Here comes that lovin' feeling

Mark your calendars. Tuesday, August 16th, holds the promise of many well-received love notes, sweet words of encouragement, and messages about creative new start-ups that are destined to succeed.

Last week's Aquarius/Leo Full Moon stirred up lots of creative fires. I hope you took notes, because this Tuesday is the pop quiz! Why?

We have a harmonious trio of lions and lioness singing us down the yellow brick road to find a new heart-of-the-matter. Sun, Venus and Mercury are exactly in sync in Leo, the sign of child-like wonder and creativity: Solar Power+Love & Art+Winged Messages=the bee hive is buzzing.

What conversations opened-up last week for you? Use this Tuesday's sharp-minded thinking to get your point across, but stay receptive--listen as well as talk. Venus is likely to add something beautiful, and of course she brings us the money to buy it. Then an Aries Moon fires up the end of the day Tuesday, boosting your pioneer spirit.

The warrior Mars is now in Cancer, cooling his heels. And Mercury is still retrograde, so all the activity is really an inside job.

The week ends with the Moon in sensual Taurus getting intensely intimate, and happily so, with powerful Pluto. Feelings deepen. Relationships are enriched by the naked truth--and a Do Not Disturb.

Posted on August 14, 2011 .