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We’re in the Full Moon illumination phase of the lunar cycle that begin with the New Moon Solar Eclipse August 11th in Leo fire. The illumination check point is the Pisces Full Moon August 26th in the oceanic waters of Pisces.

Restless and Impatient with Restraints

The key player on the Zodiac stage right now is Warrior Mars in humanitarian Aquarius. He's finishing up his retrograde phase while in a battle with Uranus the god of lightning.

This is a struggle within us, a chafing at the bit like thoroughbred racehorses in the starting gate. We're restless and impatient with the restraints, with the gate barring our way. And just at the moment we are furiously about to breach it with shear force, it opens. 

When Mars is retrograde, we’re called to cease fighting everyone and everything. Or at the very least, we take the fight inside.

  1. Mars entered Aquarius on the auspicious date of May 15th, 2018.

  2. Mars is retrograde in Aquarius from June 26th to August 28th, 2018.  

  3. Because of the added retrograde period, Mars will be in Aquarius five months: May 15th to November 15th, 2018 --except for 1 month of the retrograde period when he’ll back into Capricorn, August 12th to September 10th, 2018, when he returns to Aquarius.

  4. There’s an echo from May 27th, 2018. We are retracing our steps and getting a do-over for what was a conflictual mess, or something left undone, or there was fear about taking action.

Jupiter’s an evangelist for a spiritual way of life

While Jupiter is still in the investigative waters of Scotland-yard Scorpio, he is parting the seas of Illusion for us. We can see clearly the visionary possibilities inspired by Neptune. This Jupiter-Neptune harmonious trine lifts our spiritual horizons.

The other interesting part of this metaphor about the seas parting, is that it will reveal what's at the bottom of the ocean. Agents of destruction who have been relying on the cover of darkness to maintain their illusions, to hide their secrets, have a sudden exposure to the blaring light of day.

Jupiter makes this harmonious trine with Visionary Neptune three times:

  1. December 2nd, 2017

  2. May 25th, 2018

  3. August 19th, 2018


All our judgements arise from distortions of perception

The quest for meaning in our lives is informed by the ego’s secret motives rising to the surface of conscious awareness. The self-centeredness of the ego is maintained by constant judgement, better-than or less-than. However, as Jupiter and Neptune together show us this delusion of duality, we see the truth behind the veil.

The truth is, we cannot judge. It's not whether or not we should judge. We cannot judge because we cannot see the whole picture.

Happy Birthday to Virgos, the CEOs of the zodiac

We're rolling up our sleeves to help and heal. The Sun moves into Virgo earth Wednesday August 22nd. This is one of about three aspects saying, “time to do the work!”

We're Willing to get our hands dirty. We're ready to dig into the dirt-- the gardens of minds-- and prepare for a booming harvest.

The work of harvesting the fruits of our labors, always comes during the astrological month of Virgo. Looking toward that horizon, the Harvest Moon comes on September 24th, the first Full Moon after the Autumn Equinox.  

All of this is building throughout the week, taking us to the Full Moon illumination of it on Sunday August 26th, when the Virgo Sun opposes the Pisces Moon. This will be on the eve of Mars in Aquarius finishing his retrograde period that began June 26th. He’s shifting into forward gear on Monday the 27th.

Mercury Retrograde

THE FIRST ROCK from the Sun is Messenger Mercury. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, the 3rd and 6th houses of the zodiac. He’s a trickster and roving reporter--the only Olympian god who can travel through all realms, transporting souls and messages. He carries the stream of mantras, prayers and supplications to a power greater than our ego selves.

  1. Mercury has been in the sign of Leo the lionhearted since June 28th.

  2. Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Leo from July 25th to  August 18th.  

  3. Because of his retrograde phase, Mercury will be staying in Leo from June 28th to September 5th.

Mercury the trickster would show us with his delph antics, debates and sleight of hand that the brain in our skull is a data storage facility. It is not our true mind.

Mind is the matrix. Mind is the energy field, the force, that exists within and without the body.

We are part of a Universal Mind that connects us to all living things--to each other. We recognize and communicate our unity through our collective consciousness.

Posted on August 19, 2018 .