June 19th Weekly Update: Sweet, Sweet Summertime Solstice

The Summer Solstice this Saturday, when the Sun moves into Cancer, calls you to be like a Sunflower, your face turned skyward, lazily soaking up the rays of the longest day. The heat index will be high, since the Moon’s in fiery Aries until 8:03 PM. The day will be as warm as it is light and long--14 hours 47 minutes of daylight.

Thursday, June 19th, the Pisces Moon makes her last quarter square to the Gemini Sun. This is a crisis point in the lunation cycle which asks you to realign your consciousness, to challenge old beliefs with the spirit of a rebel with a cause. Be uncompromising in your principles, and you’ll be able to act from a place of self-perpetuating strength, particularly wise and successful when making choices about your career ambitions.

You can do it, if you can redo it. It’s still not a good time to close deals or sign agreements, unless you use #2 pencil and have an enormous eraser handy! Messenger Mercury, in reverse gear (retrograde motion) since June 7th, backed up into Gemini on June 17th, shifting the do-over’s and bloopers from the area of home and family to the arena of quick-witted ideas and digital communications.

June 19th you’ll need SPF 50 for your tongue! Double doses of curiosity from both Sun and Mercury in Gemini makes for a sometimes frazzled debate between your ideas and your intuition. While in Gemini (until July 12th), Mercury will pair up with the Gemini Sun to grease the slide into your inbox of multitudinous and wordy messages. Turn on your filters.

Saturday June 21st the Moon moves to Venus-rules Taurus 8:03 PM. Adding luxurious comforts to the already sweet home of the Cancer Sun.

Loving the life you’re living--right now--gets even easier beginning June 23rd, when the goddess of love moves into Gemini to join the Sun. She’s at her most flirtatious in Gemini, as well as her most fickle! Venus and the Sun will be hanging out together as the best of friends until July 18th. Life is good!

As lightning strikes at your feet to get you moving on Wednesday, June 25th, when Warrior Mars opposes lightning bolt Uranus. Sudden surprises in your relationships are designed to free you from some limitation that has been holding you back from the full expression of your love. Go ahead, be the first to say, I love you!


Astrology Wonks

  • Mercury will conjunct the Gemini Sun on June 19th at 3:50 PM. Talk without thinking, talk to clear up the misunderstandings, more talk to repair the damages!
  • Also on Thursday, June 19th, the Moon warms herself up and dries herself off in fiery Aries at 2:26 PM.
  • The Summer Solstice is Saturday, June 21st at 3:51 AM, PDT, when the Sun moves into Cancer. Happy Birthday month to all you Cancers. This begins your personal New Year.
  • Also on Saturday, June 21st, the Moon checks into the 5-Star rooms of Taurus at 8:03 PM to celebrate the Solstice with gourmet room service.
  • Monday Venus moves into Gemini June 23rd at 5:33 AM PDT.
  • Remember, while Mercury is back in Gemini June 17th to July 12th, you’ll be picking up the pieces you left on the copy room floor May 8th to May 28th. What needs review?
Posted on June 19, 2014 .