 22)

You are a guardian fire sign, which means your revelations come in sudden Aha’s, just like the other two fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. However, your epiphanies don’t immediately propel you into action. In fact, you may let them lounge around for quite some time, as if you are guarding them. In other words, lightning bolts are nothing the king of the jungle can’t handle. That’s really good news because this week is loaded with them! Monday, December 8th, your lucky charm, Jupiter in Leo, shifts into internal space (retrograde) until April 8th, 2015. Act I has made it’s debut. Act II begins now and will still be about expansive opportunities, except the focus is the growth inside yourself of confidence, optimism, and being generous to yourself. In Act III, April 8th to August 11th, 2015, you will reap the rewards of everything you’ve built since July 16th, 2914. Tuesday evening, December 9th, the Moon gets courageous and protective of family when she warms herself by the tribal campfires of Leo. A lovely surprise from Uranus makes on Wednesday evening electric. Relationships enter a cool period of restrained passions and too much practicality when Venus steps into Capricorn on Wednesday, December 10th, for the next three weeks. Thursday, December 11th, look for good news, a lucky chance to travel, or money from real estate. This is an excellent time to close a deal or sign a contract. Friday, December 12th, opens with an explosion of positive thinking, then you settle down for a weekend of attending to details. A very productive time in your life. “The highest revelation is that God is in everyone.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

VIRGO  ☀  (August 23-September 22)

You are the mediator of the earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus), the one who counsels and elicits cooperation. As a result, your revelations come to you as healings, through being of service to others. Right now, you’re called to expand your concept of healing to truly understand that when you are healed, you are never healed alone. The release of your light is carried around the world to all other minds open to receive your gift. As they do, their lights return to you in gratitude. Sunday, December 7th, is sweetly quiet so soak it up--you’ll need it to carry you through the restlessness and sense of urgency on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll feel a big shift on Wednesday, December 10th, when Venus enters Capricorn. The goddess of love has completed three weeks of outspoken honesty, and you can be glad that its left you knowing exactly where you stand in your relationships. Now your affections have Venus a reserved dignity that can feel like a cold shoulder, but what you’re really about is secure commitment and stable relationships. You get a healthy bank balance in the deal!. The rest of the week is your cup of tea. Friday, December 12th order is restored (at least in your world) by the Virgo Moon. It will be easy to organize your thoughts into a helpful plan. The Moon tidies up the wreckage of emotions left over from midweek, then around lunchtime the goddess of love joins you to open your big heart and share all that love. You can “see” that all minds are joined in love or in their cry for love.

LIBRA  ☀  (September 23-October 22)

You can relax Libra. You are not lost, and you cannot be alone. “Proof” is offered you this week that the relationships you are meant to have are governed by 6 degrees of separation. What revelations about love are you willing to have right now? I know you are built for grace not speed, but times up. Because you are a leadership air sign, revelations come to you when you let go of trying to figure something out in your brain, and actively choose to let love lead you to the answer. Venus will always step in as your muse, if you welcome her. Monday, December 8th, Jupiter shifts into retrograde motion until April 8th, 2015. He’s generously laid opportunities in your mailbox since July 16th, and now you turn to your inner network of friends to help you sort and prioritize according to what helps you make the greatest contribution to mankind. Well before dawn on Monday, December 8th, your brains catch fire. Very productive if you skip over an emotional hair trigger. Tuesday evening, December 9th, you warm your heart by the tribal campfires of a Moon in loyal Leo. On Wednesday, December 10th, Venus leaves Sagittarius and climbs the ladder of success in Capricorn. Love cools her heels and you find you’re rather reserved when it comes to public displays of affection--or any display at all. But after all, who needs to be swept off their feet in the middle of icy winter? Know that right now all minds are joined. You have no private thoughts, and this is good news! Take the last opportunity on December 13th to actively question any old belief that is hiding in an obsession. It is not your friend.

“A non-violent revolution is not a program of seizure of power. It is a program of transformation of relationships, ending in a peaceful transfer of power.” [Mahatma Gandhi]

SCORPIO  ☀   (October 23-November 21)

An old Turkish fairytale describes a continuous red thread that’s tied to each of our ankles, and joins you to the ones who share in your destiny. The thread can get twisted, tangled, or knotted but it never breaks. You’ll “see” it as kismet, synchronicities occurring in links, especially this week on the eve of the 6th call to acknowledge that all minds are joined. Scorpio is a guardian water sign, and as such revelations come from your unconscious mind through the experience of facing your fears. And you’ve already discovered that you don’t change, you have a metamorphosis. You’re whole life is changing (let’s face it Scorpio, your enormous otherworldly power doesn’t come from sweet little insights!). Sunday, December 7th, the Moon swims into the homey waters of your playmate, Cancer, so that you can safely dive deeper knowing your privacy is honored. This emotional comfort extends into Monday, December 8th, with the added ingredient of an apparently unwanted surprise that “forces” you to shift gears. Minor explosions from someone’s careless word peppers the next few days with restlessness. Wednesday, December 10th, Venus leaves foot-in-mouth Sagittarius and finds her regal dignity in Capricorn’s emotionally reserved safehouse. Relief at last! Love has practical feet for the next three weeks. Friday, December 12th the Virgo Moon helps you take care of details and clear some open space for Venus to step in and inspire a few moments of absolutely unconditional love, blessing your relationship and making it holy.

