August sizzles with Leo fire and lightning

Hot, hot August is on fire with Leo’s creativity, spreading like a wildfire that’s powerfully ignited in each of us by sudden, unsettling lightning bolts--courtesy of Uranus in fiery Aries. On August 8th, two days before the SuperMoon, the exciting alignment of the enthusiastic Leo Sun, and the eager god of lightning, can ignite a new vision and a shift in perception.

Are there massive changes in consciousness happening now? Or, is it the same ol’ rut repeating?

In the academic year 1964-1965, at the University of California-Berkeley campus, a seemingly minor student protest occurred. It later proved to be the spark that ignited a long series of riotous rebellions, and a drastic process of social and ideological changes. At that time, we were approaching the 1st of 3 hard conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto (October 9,1965), which became the revolutionary platform for our current Uranus-Pluto squares.

The 60’s rebellions were in the streets, external, but the 7 squares of 2012-2015 are internal combustions--a call for quantum leaps in our belief systems. The 6th square is coming December 15th, 2014. The 5th one was the grand crossroads of April 22nd, 2014.

Here are the 3 big stellar events for the month of August:

1. A Super Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10th, and a deadly serious New Moon in Virgo on the 25th.

2. Mid-month holds the promise of being the most exuberantly creative time of this year, or the most overindulgent, when 4 planets are joined in Leo.

3. Uranus, the god of surprises and lightning quick change, pumps up the volume of Leo’s roaring creativity 4 times in August.

“Does my head rule my heart?” That’s the question put to you by the SuperMoon on August 10th. This Full Moon in Aquarius is super because it is at both perigee and synergy, meaning it is closest to the Earth at the time of the Full Moon. This adds power to the electromagnetic fields that affect the tides of your emotions, and energize your intuition.

This SuperMoon in the sign of Aquarius adds a cool-head and somewhat serious intelligence to the Leo Sun’s brilliant courage. This means that your creativity gets its feet planted on solid, thoughtful ground, at the same time your imagination is free to travel through more expansive territory.

“Am I listening to my Guardian Angels?” The Sun moves into Virgo on August 22nd, just in time for the Virgo New Moon on August 25th. This Moon reminds you that you do have help, if you ask for it.

Watch out! Structured Saturn makes a stress aspect to both the SuperMoon on the 10th and the New Moon in hard working Virgo on the 25th. It’s a test of your resolve and your reasoning. Saturn insists that you step-up to the plate, and fully commit yourself to whatever person or project has heart and meaning for you. This gets intensely serious on the 25th, when the energy from the stars magnify the need for concentrated effort, and to stand and deliver your work.

Uranus, the god of lightning, is showing up in full force this August. His bolts from the blue are not meant to be destructive. If you’re grounded, his lightning bolts will break-through the chains that bind you to the past, and therefore frees you of the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Watch out for lightning on August 8th and 25th. Keep Structured Saturn’s grounding rod with you at all times. You can recognize the presence of the god of lightning three ways:

  • You’ll feel a sense of urgency about the changes you know you need to make.

  • Restlessness and irritability are signs that you’re resisting.

  • A joyous sense of freedom is proof that your mind is free of the past and its fears.

We have  3 miraculous days in August--the 12th, 13th and 14th. Why? Three planets and the Sun will line up in Leo--the Sun, Mercury and Venus and Jupiter! Passions will heat to the boiling point and, without a creative outlet, this is explosive energy. You can make them into the most powerfully creative days of this year!

So hitch your wagon to a courageous Leo lion or lionesses, as Nelson Mandela did...

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

♡ Date Night:  Venus is in Cancer until the Full Moon on August 10th, and Mars is in sensuous Scorpio for all of this steamy August! Until the 12th, the lover are nicely matched, both in water signs. Feelings, feelings, and more feelings will fill in all the nooks and crannies of your unconscious minds. But, there may be a flood!

The Force of commitment to your dreams is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for August, 2014:

ARIES (March 20-April 19)

Your ruler and muse, Warrior Mars, is in watery Scorpio for all of August, dampening your usual spontaneity with RELAX signs (you really should slow down and pay attention to your dreams on August 7th). Mars in Scorpio wants to get to the bottom line before you can move on to the next action. That means a deep dive, not a sprint--your usual speed! This changes dramatically for you on September 14th--then “vigorous” is your word and you’re ready to get back to the school of the higher mind.

Notice how expansive and optimistic you've been feeling since July 16th, and multiply that by 4! August 9th, 12th and 25th are lucky days for you. Generosity is everywhere. Pay it forward.

