Astrological Highlights for Summer, 2016

Last week I was distractedly zipping along 280 and missed my exit. My GPS, without judgement or criticism, said “Make a U-turn if possible.” Divine Intelligence works the same way. Gently, and without any hint of judgement, it quietly asks us to make a course correction when we’ve lost our Way.  

Need to make a U-turn? Four retrograde planets shift your attention inward, to uncover those little self-defeating thoughts that hide in our unconscious mind. How?

  1. Breakdowns in your forward gear by pugnacious retrograde Mars asks you to stop and reassess.  Are you doing what you truly want to do?

  2. Saturn’s stern lessons in self-discipline want you to take author-ship of your own life.

  3. Pluto pushes you into his transformational fires to create a rebirth of the way you use or abuse your personal power. Are you giving it away?

  4. A brain-fog from dreamy Neptune rolls over your conscious mind, “forcing” you to trust your inner Guide.

The summer of 2016, through the Fall Equinox on September 23rd, heats up and reignites the stress between an urgency to step up and claim your freedom and the power to transform your beliefs. Two major planetary alignments will repeatedly ask us to chose once again:

1. *Saturn square Neptune~Am I asleep at the wheel? Have I given up on my dreams because I’ve gotten discouraged by the insanity of an ego-driven world? By the relentless violence, the political shenanigans, the seeming victories of tricksters and liars?

2. **Jupiter trine Pluto~Have I kept my faith in what is good and true in people and in myself? Have I opened the gifts laid at my feet in gratitude by a loving God? Am I taking advantage of the opportunities that suddenly seem possible?

The Sagittarius Archer always aims his bow toward the Heavens, pointing to the higher mind, the belief in the power of love to heal all things. He is the Philosopher King, on a quest for meaning and purpose. That’s why the Sagittarius glyph always points skyward, toward Divine Intelligence.

However, right now Saturn in Sagittarius is creating an internal tension [square] inside each of us that challenges our commitment to achieve our wildest dreams--the visionary goals that Neptune in compassionate Pisces has shown us.

*Saturn square Neptune is a major, lengthy alignment. Here are the exact dates (but remember it operates weeks before and weeks after) that the tensions will mount and will likely manifest in an external event that shows you how this energy is operating in your personal life:

  1. November 26th, 2015

  2. June 17, 2016

  3. September 10, 2016

Saturn in Sagittarius is offering us the chance to take more authority (authorship) for our own lives, and to to give our power away to others. He is also about travel, however not striking off like a vagabond. When Saturn travels, it is always with a workable plan. Therefore, the Saturn traveler is the wise pilgrim. But don’t forget his shadow side is rigidity--refusing to stop and ask for directions!

**Jupiter trine Pluto:  Exact dates are:

  1. October 11, 2015

  2. March 16, 2016

  3. June 26, 2016

June 13th: Neptune turns retrograde for the next four months.

Neptune is the god of the sea, who is deepening his transmission of unconditional love. Teaching us that Heaven and Earth are inseparable, as you and I are inseparable, we are one. Neptune also has his shadow side: asking us to drop the martyr mentality and to channel our visions into compassionate service rather than addictions and victimhood.

Neptune’s shadow side is activated in retrograde: This amplifies the noise in your head. That “committee” who argues right and wrong in increasingly loud voices will be trying to drown out the quiet Voice within you of love and peace.

For the astrology wonks out there:

June 20th: An adventurous Blue Moon: The Full Moon in Sagittarius (2nd consecutive time) @ 4:02 AM PDT.

June 20th; The Summer Solstice (The Sun enters Cancer) 9:34 PM PDT

June 29th, Warrior Mars shifts to forward gear in Scorpio. Messenger Mercury enters Home Sweet Home Cancer minutes before this. Nurture yourself with love.

June 30-July 16th The 7 Revolutionary squares of Uranus and Pluto (still within 4-8 degrees) is re-activated 6 consecutive times as first Venus, then Mercury, then the Sun trigger the square:

  1. Venus opposes Pluto 6/30. Careful that your somethin’ from the oven isn’t burning!

  2. Venus squares Uranus 7/7 You’ll want to free yourself, but don’t break up break through.

  3. Mercury opposes Pluto 7/7 Deep intense conversations need to happen.

  4. Mercury squares Uranus 7/11 Frazzled nerves could block genius ideas.

  5. Sun opposes Pluto 7/7 Childbirth is not easy, but the results are so glorious.

  6. Sun squares Uranus 7/16 Nervousness can get in the way of invention.

July 4th, the New Moon in Cancer (4:00 AM PDT) We are all family. One big tribe.

Remember always that you live in a paradise where anything can happen next. You're powerful beyond measure. All you have to do is think new thoughts and mountains will move. Take a chance on love, and your stars will align.

Above all, know that every Angel knows your name.

Posted on June 18, 2016 .