Venus is her sweetest in Pisces~love is exalted

Messenger Mercury in retrograde motion says, “Now students, let’s review the material from the past 3 weeks that will be on your exam.” Mentally we are retracing our steps back to January 5th, to pick up the threads of meaning that may have been lost in those busy times. Since Mercury is in humanitarian Aquarius, and Saturn is now in truth-telling Sagittarius, it’s time to make decisions based on what we truly value, not on what we were taught.  

Whisper sweet nothings. Tuesday, January 27th, Venus shifts your relationships out of the cooly reserved air of Aquarius and into the romantic depths of Poetic Pisces. The loving sensitivity and artistic inspiration of Venus in Pisces requires lots of hugs and reassurance, because, expecting such depth of soul, we can be easily disappointed. You are called to a more attentive and deeper connection in all your relationships.

Be careful. Foot-in-mouth disease is rampant on Friday, January 30th, when a retrograde Mental Mercury in Aquarius backs into the Sun. Your thoughts fly quickly from head to mouth, without benefit of a filter.

The Force of do-overs is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for the week of January 25th-31st, 2015:

ARIES  ☀  (March 21-April 19)

The week opens with the Moon in your sign, and a feeling of well being. All’s right with the world. A surprise message comes on Tuesday the 27th that brightens your day. There’s a sparkle to all your communications. Also on Tuesday the goddess of love shifts her mood from the rather reserved “I’ll think about it” to the poetic depths of “I’ll write a poem from my heart.” Venus moves into emotionally deep waters until February 20th, when she’ll return to Aries for a rebirth. Until then, your love is quiet and you’ll feel a certain shyness about expressing yourself. For *Valentine’s Day you could expect a friendship to turn to romance. January 30th is a day of brilliant IQ, and unusual ideas. With Mercury in “I love everybody” Aquarius, your humanitarian interests in civil rights is stronger. While Mercury is retrograde, you turn inward for answers to your life’s purpose. Why are you here?     


TAURUS   ☀  (April 20-May 20)

The Moon enters Taurus Monday morning, offering you two days of contented well being, even though you’re called to make a decision on Monday that you’d rather postpone. There are parallel lines of direction running through you this week; on the one hand you are prone to overthink everything; then on the other hand, you’re going to go deeper into your heart's true desire than ever before. You’ll feel a big shift on Tuesday, January 27th, when Venus leaves the reserved intellectualizing of Aquarius and dives into the empathic emotional waters of Poetic Pisces for the next three weeks. This will be very good for you, in-sync with your Taurus love of beauty. Friendships are warmer and there’s a lovely exchange of kindnesses between you and your friends. Warrior Mars was already in Pisces, so the mythological lovers are reunited--it can happen on earth too! You may relapse into overthinking on the 28th and 29th, but very sweet home fires are burning for you on Friday and Saturday. Mercury retrograde asks for inner contemplation on, “Where do I feel at Home?”


GEMINI   (May 21-June 21)

Brains on fire? Sunday’s Aries Moon starts your week off with innovation and some good news from a friend. Tuesday the 27th begins a three week period of bountiful Venus in your 10th house of career. Often this is a promotion or additional wealth through career. Venus will be in the sign of Poetic Pisces, which for you means things won’t happen fast enough, but lots is going on behind the scenes. Patience grasshopper. Warrior Mars is kind of sluggish in Pisces so you’re deeply motivated but hindered in taking action until February 20th. It’s not your style to wait, but it’s very advisable. The 28th and 29th are your best days--you should trust your intuition and expect a hunch to pay off. The 30th is loaded with communications, to and from. You may read something that sparks a completely new direction in your thinking. It will be good for you.


