Leap Day is a chance to get even

Today we stop living on borrowed time and reconcile our calendar to reflect the truth of the natural order of things. Riding our beautiful planet, we make a complete revolution around the Sun in 365 days, 6 hours. When those 6 hours accumulate to 24, every 4 years, we have Leap Day to get even.

In the astrological weather today we have a parallel event. Our juggernaut of self-will has a day of reckoning. We’re in a 3-way struggle between the right use of willpower (Sun), asserting ourselves with integrity (Mars), and coming clean about intellectualizing our feelings (Moon).

Getting even can go two ways--defeat of your plans or a triumphal climax of success. If you’ve been defeating yourself, you come to a crossroads now In which you realize, through a crisis or conflict, that you failed to elicit the cooperation you needed and by alienating others you stirred a hornet’s nest. Or, you went the other way and faced a dragon that tested the validity of your plans, and you won by being true to your self. This Sun-Mars-Moon tension is building to a crescendo this Saturday, March 3rd. Meanwhile...

There’s a geyser of pressurized emotions erupting in your living room! That juggernaut is being triggered today by a gusher of nervous tension between the Gemini Moon and the Pisces Sun, exact at 5:22 PM, PST. Releasing pressure is a good thing!

The Force of leveling is with you.
Even-up Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Posted on February 28, 2012 .