Lights. Camera. Lots of Mars Action!

Warrior Mars is on a humanitarian mission. He’s championing the cause of social justice and equal rights for all. He’ll have an extended stay in Aquarius to accomplish this. The archetypal god of war has begun a powerful pilgrimage, but not to the holy land. Rather he’s teaching us that the ground we stand on now is holy because we are.

The itch for change + the god of war = fierce revolutions. Particularly in technology as a means to solve global problems.

The energy of Mars in Aquarius converts anger to fierceness. His method is teamwork and organization inspired by a brilliant intelligence. We can achieve even the loftiest humanitarian goals through ingenious means.

Here’s the timeline:

  • Mars entered Aquarius on the auspicious May 15th, 2018 New Moon in Taurus. It was the same day Urgent Uranus finished 7 years in Aries, and made Taurus his new home for the next 7 years.

  • Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius from June 26th to August 28th, 2018. This warrior planet has a retrograde episode every 26 months.

  • Because of his retrograde motion, Mars will be in Aquarius 5 months: May 15th to November 15th, 2018 --except for 1 month retrograde when he’ll back into Capricorn, August 12th to September 10th, 2018. He’ll return to Aquarius September 10th, 2018.

  • Mars will get back to where he started from (9 degrees Aquarius) on October 10th, 2018. That date marks the completion of the entire retrograde phase which began June 26th. This time will have an echo from November 2016, the previous cycle of Mars in Aquarius. That was the month when Trump was elected President of the United States.

Let’s stay alert. We might get a dose of Mars as the archetype of war and violence. Remembering that when Mars was at his closest orbit to Earth in 2003, President Bush declared war on Iraq.


What does it mean?

Action-driven Mars will inspire the fighter and crusader in us to take a more assertive stance on issues that have heart and meaning. This warlike energy, when it falls into the lower mental realms of the ego’s monkey mind, can turn into aggression and violence. Mars is afterall the god of war!


Conflict or Compromise?

In the air sign of Aquarius, Warrior Mars will go on a pilgrimage. Not in the individualistic style of the Peace Pilgrim, but rather as a protector of the downtrodden, the hungry and weary. He will have the Peace Pilgrim’s same determination and fixed sense of purpose, but he will resist compromise and will not back down from a conflict.  


Anger or fierceness? Aggressive or assertive?

Warrior Mars has his home in fiery Aries, which fills his style of leadership with instant-on independent action. He picks up the Olympic Torch and runs with it. He never never ever looks back!

Our approach to conflict, how we handle hostility and express our anger, will require rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating. Mars does not have a diplomatic bone in his warrior’s body. Peace talks are not his thing! Takes too much time!


Answer the Call to Action: Create a Nervous Breakthrough

Look for heightened manifestations of Warrior Mars energy July 27th, 2018, during the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius. Mars is side by side with the Moon in opposition to the Aries Sun. All are in a tense relationship with Urgent Uranus, the god of lightning. Restlessness and discontent will jangle our nerves, especially if we are resisting the call to action.


The Road Ahead Is Paved With Abundance  

We are living in exciting times. Despite the negative nature of most headline news, things are getting better! If you need convincing, read Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think. 

You get more of what you have by giving it away! There’s an unusually courageous time ahead of us for social change and equal rights. Abundance in the age of technology may look very different, and will shift our paradigms from getting and greed to giving and sharing.

Could this be the manifestation of The Age of Aquarius? Let the Sunshine in!

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Posted on July 1, 2018 .