The Super Full Moon on August 10th stimulates your 11th house of friendship and your 5th house of creativity and romance. Very personal, emotional, contacts with friends is very important for you. You can be very protective and supportive, so don’t spend the day alone.

There’s also a seriousness to the Full Moon which could bring a “goodbye” or a deepening of your commitment to your friend, and vice versa. Stern Saturn wants to help you put everything in good orderly direction (G.O.D).

Bottom line, rest up and conserve energy until the 12th--you’re gonna need it! The middle of this month is loaded with Leo’s creative fire (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in Leo), and then you show up with your Aries fiery enthusiasm! Absolutely combustible, in a good way. If you usually hesitate to speak  your mind, you won’t now. Any idea, art project, friendship or romance that’s been on the back burner flares up now. But you’re ready for it!

Have fun. Watch August 12th when the goddess of love moves into Leo, and the party is on! Your passion for creative self-expression hasn’t been this juiced for a long time! Go to the playground, literally. Join your imagination with that of a child. It’s the purest form of creativity and joy.

But wait! There’s a bonus. This whole line-up in Leo is going to be supercharged with bolt after bolt of surprise lightning by Uranus in Aries. Can you imagine your wildest dreams coming true? August 25th is a fabulous new start. But you must first clean house. Put the past behind you. It’s over anyway, right?  

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...That unexpected flash of light is your Soul talking, with an urgency to be heard..

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)

You’ve been through an emotionally intense but rewarding time that’s going to continue to deepen your spiritual understanding and your relationships through September 14th, when Warrior Mars changes signs. August 7th is a day to spend in gratitude, the kind that makes you want to fall to your knees. You are so in touch with your feelings, without being too touchy!

Store up some of that good feeling because it gets way too hot for you in the middle of this month. The world, and some of its people, will look wildly nuts! You may think everyone is suddenly stricken with ADHD. This month tests your ability to hold your own solid ground in the face of feeling restless and at time irritable. Show us the beauty of The Tortoise and The Hare--the tortoise always wins! Just like you.

The SuperMoon on the 10th lights up your house of career where you can reap the benefits of something you’ve worked on for a while. You are cool headed and smart. Perfect for planning work goals.

By the middle of the month, particularly the 12th, 13th and 14th, you’ll want to make some changes. There may be a sense of restlessness--that is your cue. You do tend to get set in your ways dear Taurus, and the universe insists you do something differently and try something new. You don’t have to know why! Think whimsey!

August 25th is your turning point. The New Moon in Virgo is a clean sweep of anything with dust on it, so that you can add something new. It’s in your 5th solar house of creativity and romance. Not sexy or flamboyant, but it’s a time you could make a commitment that will be very good for you. Set your intentions, in writing, with details. Stern Saturn is watching, and helping you organize your art project, so you can take it to the marketplace.

Mental Mercury moves into your friendly earth sign, Virgo, on August 16th. Fabulous time for you to write, sign contracts, and clear up any miscommunications that may have happened while you’ve been overheated by Leo.

You’ll feel like overindulging in almost anything around August 19th. You can’t eat just one! But if this exuberance (with a tendency to overdo) makes you feel like rearranging the living room, this is a good time. You need to spend some of this energy in physical activity.

Relief is on the way! The Sun cools down in Virgo on August 22rd, and so do you. Finally things start to fall into place more easily.

Just don’t catch the dis-ease of seriousness. Thoughtfulness yes, but perfection no. Determine that even if a grey cloud appears you have plenty of light within yourSelf to shine it away! And you will have a chance for a brand new start on the Virgo New Moon, August 25th. It’s a playful time, and it’s a wonderful help for concentration and separating the wheat from the chaff.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Miracles occur like lightning, unexpectedly, as a sudden shift in your perception from darkness to light, from fear to love.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)

August is such a brilliantly creative month for you! You already feel it with the solar fire in Leo and the optimism of Jupiter in Leo since July 16th. Stop and take note of the expansiveness that is filling your life. Some is too exuberant, some is rightsized. Leo’s fire makes a friendly, but not overheated, help mate for your creativity.

Taking action on the ideas you write about (please) won’t come until after September 14th, so until then just let your mind have free reign to explore possibilities, something you’re so good at dear Gemini. Don’t worry about getting all the details straight right now. That will come in September.

The beginning of August has a challenge to heal, and it also brings you the sensitivity to know what, when and how. Your ability to take action, to get up and go, has soggy feet this month (because Warrior Mars is living at the bottom of Scorpio’s deep lake). But it’s a good opportunity to slow down, feel and heal.

There’s something nagging at you, wanting your attention. Perhaps you had an event that came and went so quickly that you didn’t have time to notice how it affected you. Let it catch up with you, so you don’t carry it with you past the energizing Super Full Moon on August 10th.