SAGITTARIUS ☀   (November 22-December 20)

Sunday, December 7th, is perfect for the quiet contemplation that brings you closer to your spiritual center--the eye of the storm. Monday, December 8th, Jupiter shifts into backward gear (until April 8th, 2015) for some quiet time off stage. You still have good fortune, but instead of knocking at your front door, it is to be found inside yourself in the form of expanded self-confidence and optimism. You’ll be ready and willing to take another bold step into the limelight April 8th to August 11th, for grand finale when your efforts really pay off. The really big news for you this week comes well before dawn on Monday, December 8th, when Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts your fiery Sagittarius Sun. This is good news--literally. And flashes of mental genius that you should stop long enough to notice and write it down. The aha’s are titles of the next chapters in your life. Tuesday evening, December 9th, through Wednesday evening, December 10th is a time of surprises either in romance or from your children. Venus leaves your sign on Wednesday, December 10th, and passions and spending cool off and your bank account gets a stabilizing three weeks. Venus leaves Sagittarius and climbs the ladder of success in Capricorn. December 11th and 12th are marvelously creative, jovial days. Then, attending to the details is a vital part of making those big changes. The only reality, the only thing happening, is what’s happening right now.

CAPRICORN  ☀  (December 21-January 19)

It appears that things happen in a linear sequence in time, so you may be waiting for miracles. Actually, they are already naturally occurring, and are showing you their existence in a pattern of revelations--aha experiences that you sometimes find inconvenient. This week, stop and see their significance in your life. Because you are a leadership earth sign, revelations come to you in stages that build upon each other, and therefore can reach great heights. You then take your revelations into the outer world as wisdom. Not to teach, but to be an example. All as a result of taking the time and initiative to plant that lightning rod solidly in deep mountain earth. Sunday, December 7th, is a great day to demonstrate the wisdom in your spiritual principles by taking a stand for what you believe in. This will be a sweetly mystical event in your home and family. If your guts are in a knot Monday and Tuesday, its just that things are moving too fast to get clarity. Wait ‘til Wednesday, December 10th, to make big decisions. Venus brings an artful beauty to your self expression, and you are a vehicle of peace and love for others--practically speaking, you’re in for three weeks of good hair days! Friday, December 12th an orderly Virgo Moon gets Saturday’s chores out of the way in a heartbeat, and frees you for a glorious time of beautifully loving relationships, and financial gains as well. Saturday morning, December 13th you easily forgive the past and embrace the present moment as all there is. Peace.

AQUARIUS  ☀   (January 20-February 17)

You are a guardian air sign, which means revelations come to you through your intellect, through reasoning intelligence, that becomes a solid platform of belief. You can understand the nature of thought, the nicknamed “God Particle” for example. And like the character Dr. Spock, you can understand the mind meld--the importance of knowing what another person really thinks and vice versa. Beginning well before dawn on Monday, December 8th, you’ll feel very inspired to travel and to have a new experience. You’re blasted out of a rut this week. Expect the unexpected on December 9th and 10th. Venus cools off and you must counter a tendency to be too reserved in your relationships. Thursday, December 11th, is a lucky feel-good day. Ready to jump? Friday, December 12th, opens an opportunity that requires you to be optimistic. Do it. The weekend is full of detail work, but it’s necessary. Notice where your network has been forming and growing. Your inner warrior is ready for anything. “What is right for one soul may not be right for another. It may mean having to stand on your own and do something strange in the eyes of others.” Eileen Caddy

PISCES   (February 18-March 19)

You are the sweet water flowing through the unconscious mind, and you function as a mediator. Therefore, revelations come to you like the quiet listening to a babbling brook--in subtle intuitive hints, through the inspiration of music and art, and the beautiful visions created by the poetry in life’s metaphors. Expect strings of miracles, a continuous epiphany of aha’s to begin Sunday, December 7th, when the Moon swims into sensitive waters of your sister Cancer.  Monday, December 8th, The Cancer Moon opposes transformations Pluto is calling for, you may feel shy or overexposes. Remember feelings are not facts and your intuitive brain is the source of your ability to join with other minds. Part of the Uranus Pluto duel is your resistance to change you know you want to make, but fear. You’re called to be spiritually vigilant about honoring your need for boundaries, your need for an environment that is harmonious. Your need to be appreciated is like a dry sponge to the ocean. Find where you can be satiated with kindness and loving comfort. Practice hugging yourself. Tell yourself, over and over this week, the message you gladly give to others--”you are lovable. You are loved unconditionally, no matter what.”

P.S. Don’t forget to laugh: Ontologically, chocolate raises profoundly disturbing questions: Does not chocolate offer natural revelation of the goodness of the Creator, just as chillies disclose a divine sense of humor? Is the human born with an innate longing for chocolate? Does chocolate preclude the concept of free will?  

David Augsburger

Posted on December 7, 2014 .