Zodius Week Ahead for May 22nd

Feeling bright and curious?

That's because the Sun entered airy Gemini yesterday at 2:22 a.m., PDT. It's all about communicating ideas. It's talk, chat, text, write and talk some more--until June 21st, when the Sun moves into let's-stay-home-and-cook Cancer.

Variety is now the spice of your life. You'll be prone to multi-tasking and lots of double-booked socializing. Air signs are about the intellect, and Gemini is a two-track thinker (or maybe eight-track!).

Gemini's ruler, the winged-messenger Mercury, is still in Taurus. Bright ideas about your resources, and collecting valuable things, fit this week's vibes.

Venus and Mars also continue to stay together in Taurus as in-sync bedfellows, lounging around until June 9th. This pair says send flowers for no particular reason. Write a love sonnet. Make those loving connections in your relationships solid. That will be your emergency preparedness kit for the upcoming lineup of 3 solar eclipses that will begin June 1st.

Draw on the ingenuity and inventive imagination of the Gemini Sun, and join the ranks of the thoughtful non-conformist. Protests around the globe may escalate too, since Jupiter and Uranus are still in fiery Aires--demanding action.

Mercury never sleeps, which may be why a Gemini gets so wired. Messages are flying everywhere, all the time, joining our minds into one collective consciousness. Even our random and never-really-private thoughts have potent energy and impact.

Stop and think. What might happen if you use Mercury to load the airwaves with your bright ideas--news about better ways of doing things, messages that say every life matters, knowledge that every loving thought lasts forever?

Quiet thoughts count. Maybe more than those shouted. Bottom line? Your hear but your own voice.
Posted on May 22, 2011 .