Some closet cleaning could feel very good to you--just try to do it before the 12th. Your mind is going into hyperdrive (in a good way) by the middle of this month, when we’ll have 4 planets in fiery Leo, your favorite playmate. You won’t feel the restlessness other people will have, and you will feel a surge of creativity--your brand of unconventional ideas!

Life gets sweeter after August 12th, when the goddess of love moves into Leo, and into your 3rd solar house of communications. Sing, write songs and poetry! You can enjoy a particularly wonderful ease of expression until September 5th. August 8th is a lucky day for you.

Serious Saturn makes a stressful aspect to both the Super Full Moon in Aquarius on the 10th and the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th. There’s a note of caution. Saturn wants you to be impeccable with your word and your commitments. This is a time of testing. If it isn’t working, end it. Dragging yourself dutifully through tasks, or relationships, will not work. Think of Saturn like your scaffolding. Like the skeletal system in your body, which Saturn rules, you need it to build on. Firm, solid, grounded. This is where you pick up the lightning rods to make best use of the lightning quick changes happening all around you, and within.

On the Virgo New Moon, August 25th, Warrior Mars conjoins Saturn and asks you these questions; “Are you weighing yourself down with obligations? Or, are you adding the necessary discipline to make your dreams come true?” This deadly serious New Moon falls in your 4th house of home and family. This is the area of your life that needs a new start, or a jump start for something you’ve neglected, because you want a clean slate by August 25th. Try some closet cleaning in that well developed prefrontal cortex of yours; be suspicious of your reasoning, any fixed belief of cause and effect that may no longer be true. Particularly when it comes to guilt, because guilt always calls for punishment. Are you on guilt’s hook and punishing yourself for an imagined wrongdoing? Guilt is always an imaginary illusion created by ego. Let it go.

August 12th, 13th and 14th is a richly rewarding time to step to the plate bravely, to call up your courage to do that thing you thought you could not do. It’s in your heart. It’s powerful. You can’t miss it when Venus conjuncts Jupiter on August 19th--you have so much love to give it seems to burst your heart wide open! Share.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Be wide awake today, think like lightning, smile as though you are the Sun in all its brilliance.

CANCER (June 21-July 21)

It’s easy for you now to get to the bottom line, to play detective in the Scotland Yard way, and to penetrate mysteries. Warrior Mars has been in your friendly sign, Scorpio, since July 26th. This gives your actions an intensity that’s good for you, and usually difficult for others to grasp. Keep this in mind when your get your feelings hurt because you’re simply misunderstood. It’s your exquisite sensitivity, not their insensitivity (although it will feel that way to you).  

Mars will stay in Scorpio until September 13th. So solve your mysteries, but keep disclosure to those close friends who truly understand your meaning. Truth is a treasure--you can’t just scatter it around. Put it where you know it will be honored. With this in mind, it’s a great time to assert yourself and go after what you want.

August 7th is a sweetly spiritual day for you, when you should put your two hands together in prayer and thank your lucky stars! Jupiter was very good to you for a whole year. He loves to be thanked! (Jupiter rules Thursdays and of course Thanksgiving)

The SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th lights up your 8th solar house of rebirth and regeneration. Expect an intense emotional experience or you will draw to you someone powerful who generates it. Because the Moon is in Aquarius, it could be an Aquarius or Leo person who shows you a secret.

Serious Saturn is creating a dose of thoughtfulness and orderly direction to the events that happen near the Full Moon on the 10th and the New Moon on the 25th. You benefit from Saturn because he’s in a water sign like yours, and therefore helps these matters go smoothly. You need this calm, because there’s lots of rapid fire all around you.

Speaking of fire, what has been expanding for you since Jupiter moved into Leo? He’s now in your 2nd solar house of resources, so possibly money in the back or your given presents of value. You have plenty of action in your bank account in the middle of this month. While Jupiter’s here (until August 10, 2015) you could benefit financially from real estate transactions or inheritance.

Venus is leaving Cancer on August 12th, and will add some beauty to the beast--the Leo lions that is! With all this fire, your biggest challenge will be keeping up without going overboard. You could feel quite extravagant and your tastes will be for something lavish. Don’t worry, Virgo arrives on September 6th to balance your books! Financial opportunities, ingenious ideas, and luxuries will be in the fast lane, but get out in the traffic anyway.

Bolts of lightning are loose all month as Uranus tries to free you. You may experience this as a rebelliousness, or restlessness about your current situation. This will be very strong around August 8th and 9th and 25th. Talk about buzz!

