Blame it on a vampire?

“The predator waits patiently while its unsuspecting prey wanders closer, unaware that danger lurks just inches away... swinging swiftly shut, the barbed jaws close around her body. The struggle is brief...”

Sound like a Halloween tale? Actually, it’s a scientist’s description of the Venus Flytrap, a rare carnivorous plant that grows in soggy coastal bogs, and in the quagmires of Transylvania.

How did a carnivorous plant get named for Venus?” Is it because we believe love hurts?

Or is it a puritanical demonizing of our natural sensuality? If we step into the intensity of Scorpio’s sleuthing, we might see that the vampire archetype is simply the projection of the hidden fears we have of our own powerful desires.

Here’s the secret formula for exorcising your “ghosts”

#1. What you see is what you believe. Is it Love or fear? In October the light recedes, the darkness is ascending. But only in the outer world. Our inner light glows brighter. A perfect chance to exorcise a demon or two, to withdraw your belief in the biggest undead “monster”-- the idea that love hurts. Call it out for the vampire it is. A collectively dreamed nightmare, our personal repertoire of horrors, that is nothing but a shared illusion--a ghost of the past. Stop singing songs to it!

#2. Happiness is a choice, because your thoughts create your reality. Jovial Jupiter, the spirit of giving, joins Venus and Mars in Virgo for October. Straight from the heart of Love, this trio opens your heart to the awareness of love’s presence. Guiltlessness is your divine nature--if you make forgiveness a way of life, you dissolve ego and open your heart to love. This is the key to happiness, because it opens your consciousness to receive Miracles.

#3. You get what you value. In what way does your life have meaning? Serious Saturn started a fire in adventurous Sagittarius beginning September 17th, setting the stage for the next two years by insisting that we get clear about what we value and why we’re here. Our money says "In God We Trust," but do we? Do the laws that we allow to govern us reflect the spiritual principles we believe in?

#4. Love is looking up! Venus is having a prolonged date with her favorite lover, Mars. They’ve been traveling pretty much side by side since they both caught fire in Leo from June 5th to October 8th--that was your time for “theia mania,” love at first sight. Then, August 21st began a new 584-day cycle, signaling the rebirth of the sacred marriage of Venus and Mars, the union of love and strength that creates the Spiritual Warrior. Now the lovers are in the sign of Virgo, but not as virtuous as that sounds. :) They’re just picky about cleanliness, so it’s sex in the shower for the next four weeks!


Posted on October 24, 2015 .