Happiness is your Celestial DNA in 2017

Check your quiver. Sagittarius, the honest archer, is inspiring you to take aim against ballooning grandiosity and deceptive hot air doublespeak. Arrow by arrow lies are felled and truths reborn, albeit naked and uncensored.

We are witnessing the results of strongly aroused ambitions (Jupiter) partnering with an unscrupulous desire for power (Pluto). It's very easy to become convinced of a shaky and possibly shady point of view. Three peaks of this energy call us to break ancient patterns that allow abuses of power to continue: 

  • November 24th, 2016
  • March 31, 2-17
  • August 5, 2017

Didn’t see it coming? Me either. Our 7-year-itch Uranus is the creator of Black Swan events, those unexpected bolts out of the blue (like Trump being elected President) that suddenly change our view of the world from “I know what’s going on” to “I had no idea that was happening!”

The Force of Breakthrough is with you. Here's your Sun sign forecast for 2017:

ARIES  ☀  (March 21-April 19) Your solar-powered purpose in this lifetime is to be an enlightened entrepreneur, a pioneering leader. Your tools for doing this are spontaneous fire, the sparks that fly from the Olympic torch you are destined to carry. It goes without saying, you are the leader of the pack (you really can’t be bothered with having to point this out to people, it’s sooooo obvious).

The Zodiac's favorite lovers move into Aries: Mars lights up love first, beginning January 28th and a vivacious Venus joins him on February 4th. You will be at your effervescent best for Valentine's Day! It's all about love at first sight, so be the first to say "I Love You." Venus will shift into retrograde gear while she's in Aries, keeping her there until June 5th. What might have been a sweet flirtation, unexpectedly lasts.

You take no prisoners and don’t solicit followers but you’ll welcomes them if they chose to fall in line--behind you. For 2017, the god of lightning is still in your sign, so sudden changes are a natural part of your life. Keep your entrepreneurial gaze on the sunrise, the dawning of a fresh new year uncluttered by the past. In fact, one reason you’ll be such a winner in 2017 is that you never look back.

Each 7 year cycle of Uranus, the guy who inspires the itch for change, is meant to occur at progressively higher octaves as you glean the lessons of the one that went before. Uranus will go into practical Taurus in 2018, so 2017 is your wrapup year for blazing new trails.

You’ve had some heady responsibility in the past, but now Saturn in fiery Sagittarius has brought back your natural desire for adventure and spontaneity. You can take risks and know you’ll be held by the arms of Angels. There are great triumphs in leadership ahead for you, but for now keep yourself in the middle of your tribe so as you ascend the ladder, you won’t end up lonely at the top.

Your dreams come true in surprising ways. Change is no longer a challenge. Now you can see how all the changes you’ve made in the past three years have kept your life very interesting and at the same time brought a certain orderliness. In that process you learned to mix inspiration with patience. Enthusiasm with discipline. These are the alchemical ingredients for success.

Love is definitely in the air with Jovial Jupiter in your house of partnership and marriage--he’ll be ringing the bells of a lasting love. Just remember to slow down long enough to pick up the golden apple. For it is by your acknowledgement and welcome that love will enter. Watch for synchronicities, kismets, and deja vu. The choice to collaborate with Divine Intelligence is the choice for union instead of separation.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your purpose in this lifetime is to be a steady helping hand to others, and to learn the true meaning of security--as an inside job. Your element is earth, which gives you the monetary green thumb. Your ideas are fixed, and like seeds they must be in fertile soil in order to grow.

Friday is always your best day of the week because it’s ruled by Venus (Viernes, Vendredi, Venerdi), the goddess of love who is also the muse for Taurus. “TGIF” is the weekly sigh of relief for you as you look forward to pleasurable indulgences. Rightly so. You share the Venus rulership with Libra, which is why you like to share lots of stuff with a Libra. For most of 2017, Generous Jupiter will be in the sign of Libra and bring good fortune and opportunity to your 6th house of health, healing and service to others. Avoid the temptation to expand your waistline and you can enjoy robust health this year.