Your head clears and your pace slows to 55 mph when the New Moon in Virgo arrives on August 25th. This is a very good time to start something new. You’ll notice two Guardian Angels have come in closer, right on your shoulder, to remind you that you are protected even though much of the help given you is invisible.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Breathe oxygen into your ideas, and they will grow like tender sprouts of fire.

LEO (July 22-August 21)

The Happy Birthday gifts are rolling in, and generosity reaches a new high point for you in the middle of August. Just when you think you’ve got the world by the tail, the gift giving and receiving gets even sweeter and more luxurious when Venus glides into your sign on the 12th. August 19th she joins Jupiter. A great day for you. A good time to make investments. Totally over the top!

Jackpots, and all around pleasant interactions with others will be the norm for you day after day--particularly the 12th to the 15th. Even a regal, noble lion like yourself could do something silly like buying a lottery ticket. Just for fun. And fun is truly what you’ll be having! These days could be the luckiest time of the year for you. Definitely the most creative. Lay around in the Sun, sure, but also take advantage of this enormous energy with the solar-powering Sun, Messenger Mercury, the goddess Venus, and the zodiac’s Santa Claus, Jupiter, all in the sign of Leo!

You have a surge of vitality, but getting stuff into motion might be a little sluggish because Warrior Mars remains in Scorpio all month--you can spend way too much time searching around for something you don’t even need. This is all going to get much better for you, in terms of quick to act, after September 14th. So for now, enjoy creating and playing. Maybe lift one little finger.

A SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th is intellectually stimulating but has a bigger degree of seriousness to it than you want right now. The Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth, at the time when she sits in opposition to your Leo Sun. It’s a break for freedom from anything rigid. And, dear Leo, let’s admit you can get fixed on an idea to the point of being rigid. Even so,this Full Moon shines a light on your unique gifts to remind you that you’re carrying a spark of the Divine. Set fires in our hearts with your lioness courage.  

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...You have more courage, and the persistence to ground more lightning, to create more beauty in our world than ever before.

VIRGO  (August 22-September 21)

You’re moving into your birthday month when the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd. For the first 3 weeks of this month, in the countdown toward your Virgo Sun, you are called to let go of the stuff in the back of your mental closet. Old ideas about who you are. Not just clean them up, not just put on another coat of paint, or take them in for a remodel, but rather to take a discriminating inventory of your self-concept. Especially the disappointment when perfectionism fails, the way guilt about making mistakes becomes a harsh taskmaster (careful with that one, it hides under the cover of “I just need to try harder”). Whatever you don’t look upon with love and compassion, doesn’t belong to you anymore. Out with the trash.

Warrior Mars has been helpfully activating your plans since July 26th. He remains in intense Scorpio all month, until a life with more adventure calls him into Sagittarius on September 14th. He started off the month by creating some internal tension in you when he squared Jupiter on August 1st, tempting you to run off without taking certain factors into account (definitely not your usual style!). He’ll make it up to you August 7th with a sweetly spiritual connection to your hopes and dreams. Allow that urge to get on your knees, and thank your lucky stars. There’s great healing here for you that clears the way for your new beginning, which comes when the Virgo Sun meets the Virgo Moon on August 25th. This is your personal New Year.

The SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th will have a strong pull on your self-esteem and the way you express yourself in the world. This lights up your 6th solar house of work and service, the traditional zodiac house of Virgo. Expect something to end, or come to a conclusion, in that area of your life. And (hint, hint) this makes it really easy to let it go.

Serious Saturn, the hard working guy who builds all your scaffolding, is your helpful laborer until he moves into Sagittarius on December 24th. He’s been like a friendly neighbor, helping you get things done with ease, since he moved into Scorpio on October 6, 2012. Saturn is showing up at both the SuperMoon on the 10th, and your New Moon on the 25th, to help you see what needs to be done in the next 3 months in order to finish this phase of building a new structure for your life. Now is the perfect time to stop and ask yourself, “Am I hanging on to obligations that weigh me down, that are not in line with my true, authentic Self?” (hint,hint again!).

There’s so much Leo action this month that you may feel like you’re putting out wildfires. It does put you in a restless mood, causing a cautious Virgo like yourself to become rebellious! Memories bubble up in your dreams, probably related to childhood or your own children. But so much Leo energy can also fire up your creativity, and encourage you to try something you’ve never done before. Oh, do!

Messenger Mercury moves into Virgo on August 16th, where he’ll sharpen your mind even further, and make proofreading anything a breeze.  And, on August 26th, the goddess of love gets you into a tense internal conversation about balancing your career and leisure time (leisure; free time spent away from work). It’s certain that if you consult Leo, you’ll vote for more fun!

