Zodius Week Ahead for May 15th

Today the moon is in even-handed, languid Libra. It's a good day to pay attention to balancing your relationship issues, weighing the pro's and con's and reading a book on it. Libra likes to think things over first, listening to both sides, then arriving at a fair conclusion. Decision? Maybe not. But a sense of the harmony and balance needed to make a relationship work? Oh, definitely.

The Moon is Full in Scorpio on Tuesday, May 17th, at 4:10 a.m., PDT. That means it's in exact 26 degree opposition to the Taurus Sun. The most beautiful Moonrise will be Tuesday evening at 9:03 p.m., 48 minutes after Sunset. The deep waters of Scorpio's desires and sensuality will find a compatible mate in earthy Taurus' love of physical comforts, art, music and beauty. Practical, resourceful Taurus can give shape to Scorpio's usually hidden desires. A lovely, sensuous day, which could also include collecting money or other things of value to you.

It's been hard to keep up with raging rivers, raging winds, raging people! We've all been moving too fast with 5 planets in hurry-up Aries. But hang on, that race is just about over. Now, one by one, 4 of those planets are moving into Taurus. We're going from warp speed to layback in a 7 day span!

The fires cooled a little when the Sun went into earthy, show-me-the-money Taurus on April 20th, however the very next day art-&-creativity Venus went into fiery Aries. Earth can smother fire, putting out the flames of passion and creativity.

Now we organize, plan, and make tangible all that creativity, but clearing away the wreckage must come first. Gather up those stickies from all around the house, the bills crammed into odd drawers, wipe the sawdust off the desktop and get to work. The slow, stable tortoise still beats the hare to the finish line.

Here's the Celestial Map for launching a new project now: Mars came down to earth in Taurus on May 11th and is joined by Venus and Mercury today. That's go-get-it-now Mars, followed by it-must-be-beautifully-creative Venus, hand in hand with let's-talk-about-it Mercury. Grab the idea, make it artfully creative, and sell it.

Jupiter will add glorious good fortune and opportunity to this Taurus mix on June 5th. The big guy's just dumb lucky, win-the-lottery generous. Mark your calendar.
Posted on May 15, 2011 .