Your 11th house of friends and groups is loaded! You are drawn to humanitarian causes which will bring you the deepest experiences of compassion and empathy that you have ever known--a deeply felt spiritual awakening.

You have no problem with focus, but how’s your aim? The Sagittarius Archer is in your house of transformation so you are likely to crusade for change on the deepest levels. With powerful Pluto in your 9th house of the higher mind, you are transforming former beliefs through some crisis that invalidates something you thought was etched in stone--something that you have been holding against yourself without forgiveness for a long time. This came to a critical juncture in November 2016.

Aim the power of your mind toward the bullseye of forgiveness and let your mis-takes burn themselves out, leaving you room to love yourself. Remember that the world “sin” is an old archery term meaning “miss the mark.”  There is no sin, there’s simply missing the mark and trying again.

There is a rhythm and a dancing through the cycles of your life, all of which are choreographed by your soul’s intention and sung for you by the music of the spheres.

GEMINI  (May 21-June 21) Your solar powered purpose is to be a multi-tasking thinker. Wednesday is always your best day, since it’s “ruled” by its namesake, the planet Mercury (Mercredi, Mercoledi, Miercoles), the trickster messenger and muse for Gemini. This is the source of your kaleidoscope mind and your focus on communications.

This year the focus is on your 10th house of career which is loaded with spiritual teachings. You may not have a linear change in time, but you can definitely experience an other worldly liftoff when it comes to your ambitions. Your words are absolutely poetic and communicated with such compassion that people are drawn to be around you--to fall in love with what you say. If you ever had an  ambition to write a book, this is the year.

Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius will align beautifully with freedom loving Uranus in fiery Aries three times: First on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2016; a second time will come with the spring, exact on May 18th, 2017; then the grand finale is 6 months later (yep, these big guys are slow!) on November 11th, 2017. So in essence we have this for all of 2017. This aspect falls in your 7th house and brings a sobering up of your relationships and partnerships so that you may find yourself announcing, “make a commitment or get out.” You want something lasting, and no frills.

Deep concerns regarding matters of life and death, rebirth and remodeling, are the focus of your power drives this year. You will not be duped by anyone, you won’t allow it. Likewise, you need to be above board and open in your communications because secrets are all around you--you can see right through them if you focus. You’re absorbing lots of information through unconscious telepathy. You’ll just know what someone means even though their words may be saying something else. Your good fortune this year comes through your 5th house of children, romance and creativity. If you do write that book, it will be in a playful spontaneous style.

“All seeing starts with the perceiver, who judges what is false and what is true. And what he judges false he does not see.” A Course In Miracles

CANCER    (June 22-July 22)  As a protector of family and guardian of family values, you are a sensitive leader who often works quietly behind the scenes. Your element is water, symbolic of sensitive emotions. Remember that just as there is no life without water, you don’t feel truly alive unless you allow your feelings to flow freely.

You’re keenly tuned to your “Second Brain,” the oodles of neurons in your gut that make your senses so sharp and your best source of knowledge is a hunch. Uranus, the god of lightning, is the source of flashes of inspiration, and for 2017 he is shooting his bolts out of the blue in your house of career. Your sensory antennae will get an occasional nervous jolt, but your ability to “sense” the right path, the perfect next move, is so heightened that you will know through your gut (butterflies) what to do next. Trust it.

You can (and will have to) change your career path this year. Think of it this way: Your symbol is the crab, a creature who keeps her soft stuff (like feelings) protected by a hard outer shell. This is a very effective defense. But perhaps a more important teaching from the crab is her migratory behavior. Of the 553 million blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay, these mobile crabs evade ownership by Virginia or Maryland fishermen because they won’t stay in one place long enough to claim them! There’s the clue to your freedom, and your success. You belong in a self-sufficient nomadic tribe, which is your true source of security.

Your 9th house of travel is so loaded with spiritual inspiration for 2017 that you will embody the teachings of the great philosopher king. And/or you will teach time travel to the rest of us! Real estate, working from home, and a great expansion of good fortune from home and family are your lucky areas. There may also be an inheritance or influx of corporate money. Sweetly sensitive Cancer, if you will open your shell to share your big love with one other person, even if it’s only an instant out of time, you’ll find that you have skipped ahead in consciousness like the needle on a phonograph record when it’s jolted out of its groove.