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Seize boldness, bolts of lightning from the sky, and plant them in the fields of your wild and wonderful life!

LIBRA  (September 22-October 22)

Since Warrior Mars dove into Scorpio’s deep waters on July 26th, you’ve struggled to move forward, and gather your resources. It’s been a bit like walking in mud. Hang on, because although Mars stays in Scorpio all month, he’s taking you into a life with more adventure when he jumps into Sagittarius on September 14th.

But don’t be tempted by the Aquarius SuperMoon on August 10th to start reading travel books. You don't need encouragement to read yet another book! This Full Moon has a powerful pull on your intellect, and you may find your reasoning ability is excellent. It’s a good time to take your creations, your art from, more seriously. This SuperMoon lands in your 5th solar house of creativity, and even though it has a chilly effect from the ivory tower of Aquarius, it’s going to enliven your emotions with Leo’s roar! You’ll experience love with greater emotional depth (the good news), and you won’t be able to hide your feelings from others (maybe bad news if you’re shy) so don’t bother trying.

There’s a challenge on the 10th to your always delicate balancing act, and again at the time of the Virgo New Moon on the 25th. If you are in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, that you stay in mainly because you feel obligated to do so, depression will set in along with those doses of restless irritability from Uranus and his lightning bolts. In particular, that means anyone you’re hanging on to (or desperately clinging) since April 22nd. Your dreams need discipline under them in order to make them a reality. Likewise, your romances need a commitment under them to make them last. Not a commitment to a contract necessarily, but a commitment to love each other--no matter what. Saturn insists you hold up to your promises. That’s a great intention to set on the New Moon.

You life lights up in hot pink when Venus moves into Leo on August 12th. The goddess of love is your muse, coaching you to expand your heart in acceptance and be open to more humor when it comes to relationships. Venus, and you, will be creatively romantic in very expansive ways through September 5th. And you can take this with you if you’ve practiced!

Your pocketbook and dwindling bank account might be asking, “Is this lover of all good things, the goddess Venus, going to join up with expansive, boundaryless Jupiter in Leo?” She is! On August 17th. Plan carefully because you won’t be able to eat just one.

August 12th, 13th and 14th you’re going to enjoy the company of friends enormously! You could meet someone who acts as a guide for you--someone in a body is nice but don’t rule out angels! This guide will help you get ahead. You will simply attract the right person to you. So wake up dear Libra. Mark your calendar.

But wait! There’s a bonus. This whole line-up in Leo is going to be supercharged with bolt after bolt of surprise lightning by Uranus in Aries. The first is August 8th when Uranus makes an ingenious connection with Mental Mercury in your 7th solar house of relationships. The 7th house is also the natural home of Venus. What does this mean? Your communications are struck with luck, and with the ability to clarify issues with intimate friends. You are hungry for interactions, but don’t binge on junky arguments just to stimulate discussion!

August 9th and 25th are days that Venus is active and is sending one of those guardian angels your way. There will be surprises. Rarely will anything go as planned for this whole month. But remember the 25th is also the day of the New Moon. New relationships. Someone appears out of the blue. Rest up.

Messenger Mercury moves into Virgo August 16th, another vote for clarity in communications. Picky perhaps, but clear. There may be a few bloopers and entanglements since Mercury will be working under water in your 12th house of memories, dreams and visions. Your best solution is a spiritual solution--especially at this time. Remember you and your love will learn to read the same book together, but you’ll rarely be on the same page. Meditation will be very beneficial. After September 1st, when Mercury moves into Libra, you go to the head of the class, the front of the line when it comes to speaking up and being heard. Plus, Mercury in Libra = lover stories. Ahhhh.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...You no longer need to search for love, you stand at the end of a journey you’ve already taken.

SCORPIO   (October 23-November 21)

For the whole month of August, while many rush about with their hair on fire, you have clarity of direction and purpose from Warrior Mars, who remains in Scorpio all month, until he jumps into the higher mind of Sagittarius on September 14th. But no worries, you’ll take with you all the depth of discovery, the nuggets of truth you’ve been collecting since July 26th.

Just one word of caution. Mars started off the month by creating an internal tension in you when he squared Jupiter on August 1st. But anything involving Jovial Jupiter is never “bad,” it’s just a tendency to think everything you touch will turn to gold. It probably will, but some things you’ll jump into before you have your ducks in a row.  He’ll make it up to you with a sweet urging to get on your knees and thank your lucky stars. The 7th is a day for healing, for it’s a day in which you have a keen sensitivity to the beauty all around you, and the love within and without.