CANCER   (June 22-July 22)

If romance and creativity has seemed to be flighty and fleeting, like a bee buzzing around your head, it’s about to get some landing gears. Good fortune and luck in love and creativity comes your way this Tuesday when Venus moves into sweet waters of Pisces for the next three weeks. This will fill your 9th house will travel and adventure. Wonderful time for a vacation. You have a strong attachment to your ideals, which are high. Too high for mere mortals? You’re fine as long as you stay off your soap box. No point trying to convert others to your point of view--even if it’s the “right” one. The Moon moves into your sign late Friday, making the 31st and February 1st the best days of this week for you--a week that ends on a decidedly spiritual, and very very loving, note.


LEO   ☀  (July 23-August 22)

Sunday is serene, yet full of activity. You start the week all fired up for travel and adventure to foreign lands, both physically and in your thoughts. Jot down the expansive ideas you have today, your memory will get a little soggy by the end of the week. It’s wet go-inside weather for romance and creativity starting Tuesday, and for the next three weeks. Let your heart have a bit of hibernation, rest and renewal. You’re really going to need it when spring comes with a bang. The goddess of love is moving into your 8th house, which often means financial gain through partnership or marriage. Anything involving joint assets will go well. Your emotions are quite intense, much more so than usual for you. Watch out for jealousy. The 28th brings a lighter mood and good times, with a special effervescence to your personality on Friday the 30th. Loyalty is your highest virtue, especially to family. Ask yourself, “Am I loyal to my own beliefs?”


VIRGO  ☀  (August 23-September 22)

Your emotions may be fried as you start this week, but it’s going to get a lot better. Monday and Tuesday are good money days, and you’ll feel like beautifying your immediate surroundings to make them more comfortable--you revel in the luxury. And beginning Tuesday the 27th, the goddess of love moves into Pisces and stirs up strong romantic attractions. You’ll feel drawn to each other. Venus will be sweetening your 7th house of relationships until February 20th--this year will be a *Valentine’s Day you won’t want to miss! You’ll find yourself dealing with the public in a very effective way--very helpful and lucky time if you work in the field of psychology, sales or public relations. The 30th and 31st are stay at home days when you’ll be quite content, and at peace. Virgo your question is, “When is it good enough?”


LIBRA  ☀  (September 23-October 22)

Now that romance has been sparked by Venus in your 5th house, the goddess of love moves into Pisces and your 6th house of work and service on January 27th. The best news about this is that Warrior Mars is also in Pisces, so they’re in love like Laura and Dr. Zhivago. Their timing is off and they don’t really make the right moves. Even if you bumble through it, this is still a very romantic time. You’ll fall in love with your work (or someone you work with) which rolls along smoothly and harmoniously. Mercury in retrograde motion asks you to close the library book and really absorb the meaning. Think back to January 5th--did you miss the importance of a message then? Trust your intuition on the 28th and 29th. You feel a balance (one of your favorite things!) in your emotions, and sense of well being. Watch the 30th for solar-powered ideas that give you a more objective look at what motivates you.


SCORPIO  ☀   (October 23-November 21)

Venus is in the wide, compassionate oceans of Pisces beginning this Thursday the 27th through February 20th. Your heart is talking louder than your head. The goddess of love joins Warrior Mars in your 5th house of romance and creativity (and will be there together for Valentine’s Day), heightening your ability to walk in another’s shoes. Your feelings for someone special will deepen. Even if you think it’s obvious, the truth is you never wear your heart on your sleeve--so you still need to say it out loud. Try very hard to express your emotions, particularly around the 30th, rather than keeping yourself in reserve. You’re pulled toward taking things more seriously than they warrant. It’s just that you’re easily disappointed by any hint of rejection (always a sensitive spot for you), plus you’re likely to be wrong about it. As the week ends you have a sense of emotional well being that carries over into February 1st, which begins a time of being exquisitely in sync with someone you love.