If the world appears harsh and unforgiving, it is because you have misjudged yourself. Remember you are the light of the world. Darkness is nothing to you.

LEO ☀  (July 23-August 22)  The tools you have to fulfill your purpose as a passionately loyal and protective monarch come from fire, from the comforting warmth of gathering your tribe around a campfire.

Putting concrete form to a creative idea, so that it is successful in the marketplace, is the source of great success this year--but in a completely different way than what you might have expected. Sudden opportunities, perhaps from a foreigner or from a foreign country, will seem to fall into your lap from out of the blue. Unexpected career shifts that free you somehow are ahead for 2017. Don’t let them pass you by. Know that they are meant to be.

Your 8th house of death and rebirth, transformation and reform, will be a source of deepening compassion and spiritual awakenings in 2017. Look behind the curtain, look for what is hidden from view.  You’ll be quite busy this year with corporate finances and perhaps inheritances.

You’re likely to experience fame and notoriety for your hard work because it is of great service to others. The work itself transforms you and those around you.

Great good fortune comes through your house of communications this year. You will benefit through written contracts. Your ideas will be much more expansive and easily communicated because of your optimism. Now is your time to go beyond old limitations, including taking risks that you would have thought were beyond your capabilities. Events open a portal for a tremendous shift in consciousness through your sixth house of health, healing and service to others.

The wise pilgrim in you is now infused with warrior energy that is building to a crescendo. But you don’t need to time travel back to Oz to claim your immense courage--you’ve had it all along. Rouse that languid lionhearted beast in you to fight for what you want. You’ve done so much for your tribe, now do as much for yourself.

Deja vu shows you that you’ve already taken the journey you dream you’re taking now.

VIRGO ☀  (August 23-September 22) You are the counselor and healer, the mediator between self-interest and cooperation in partnerships. The rich earth is your element and separating the wheat from the chaff is your mission.  

A happy harvest is ahead for you, vigorous Virgo! You’ve finished a year in which your life greatly expanded and your self-confidence grew while Generous Jupiter was in your 1st house of self-identity. Now he has moved into your house of money and resources, and that means expansion of your back account! Whatever Jupiter gave you the confidence to start in 2016 has taken seed and will now grow into a helpful resource. Take that into 2017 as a secure footing for handling the restructuring of your home and family life that Saturn began for you in September 2015 (and will continue until December 2017). It will be good for you, even if it seems like an overload of responsibilities at times. This transit often brings a family member who needs your assistance.

All of that is why 2017 is your year to make To-Be lists instead of To-Do’s. Why? Because let’s face it, at the end of the day you’ve rarely checked off everything on your To-Do list. So if you’ve put To-Be healthy and (at least occasionally) relaxed on your To-Be list, you’ll cross out the leftover To-Do’s as “It’s Good Enough.”

The healing that naturally follows from being of service to others is your gift. Labor Day is the Virgo holiday--how fitting for you! It’s a celebration of the harvest that comes from hard work, which you never shy away from. Take this as your motto: Happiness is not a sometimes thing. By its very nature it is as constant as the Sun’s light.

Did you know that when you feel happy you literally begin to sparkle? Don’t wait for a good reason. Like after the dishes are done and the bills are paid. Nope. You can only be happy now. You will look back on 2016 and remember the exhaustion that came before letting go of those things you thought were expected of you. It’s a blessing (in a thin disguise) if your duties piled up so high they knocked you to your knees--that’s a perfect place to happily surrender to a Higher Power. The Cosmic Customer Service Center is open. You can exchange all your mistakes for radical acceptance of yourself as you are!

“He didn't mind how he looked to other people, because the nursery magic had made him Real, and when you are Real shabbiness doesn't matter.” Margery Williams; The Velveteen Rabbit

LIBRA ☀  (September 23-October 22) Friday is named for its patron planet, Venus (Viernes, Vendredi, Venerdi), the ruler of Libra. Balance in giving and receiving is the key to cooperative relationships, and is the gift you bring. The Fall Solstice, the point at which there is a perfect balance between day and night, is you holiday.