You might want to give up coffee in the middle of the month! There's so much optimism and enthusiasm in you before you even get out of bed, that you don’t need more stimulation. Use the 12, 13th and 14th to break a habit, to free yourself from anything that’s holding you back. The SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th (11:09 AM, PDT) is particularly powerful, and it lands in your 4th house of home and family. Something is culminating, coming to a conclusion in that arena of your life. It can also mean you get an event that shows you where you might be off balance between career and personal needs. The Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth, at the time when she sits in opposition to the Leo Sun which falls in your 10th house of career. With all the planets in Leo, the Sun-Mercury-Venus-Jupiter, sitting in your house of career, I’d expect sudden but beneficial changes.

You’ll emerge from this intensity with a new structure in your life. The 10th house of career is ruled by Saturn, the archetypal father. His seriousness is good for business, but too stern for home. His step by step approach to career matters brings success in the outer world, but your home life needs more spontaneity of feelings. Notice the resolution that will show up on the 10th, and again on the New Moon in Virgo on the 25th. The 25th is no nonsense, clean the closets and do so in a orderly fashion. It falls in your 11th solar house of friends, so you’ll have deeper connections there and the change to resolve any lingering difficulties that may have originated from a promise previously broken.

The planetary line-up in Leo is enough in itself, but it goes further. Each Leo planet will be supercharged with bolt after bolt of surprise lightning by Uranus in Aries. Surprise messages galore and sudden epiphanies are to be expected around August 8th--not that you’ll see it coming. August 9th will also carry a buzz. Excitement and challenge all at once.

Since October 6th, 2012, when Saturn started writing mystery novels in Scorpio, you’ve had a lot of responsibilities and a drive for success.  Saturn will be moving on December 23rd, so you’re in the final phase of building up or re-inventing yourself. It’s time to claim your authenticity, to stand for what is true for you.  This phase will coincide with the 6th of the 7 squares between rebellious Uranus and transformational Pluto on December 15th. The issues of the right use of power, abolishing abuse, and doing life fully conscious--no numbing out--are primary to the squares, and a clue to what you need to leave behind in order to step into your true Self. The divine Self you know you are. Feel the sparks.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Let yourself wonder--is it the intensity of my love that fills the sky with lightning only I can see?

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 20)

Certainly you don’t need any more fire! But it couldn't hurt and it’s coming anyway. This is one of the best times in your life. Your vitality, which has always been good, is through the roof. You dear Sagittarius, are the master of optimism and now your horizons look bigger and broader. You wrote the book on positive thinking. Jovial Jupiter, who’s showing up now in the friendly fire sign Leo (since July 16th), has always been your muse, since Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. The only way this can be overdone is feeling so lucky that you take a foolish risk. Good fortune is guaranteed, but not gambling.

Your actions may be a little off the mark and you feet feel kind of soggy, because Warrior Mars remains in Scorpio all month (he started there July 26th). Dont’ worry about putting your plans into action yet. September 14th, Mars is going to feel the call of Sagittarius and enter your sign for 6 weeks--through October 24th. Then you’ll just show up at the right time, run into the right person, and say the right thing to the right people.

A SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th falls in your 3rd solar house of communications. Unconventional ideas, brilliant but unusual, and messages from and about friends will fill your head and your inbox. Even though it’s a Full Moon, it has a bit of a cool down for your mental processes. A welcome retreat into reason, with less (a little) emotion.

Saturn squares both the Moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo, inserting a heavy dose of caution. Notice where you are called to deepen your spiritual resolve, to be more committed and vigilant to your practice. The Virgo New Moon August 25th asks you to stop and take inventory; where are you weighing yourself down with obligations? Or, do you need to add some helpful discipline to make your dreams come true?  

Venus moves into Leo on August 12th, where she’ll be in your 11th house of travel and the higher mind. The 11th house is the natural home for Jupiter, and is the house of Sagittarius. Venus will inspire you with a love of the beauty in nature (which you already have lots of) until September 5th. It is an excellent time for you to travel, particularly to foreign lands.

It seems redundant to say you have a lucky day! But if I had to pick one that stands out, it would be August 17th (although Venus conjuncts Jupiter on August 19th making it a very very close second). This falls just after the big wildfire of creativity and romance with 4 planets in Leo on August 12th, 13th and 14th, making this one of the most powerfully creative days of this year for you!

The god of lightning will add a supercharger to the love pouring out of Venus on August 25th. Even though this whole month is expect the unexpected, this could be a time you meet someone new who’ll be very good for you and perhaps act as a guide. Then, on the same day, the New Moon in Virgo brings an opportunity for healing, and a tidy request to clean your room!

