Gemini moves you to wonder

The practical thought processes from today’s Messenger Mercury make it a great time to write that opening line for the first chapter of your book or ad campaign. Your mind and feelings are in easy accord, so you’re motivated to put your thoughts into action. You also have an instinctive awareness of the thoughts and feelings of others, so you can deliver a message with tact and sensitivity. With the Moon still in Taurus, it makes it a good day to conduct business.

Curious George may be the monkey on your back when the Moon shifts from reliable Taurus to mercurial Gemini at 7:27 PM, PST. Gemini’s fidgeting quick-wit is an outgrowth of constant curiosity, and it actually burns calories! When you apply this multi-tasking thinker to the yin Moon, you get an emotional mood that is restless and changeable. Light on your feeling feet this evening.

Right away the Gemini Moon gets into some thick foggy soup. Your imagination is so stimulated that you could whirl off into a world all of your own making. If you’re in bed early, this will simply be vivid dreams of flying or sailing away from it all. If you’re still awake at 9:24 PM, PST, try writing a fairytale or screen play for Hollywood--just don’t confuse your visions with reality.
The Force of curiosity is with you.
Thinking Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Posted on February 27, 2012 .