SAGITTARIUS ☀   (November 22-December 21)

You start your week on a pleasantly passionate note. Sunday is good day for sitting in the sunshine under the Aries Moon. You feel warm inside and affectionate. How are you adjusting to Serious Saturn in your sign? What you want to do with this energy is to let it give you additional discipline and greater concentration on practical tasks. Put a bunch of stickies around that remind you--”Don’t isolate” and ”Don’t take anything personally.” The Goddess of love is moving into your 4th house of home and family January 27th, where she’ll join her mythic lover, Warrior Mars. She’ll warm your heart and hearth until February 20th. Family relationships can be improved as old resentments or secrets surface into the light, where they can be forgiven. Solving problems is easier on the 28th and 29th. Something that looks like a loss on the 30th, is really meant to leave your life. If your emotions seem to be in overload, it’s only a sign to slow down and take time for contemplation. Afterall it’s the “dead” of winter, when many creatures naturally turn inward.


CAPRICORN  ☀  (December 22-January 19)

The airways have been supercharged, without much time to rest, which is never good for a Capricorn in winter. You’re part hibernating bear. It’s about to get a lot easier. Monday and Tuesday are days you can trust your hunches. Go with what feels right, versus what “should” be done. You’ve been working behind the scenes since January 12th, somewhat because you’re avoiding confrontation, but more because it’s simply not the time to act on sensitive tasks that you know require subtle handling. Beginning January 27th, the goddess of love shifts the action for you by helping you see the psychological underpinnings and lovingly releasing pent up anger--in yourself or another. Venus will be in your 3rd house until February 20th, putting relationships in the forefront and making your communications harmonious. Good relationships with brothers, sisters and neighbors encourages you to help each other. You could be in the headlines of your local paper, or you might just write a beautiful love letter for *Valentine’s Day. The 30th and 31st are your best feeling days of this week. All is well.


AQUARIUS  ☀   (January 20-February 18)

Venus moves into the deep oceanic waters of Pisces on January 27th, where she’ll add a love of beautiful things, including romance, in your 2nd house of resources. Often Venus in the 2nd (until February 20th) brings money. Messages and communications will continue to pour in throughout your birthday month, and all the way to March 12th. Messenger Mercury's prolonged stay in your sign has a period of laser-like focus now, asking you to take another look at your self-concept, or your self-confidence. While Mercury is retrograde, you’re being shown something new about yourself that you might have missed. And as if your inbox wasn’t already too full, on February 11th, Messenger Mercury will shift back into forward gear--just in time to set an honest tone for a sweetly intimate *Valentine’s Day. You’ll get an interesting surprise on the 27th that will come through your in-box or a phone message. Your emotions reach an equilibrium on the 28th and 29th, and you can trust your intuition. When your Aquarius Sun runs head on into Messenger Mercury on the 30th, your brains are solar-powered. Be sure to grab a grounding rod, and take an extra yoga class.


PISCES   (February 19-March 20)

How sweet it is! Beginning January 27th, Venus is in your sign for the next three weeks. She’s joining her mythic lover, Warrior Mars, who’s been fueling your motivation since the 12th, and you are guaranteed some good times. You feel much more sociable than usual, although you can be easily disappointed, especially around the 30th, if someone close to you withholds affection. Look for a revelation on that day. Your communications and ideas are zipping through your head, some days faster than you can catch them. Now that Mercury is retrograde, you have time to review and rewrite. Think back to January 5th. Did something happen that you could have paid more attention to? The Moon moving into Cancer for Friday and Saturday, the 30th and 31st, offsets hurt feelings because you have a deeply compassionate view of the other person. In fact, you’ll start February on a decidedly spiritual and clairvoyant note.

*♡ Date Night:  Venus moves in with Mars, both in the shy sign of Poetic Pisces, on Tuesday, January 27th. For the next three weeks, until February 19th, these lovers are in unconditional acceptance of one another. “Can you read my mind?” Oh yes. Your feelings have a heightened sensitivity, and lovers are amorously empathic with each other. Your romance can deepen on Valentine’s Day, Saturday, February 14th. Read Rumi, write sonnets about your love, but watch out for the unthinking Sagittarius Moon which has a foot-in-mouth quality. A candle lit picnic under the stars is a perfect solution.


Posted on January 24, 2015 .