Do you watch the political news and suspect you’re living in a low budget Hollywood remake of Liar Liar--only nobody’s been drinking the truth serum? Well Saturn in your house of communications is about to bust up that party. You are seriously intent on getting to the bottom of things in 2017.

Documents and contracts can be a source of trouble unless you pay close attention to the details. You are definitely not having it with people who lie to you--even about small things. It’s not exactly a question of justice (one of your favorite things), it’s more a drive for clarity in all your communications. And this means you too. No more wishy washy “diplomacy” in order to keep the peace. Truth is you’re doing this to avoid conflict. This will no longer work for you. You need and want to face conflict even if it scares you.  

Your self-confidence has been growing like a weed since September 2016. Go with the optimistic point of view, even if you think it’s avoiding harsh “realities.” Make more mistakes, it’s good for you. Find yourself out in left field--that’s where you’re most creative.

Your house of work and service to others is loaded for 2017. This is the cutting edge for your spiritual growth and the place of great activity. You have healing hands, use them. Know this as you touch people with your love and natural grace.

Is that promise of happily ever after eluding you? Because let's face it Libra, you are happiest when you're in a loving partnership. So what's the problem? You need to expose the ego’s biggest lie-- that there’s not enough love to go around. And therefore the ego’s modus operandi is “seek but do not find!” Instead of this, find the place within yourself where you have judged yourself unworthy of love. It’s that belief that upholds the lie.

Speak up Libra. You've now got jovial Jupiter by your side and he loves nothing more than to bring a happy relationship into your life this year. Jupiter is in the sign of Libra from September 9, 2016 until October 11, 2017. This is a big window of opportunity if you open it. Remember, true Love is incredibly polite and well mannered. It knocks, it will even ring your doorbell, and will hang out in your inbox--waiting ever so patiently for you to invite It in. See what glimmers in your mind’s eye when you look directly into the present moment of your life. That’s where the love is.

“What you call with love will come to you.”  A Course In Miracles

SCORPIO ☀   (October 23-November 21) Even when you think you are being transparent, no one can “read” you. Like Houdini or a cloaked Sherlock Holmes, you’re here to explore the mystery of life and death. Your deep waters are stable and, in icy conditions, fixed and immovable. You don’t rush by us like a river, or come and go like an ocean’s tides. We can count on you as a placeholder for peace.

Move into 2017 on the uplifting wings of forgiving yourself completely. The journey through the dark night of the soul has been long and cruel and, let’s face it, pretty exhausting. Now the lifting of the veil of illusions is close by. You’ve seen this in your mind’s eye. You could give the last bit of shadow a flick with a feather and it will be gone.

Why do you, intense Scorpio, leave your lovers breathless? You’re the second of the three Water Signs (Cancer Scorpio Pisces). You’re the one with the deepest, darkest waters, yet a deceptively calm surface. Sort of like Crater Lake in Oregon that is 2,000 feet deep, your smooth reflective exterior belies the unfathomable depths of your emotions. Even when some unsuspecting lover deliberately dives in, he will run out of air before he’s halfway there! Think about it, an olympian dive is only to 700 feet. So cut people some slack when they simply don’t get who you truly are.

Either way, others can stare hard and long but will never see what’s at the bottom of your still waters. Often, neither can you. Yet you long for someone to come along who can match your intensity, who’s willing to plumb your depths. Generous Jupiter is in your 12th house of compassion and empathy for most of 2017. He will have the effect of flushing out a savior, a guide for your spiritual journey. Or, you may take that role for someone else. Leave everything, every thought that would hurt you in the dust of 2016. Shut that door firmly.