Stardust just for you, a quote of Viktor Frankl from your Fairy Godmother...“What is to give light, must endure burning.”

CAPRICORN  (December 21-January 19)

If you’ve ever wanted to solve the mysteries of life, now is a good time. We are in a period of supercharged energy coming from the sign of fiery Leo. This ton of creativity is falling your your 8th solar house, making it a time when you can benefit from pooling your resources with another. There are sweeping changes happening in your life that may not be readily visible, but they will have an intensity and depth to them that is quite unusual.

You’re in the archetypal story of the Flight of the Phoenix. This mythic long-lived bird (also know as an eagle) who knowingly set fire to her own nest, while she was in it, in order to consciously choose death in order to be reborn. The Phoenix is a symbol of renewal and resurrection. A solar bird, purple and red-hued. You, dear Capricorn, have been part of this story since Powerful Pluto, the mythic lord of the underworld, moved into the sign of Capricorn in December 2008. Since Pluto takes over 16 years in one sign, you can see that Pluto can’t occupy all twelve signs in one lifetime (would take 195-200 years). So many people will live a lifetime without having Pluto in their Sun sign at all. And your encounter with the Phoenix is even more remarkable when you consider that Pluto is in your sign at the same time the 7 squares between Pluto and Uranus are revolutionizing the whole world--and you very personally!

So, for example, if you were born in the 60’s, when Pluto was in Virgo, you took birth at a time when Pluto would take you through a powerful transformation in your 40’s, your midlife. And, that your midlife transformation would be magnified in its effects by Pluto’s 7 squares.

Now, all this fire from Leo comes along, from Jupiter in particular, and it says that the psychological stress of your transformation is behind you, and the riches and good fortune of a new life are before you. This is a “Hallelujah,” is it not?

The specific dates of August’s Leo events will have powerful alchemical meaning for you, but may be subtle in the way you experience them.

August 7th is a lovely day for thanking your lucky stars, and you’ll feel like doing just that. A SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th leaves your thoughtful, since the characteristic cool of Aquarius puts out any runaway fires. Serious Saturn, the muse of Capricorn, squares both the Moon in Aquarius on the 10th and the Virgo New Moon August 25th, which will be the start of new travel either literally or in your higher mind.

Uranus trines the Sun on August 9th, so expect a sweet surprise. Venus moves into Leo on August 12th, where she’ll be creatively romantic in very expansive (sometimes expensive) ways through September 5th. This is especially true on August 17th. August 12th, 13th and 14th are the most powerfully creative days of the month, and possibly of the year. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be in Leo!  

Mercury moves into Virgo August 16th through September 1st, clearing your thoughts and making your mind very sharp. Then the Sun signs up for a month of service to others in Virgo on August 22rd, and you finally get some calm--possibly serenity.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Your laughter sizzles through our minds, like sunlight breaking through a gloomy day.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 17)

Your drive and urge for action may feel a little soggy while Warrior Mars remains in Scorpio all of August. Wait to take your plans to market until a life with more adventure calls Mars into Sagittarius on September 14th. Then you’ll want to travel and go someplace new.

August 7th is a lovely, spiritual day for healing. Your sensitivity is high, but it helps you really tune in to your dreams.

The big news for you is of course the SuperMoon in your sign on August 10th (11:09 AM, PDT). This powerful Aquarius Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth, and at syzygy. Meaning it is closest to the Earth at the time of the Full Moon, when she sits in opposition to the Leo Sun. She generates a greater gravitational and electromagnetic pull on our tides, tectonic plates, and our emotions. You, more than others, can use this energy to accelerate a shift in consciousness. In general, the influence is to break for freedom, yet keep your heart closely connected to your tribe.

Serious Saturn makes a stress aspect to both the Moon in Aquarius on the 10th, and the Virgo New Moon on August 25th. This creates a need to proceed with caution, but not let seriousness get the upper hand and bring in fears.  Rather, you’ll feel a nudge (okay, maybe a push) to concentrate on your commitments and promises to yourself. Have you been carrying obligations, out of a sense of duty, that are no longer authentically yours. For you this will show up in your relationships and partnerships. Since this Moon falls in your 1st solar house of self, it brings to culmination and harvest the work you’ve done to free yourself of limiting beliefs. And, oh boy, is Leo going to help you do that!

When Venus moves into Leo on August 12th, she’ll be at her romantic and creative best! Venus in Leo is quite flirtatious, and very expansive in loving. August 17th in particular is a sweetly loving day to move closer to others. Yes, dear Aquarius, this means out of your head and into your heart. Try not to intellectualize your feelings. Leo is offering you spontaneity and enthusiasm for life. And also a childlike joy and playfulness. Try it.

