Fed up? Your inner revolutionary gets a wake up call.

Blood is boiling in some of us as we push hard against the prison doors. Uranus the mythological god of lightning is at the tail end of 7 years in fiery and rebellious Aries. He lit the fires for the Arab Spring in 2011.

Expect great heroic acts of courage -with a side order of impulsiveness- from not being able to stand it one more day! Hard on our nervous system if we try to repress our frustration. We want to insist on some rather drastic changes in the social order/disorder.

Tensions are the harbingers of a turning point. Now they’re coming from an authority who is Imposing heavy burdens that restrict our freedoms. Authority can be bosses, laws, parents, and especially the dictator living inside our skulls.

How can astrology help? The consistent patterns in the canopy of stars overhead gives us a map that has guided sailors at sea, explorers in the wilderness, wise men on camels and any of us who are lost in a place that is not our Home. As we looked up, the importance of certain stars stood out. We began to tell stories about them. Attributing meaning to these stars came as a way to explain the unexplainable. To alay our fears of the unknown. To have faith in an orderly universe. The stories stuck, as the projections of our collective consciousness.

Who doesn’t look to the Moon at night for inspiration, for the moonglow of romance? Just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun into our darkest hours, reminding us that the light is never absent even when we can’t see it, so do we reflect the light of our Creator into the darkness of other minds.

“How did the rose ever open its heart and give to this world all of its beauty? It felt the encouragement of Light against its being; otherwise we all remain too frightened.” Hafez

February 4th, a New Moon 1:04 PM PST [at apogee, farthest away from Earth] is in Aquarius. The Moon is cheek to cheek with the Sun--could be romantic, in a cool headed way. This New Moon occurs at 5:03 AM, February 5th in Beijing, marking the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the wild Boar. These swine are wild because they’re uncastrated males who know what they want and stop at nothing! Even so, they say it’s a yin earth year of good fortune.

The extreme polarities of life on planet Earth got our attention last week when a pinched polar vortex dipped into the US and poured freezing cold air down the middle corridor. It’s a reminder to me of the extremes of duality we juggle every day, until we’re sick from riding such pendulums.

January opened 2019 with up close and personal pair of eclipses on January 5th and 20th that forced into the open the the abuse of power in any form--Treacherous greed, political chicanery, criminality, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse--

Capricorn dominates the scene for 2019. Sheriff Saturn and Pluto lord of the underworld are closing the gap between them as they march to their meetup in December 2019.

The danger of these two powerful energies colliding, is that Sheriff Saturn will try to  impose restrictions on Pluto's Tremendous evolutionary Energies. Any attempt by Saturn or by your own self to suppress  this shift will bring explosive even violent reactions against the limitations.

Many of us feel tired, if we are trying to keep pace with the intense shifts occurring now. Better to rest more. Like syncing with the Moon’s monthly cycle, Mother Earth suggests this is a time for hibernating-- basically it’s smart energy conservation!

Ask yourself...Where in my life do I need to shrug off heavy responsibilities? Look for places in your life where you know you are spread too thin. That's where a crisis will occur that forces you to let go.

You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time. You may have to see this in hindsight. But you can count on Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius to boost faith in yourself and to see the shifts as a great adventure.

Posted on February 3, 2019 .