You want to be seen. Scorpio’s holiday is Halloween, full of mystery and mystique--like you are, and it is the time of unmasking the ghosts. With a muse like Pluto, lord of the underworld, you are fearless in facing even a harsh reality. It is given you to see through the many masks of fear that other people may wear, and peer directly into their woundedness. Into their soul. Does this boldness make other people uncomfortable as they sense the enormous power in you? Oh yeah. But you can dissolve this barrier by allowing yourself to be seen. 2017 is all about collecting every clue and witnessing to the presence of Angles in your life. And inside you. You are meant to be an angel of mercy.

ˈānjəl/noun  1.The word angel derives from the Greek angelos, meaning "messenger."  2. A spiritual being acting as an attendant, agent, or messenger of heavenly love. As guardian spirits they serve as intermediaries between Heaven and Earth.

Spread your wings dear Scorpio! Show your true Self. It’s not like we haven’t suspected this all along.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) You rule! Thanksgiving that is. It’s the Sagittarius holiday led by your archetypal muse, Generous Jupiter, who’s always refilling the ginormous cornucopia of good fortune you offer to others. He’s handing you the gift that keeps on giving and giving--a grateful heart. The “secret” to your success.

For 2017, declare that everyday is the happiest day of your life. All your natural positive thinking jumps into play if you act as if you already have the things you want. You’ve never liked to wait for anything anyway!

You’ve gone through periods of wavering doubts, self-righteous outrage, and questioning authority like an idealistic teenager in order to find out what you really believe in. The Philosopher King inside you has been called to a greater awakening (August 13th, 2016 to April 6th, 2017). Now you feel the urgency of standing up for what you know to be true, on the soapbox of your choice. Even if in your zeal you occasionally jump to the wrong conclusion, jump anyway. At the very least it will get you out of a rut.

The usually Jovial Jupiter, our archetypal Santa Claus, has you restless in 2017 as he stirs up a sense of urgency by opposing Rebellious Uranus. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes of any kind. You may get struck by unbridled flights of imagination that have no solid ground. Real estate deals in particular can be a source of deception.

What you want is to be still like the hummingbird in flight. From the higher perspective look at where your passions have gone underwater. Are you letting your fire go out? Understandable with the soggy Pisces start to 2017 which puts you in an overly introspective mood. Don’t worry (of course you never do!), you’ll feel like getting back out there soon. December 2016 had some clarity for you about where you really want to go. For most of 2017 you have a case of “brains on fire.” You plan to soar to new heights that even you have not dared to go to before. You’re a natural risk taker, just pack your chute carefully.

A diamond is simply coal that stuck to its job.

CAPRICORN   ☀  (December 22-January 19) You are the lead strategist, the supreme court judge who rules with integrity and fairness.

The Sun moving into Capricorn ushers in the Winter Solstice, the return of light after the darkest night. You are by your own nature the bringer of Light, a lantern bearer. It’s a heavy mantle to wear, which is why it falls on your sturdy, broad shoulders.

You had a powerful kicker around October 19th, 2016, that should have propelled you to take authorship of your life and set some big, bold goals. You’re simply not in the mood to work for someone else. You must be your own boss. Then, around November 24th, this same power boost came around again to add the self-confidence and enough optimism to raise your horizons. Security is all well and good dear Capricorn, but there is more to life than having a firm ground to stand on. Look up!

Mental Mercury, the messenger planet, is in Capricorn for an inordinately long stay (December 2nd, 2016, until February 6th, 2017). He’s basically hibernating in the mountain tops where he’s turned your mind to a needed introspection as he goes retrograde from December 19th to January 8th. Your mind will burrow in for lengthy deliberations on major issues confronting you.

Your concentration, patience and discipline are at an all time high, perfect for some shrewd planning and methodical execution. Keep your ideas to yourself until January 8th when you’ll be sure the time is right to go ahead. Circle your calendar for January 29th when all your doubts are resolved. Have you heard the new acronym WYSIWYG? What You See Is What You Get. It refers to a digital farsightedness, an ability to see what the end result will look like as you are developing a project. For 2017 you will slip in a B for the G. What You See Is What You Believe. You see it because you believe it. And so you’ve turned the key to owning your Plutonian power to create your own reality.

