Follow that Mountain Goat!

Capricorn's offering assistance with necessary limits and boundaries when it comes to:

  • our economy

  • the fair use of power

  • the integrity of doing what you say you'll do

This is the path to abundance in 2019.

Pairs of Eclipses connect January 2019 with January 2020

Eclipses follow each other two-by-two.

The 1st Qtr. Moon square on 1/13/19 in Aries is in-between Solar and Lunar Eclipses:

  • New Moon Solar Eclipse  January 5th, 2019  in mid-Capricorn is the beginning cycle of 2019. We have a #5 planet cluster in Capricorn: Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Sun, Pluto and South Node.

  • Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse  January 20th, 2019  in zero degrees of Lioness Leo. This Moon is opposing the ivory tower intellect of the Aquarius Sun. Romantic blessings for you relationships come with Venus paired with Jovial Jupiter in a fire trine with Mars in Aries. Loads of passion--about everything. Mars is in exact tense square with Sheriff Saturn is a fight of some sort--two warriors who refuse to back off or compromise!

Their Matching Pair will be:

  • A New Moon Solar Eclipse December 25th 2019 in the sign of Capricorn. Again it’s a #5 planet cluster in Capricorn:  Moon, Sun, Jupiter, South node, Saturn, and Pluto.

  • A Lunar Eclipse Full Moon January 10th, 2020, in late Cancer also has a #5 planet cluster in Capricorn:  South node, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn.

Where is that cluster of mountain goats taking us?

To the infamous Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 12th, 2020. Old structures crumble in an earthquake fashion that changes the economic landscape of the world forever. This is the really big climax of Sheriff Saturn's stern sobriety checkpoints and Pluto’s ambitious drive for power. These resulting transformations have been building since December of 2017.

Like the Berlin Wall, anything we’re pursuing that is out of integrity with who we truly are will crumble and fall

Posted on January 13, 2019 .