July 1-7, 2019: Astrology Weather Forecast

The darker the shadow, the brighter the light shines. 

We start a new Lunar cycle this Tuesday, July 2nd, with a Solar Eclipse, a New Moon in the water sign of Cancer. 

You'll have to be on a boat in the remote South Pacific Oceans to see a total eclipse, but you’ll be happy with the beautiful ring the Sun’s rays with make around the Moon when she swims between the Earth and the Sun-- July 2nd at 12:16 PM. Pacific Daylight Time. 

Your Lunar Sonar has never been stronger. 

Cancer Moonbeams smell like memories of just baked chocolate chip cookies. From dinner time Monday July 1st to the evening of Wednesday, July 3rd, our nurturing instincts are aroused along with a heightened sensitivity to the moods of people around you. 

Relationships stay on the sweet tooth side because just as the Moon leaves cancer July 3rd, Venus the goddess of love moves in. The party is on! 

Your gonna need bigger fireworks!

Venus  in cancer will add loving sparkle to our relationships with family and close friends for the next 3 weeks--to July 27th. 

There couldn't be a happier and more harmoniously resonant astrological lineup for a Fourth of July picnic than this one. 

But we're also going to have to do a little soul-searching Wednesday when the stars invite us to see the folly of family feuds and to raise our love vibes to the level of unconditional acceptance ... even of Aunt Isabel’s imitation crab salad with pickled herring.

This week’s Cancer eclipse is the preview of the much bigger eclipse in the sign of Cancer that is coming in January 2020. Both events are marked by the opposition of the Cancer Moon to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. What might this mean for you?

Cancer Moon’s focus on family will challenge Capricorn’s lonely-at-the-top executive to integrate inner and outer ambitions. Perhaps their integration means -- work from home!

The squared off angles of watery Cancer to Libra’s air and Aries’ fire begs the question: Is victory through diplomacy possible?

The Cancer Moon and Sun put a stress on Libra’s desire to have peace by intellectual reasoning-- cooperation through diplomacy. On the other hand...


Cancer’s big sensitive feelings leave the fiery Aries warrior with a clenched fist and suppressed rage. All the stuff ulcers are made of! 

Aries’ desire to confront a problem head on, to take immediate action, is thwarted 

by Cancer’s home-and-hearth heartfelt desire for serenity. 

The fiery Aries Warrior would ordinarily want to aggressively Trail Blaze his way through the thicket of obstacles. But Aries is stressed by Capricorn’s objective view from the mountain top. An Aries Warrior would rather chop through the trees without worrying about the whole friggin' forest!

Note: Did you notice that on June 22nd we did get a little surprise as I predicted, when Mars the Warrior was finishing up his opposition to powerful Pluto. Did you see these headlines? NUKE SENSORS DETECT ASTEROID EXPLOSION: On June 22nd, sensors operated by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization detected an explosion south of Puerto Rico. It was not, however, a nuclear bomb. A small asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere and exploded in the air like 3 to 5 kilotons of TNT. 

It got my attention. If I'd been reading the bad news, and I do check those headlines, I might have been fearful that some idiot in authority somewhere in the world would launch a deadly missile. Instead, we got a harmless explosion from outer space.

From June 26th to July 18th Messenger Mercury will travel in the courageous and fiercely loyal fires of Leo. 

Sunday, July 7th, Mercury in Leo goes retrograde: the Leo lioness will be languidly pacing herself from July 7th - 31st. 

This ignites an inside job--a fierce hunt for fact checking the genuineness and originality in the way we're going after what we want. Being restless and fast-paced planet, Mercury will take us on a journey to retrace our steps back to June 20th. 

Meaning that the messenger planet will have a laser beam focus on Leo’s lessons of loyalty-creativity-family-children-romance. He’ll be pacing back and forth in a narrow passageway, confined between 1 and 4 degrees Leo, from June 30th to July 18th. Intense!

The good news: Thinking and communicating will find a fixed purpose. And the Lioness will throw in a strong dose of willfulness to launch us into action. This is a creative opportunity for focused concentration on your one main goal. 

Authorship of your life is supported by this fiery lioness who adds some drama and force to your communications.

Because Mercury will be in retrograde, this is an inner Journey. An opportunity to hunt down within yourself the place where you can carry things too far and act from pride and arrogance. We are very likely to see the same communication styles manifest archetypally on the world stage. 

Posted on June 30, 2019 .