For 2017 Pluto in Capricorn continues to challenge you to take a stand for your beliefs, especially the one you’re called to most: Your deeply held belief that all human beings must be given a chance to develop their own potential. Wow! And it’s you first!

Together we’re entering the dimension of Vertical Thinking. Everything, including happiness, is created Now.

AQUARIUS   ☀   (January 20-February 18)  You are a rock of Gibraltar for political activism, as you are not easily swayed by trends or the opinions of others. Your element is air, the intellect that is objective and free of prejudice. You’re here to learn and teach that no one is free until everyone is free.

You’re the teacher who encourages the children to give valentines to everyone in the class, not just to a special friend. Equal rights and love of all mankind are the gifts you bring. Perhaps that’s why Valentine’s Day falls in the month of Aquarius. It’s a day to celebrate the gift of giving love to everyone.

Close your books and look straight ahead in 2017. It’s a time when tremendous power is available to you. However, it’s behind the scenes in your 12th house so two things can happen: You can use it to tap into the clairvoyance available to you in our collective consciousness, or you could encounter someone who would use Pluto’s underworld power for their own personal gain at your expense. Either way, keep your eyes wide open.

Compassionate Neptune is in your house of money. You’re interested in the power and energy of money, of philanthropy, as a resource for mankind. Your ivory tower of intellect is the perfect spot for getting a wide angle impartial panorama that lets you see into the distance and ask some big questions. Like, what else could have been done with the $6 billion americans spent on Christmas decorations? Or the $6 billion spent by candidates for our presidency?

Your great powers as a humanitarian can overlook the mess and mistakes of one person who’s simply being human, and see the light beyond. Is this how you come to love everyone so equally?

“None Of The Above” is the missing choice on ballots. The two-alternative forced choice (2AFC) is not a democracy.

PISCES  (February 19-March 20) You’re the visionary mediator between truth and illusion. Your element is ocean water, where the fog of being incarnate is lifting like a morning mist being taken up each day by the warm rays of the Sun.

A sweeter love was never know! 2017 begins with both of the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, in your sign (1/3/17-1/27/17), joined by the Moon in Pisces January 2nd-4th. Remarkably, all three celestial lights also join Visionary Neptune on the 2nd. “Houston, we have liftoff.”

Admit it. You’re reading minds! Spock opened this archetypal door for you. Now you know that Mind Melds are a natural occurrence between two people who love each other. This is your year for prophecy. And for the complete letting go of the past. You can this day take the hand of those you love and together enter Paradise and know the peace of perfect Love. As you withdraw your belief in darkness, the Light will come rushing into your mind and fill your thoughts with love. Then, you are awakened.

Jovial Jupiter in your 7th house brings you good fortune through partnerships. You are very concerned about justice and honesty. Trust in the innate goodness of others can be restored. Jupiter will oppose your Pisces Sun during the second week in March, a time when you want to be careful that your ideas are not grandiose or inflated by ego as your self-confidence grows by leaps and bounds.  

Your tender heart is unable to deny a call for help, or not to hear the cries of pain that rise from every part of the world of ego. Your gift is compassion for the whole. For 2017 you take the poet’s pen in hand, and write the prophesy of a new dawn, the age of avatars in a world longing for peace.

“All religions. All this singing. One song. Peace be with you.”

Jalaluddin Rumi, The Big Red Book

*December 19th, 2016, Mercury turned retrograde in Capricorn. This mythic messenger has rolled backwards into Sagittarius, all the way to the spot he occupied on December 1st. He shifted into forward gear January 8th, and will play catch up until he gets back to Capricorn for the second time on January 27th. Because of his retrograde motion, Mercury is spending a lot of time in business savvy Capricorn. While he was retrograde, your ambitions in the outer world were on hold so that you could rethink your plans. As of January 8th, your ambitions picked up speed, but don’t plan to go live until after the 27th when a window for success is finally wide open (1/27-2/7/17). Your offering to the world will be welcomed because this has been a 10 week process of careful scrutiny of the blueprints, renewed integrity of purpose, and a growing dedication to fairness for everyone involved.


Posted on January 1, 2017 .