There won’t be any way out of the alchemical fire blazing August 12th, 13th and 14th. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be in Leo! Not that you’d want to, and there won’t be time to analyze or think too much. These are powerhouse days for this month, but perhaps the cauldron in which the rest of your plans for this year, for your life, can mix with Leo’s happiness and your unconventional wisdom. What a combustion.  

And the whole mix just gets hotter. This whole line-up in Leo is going to get supercharged with bolt after bolt of surprise lightning by rebellious Uranus in Aries. It starts with Uranus making an ingenious connection with Mental Mercury on August 8th, which starts your communications sizzling in your 3rd solar house. Then it continues with the Leo Sun adding a few flares of courage which help you be downright daring!

Lightning bolts of freedom strike Venus on August 25th, creating a beautiful adventure in love that won’t have much longevity but will be quite exciting! Then, on the same day, the New Moon in Virgo helps you keep your hands on that lightning rod. You ground yourself in service to others, while your courageous heart dares to go to the edge.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Let your thoughts wander into the gates of Heaven, and return to earth like fireballs fierce with freedom..

PISCES  (February 18-March 19)

Feeling lucky is just great, and August 7th and 8th are beautiful days for you. Just keep you eye on Jovial Jupiter. Since he caught fire in Leo on July 16th, he’s been inclined to overdo it. Have you noticed?

A SuperMoon in Aquarius on August 10th (11:09 AM, PDT) is particularly powerful and asks you to balance your head with your heart.The Moon is at perigee, closest to the Earth, at the time when she sits in opposition to the Leo Sun. It’s a break for freedom from anything rigid      And, the characteristic cool of Aquarius puts out any runaway fires.

Venus moves into Leo on August 12th, where she’ll be creatively romantic in very expansive ways through September 5th. She might really overdo it in the beautiful luxuries department, especially on August 17th. If you shop, leave your credit card at home.

Uranus making an ingenious connection with Mental Mercury on August 8th that will solar-power your brains! Then, while Mercury and the Sun are sitting side by side, Uranus comes along with a bag full of epiphanies that help you make ingenious connections between random ideas that have been buzzing and bugging you.

The god of lightning makes a harmonious trine of brilliant epiphanies with the Leo Sun on August 9th, and then sparkles the vivaciousness of the goddess of love, Venus, on the 25th. Warm hugs and kisses all around! Then, August 12th, 13th and 14th may be the most powerfully creative days of this year, if you can stand the heat of Leo’s creative fire. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will all be in Leo! This is certainly enough fire to blaze through any soggy wilderness you’ve found yourself in since October 6th, 2012--when Saturn started writing mystery novels in Scorpio.  Saturn stays in Scorpio until he moves on to the publishing houses of Sagittarius on December 23rd. Take out your rough draft and finish it.

Messenger Mercury moves into Virgo August 16th to September 1st, where he’ll bring you great mental clarity. If there’s been an event in which you were misunderstood (so easy to happen to you!) you can resolve it now. After Mercury moves into Libra on September 1st, you can add your experience to Libra’s extensive library of love stories.

The Sun signs up for a month of service to others in Virgo on August 22rd. And you join in. As Virgo is your opposing sign, you want to integration this health and healing with your compassion and empathic love. Plenty of chances coming up.

The Virgo New Moon on August 25th falls in your 7th solar house of partnerships. It is the time for you to make a renewed commitment to your relationships--the ones that are benefiting you. And, likewise to say farewell to alliances that aren’t healthy for you, but you continue to be in them out of a sense of duty and obligation. These words of caution are coming from a hard conjunction of Warrior Mars and Stern Saturn, both in the intense sign of Scorpio, which occurs at the time of this New Moon. Concentrated effort and putting exacting plans into action are the best uses of this strong energy of action.

The playful creativity of Leo in concert with Generous Jupiter may have hatched some grand plans, which is great. And at the end of this month, around the 26th, Saturn throws some seriousness. This fills your 9th solar house of the higher mind. You’re being asked to recognize the power of your decisions. To step to the plate with your wisdom, that you know with certainty that you create what happens to you, according to what you think. And you receive as you have asked.

Playing little doesn’t serve you, or anyone. Your are a magnificent thought of God. Share yourself.

Stardust just for you, from your Fairy Godmother...Happiness sprinkles glitter on your words, creating answers that travel at the speed of light, reaching unheard hearts around the globe.


“The stars are thoughts God is holding about you.” A Course In Miracles


Posted on August 3, 2014 .