Loop around your Love

Love is an endless loop, like Venus and Mars orbiting the Sun. Venus radiates love always, Mars goes after what he wants always, and the Sun consistently radiates light. When Venus (due to her elliptical orbit) is more distant from the Sun, it’s just part of the way she loops. Same with Mars. The Sun doesn’t take it personally, or feel abandoned, and break up the relationship.

A Happy Valentine’s Day to you, from A Course In Miracles.
“You are coming home together after a long and meaningless journey that you undertook apart, and that led nowhere. You have found your brother, and you will light each other’s ways.”

The Force of orbiting is with you.
Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14, 2012

*Valentine’s Date Night--see below.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
Valentine’s Day starts off with a challenge between the eccentric Aquarian Sun and the willful Scorpio Moon. There’s method in this madness. It is designed to bring hidden tensions and motivations to the surface where they can be seen in the light of day. For example, you may discover a friend’s advice was unwise and motivated by unseen factors. Then your mind turns to a loftier vision of yourself when Sagittarius takes over the emotional force field at 4:57 PM, PST. You forgive and forget, and decide to go out and do something you’ve never done before. An hour later you feel dreamy and romantic, so be sure to write down where you parked your car!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
It’s a turning point day, beginning with a motivating irritation between your desire to shine on the world as who you truly are, and an old habit of responding that blocks that self-expression. This could very likely show up in your career relationships or your ambitions to form meaningful partnerships. Let the tension surface where you can get a good look at it. For example you find out that someone hasn’t lived up to their commitment to you, and you’re faced with accepting their limitations or holding on to your childhood expectations. Your mood becomes much softer and romantic around 5:41 PM, PST, when dreamy Neptune shows up with a fantasy. Use active imagination to “see” the deeper longings you have that need fulfillment (the clue is what irritated you earlier today). How loving to accept that we’re all mere mortals!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Make a commitment to your health by refusing to pretend that something is all right with you when it is not. Today is a subtle turning point in the month’s lunar cycle, equidistance between the Full and New Moons, in which you flush out any hidden obstacles that keep you from full expression of your true self. Your energy really picks up around 4:57 PM, PST, when the Moon shifts into the fire sign that is your opposites attract--Sagittarius. Valentine’s will have you very in touch with your feelings, and out of your brainy mind! Exciting times.

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
You have a very creative start to Valentine’s Day. You are in the mood to totally be yourself, concealing nothing. There’s an opportunity to breakthrough any hidden insecurities left over from childhood (the ones you stuff inside your shell!). In a love relationships you will experience a greater depth of feeling than usual. Things get a little jittery but exciting after 8:29 PM, PST, with a fiery Moon out on a dream date. The key for you? Don’t pretend something is okay with you when it’s not.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
It’s a turning point day. The Moon is equidistant between Full and New phases and there’s a tension as she shifts. You’ll want comfort and time away to relax. You need some relief from the demands of the world. Then after 4:57 PM, PST, you’re energized by the fire in the Sagittarius Moon. Under her light there’s a lofty, idealistic feeling. But what she lacks in objectivity, she’ll make up for in cheerful optimism. It’s a dreamy and exciting Valentine’s evening.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
On her way out the door, the Scorpio Moon encourages you to look at “gut” level feelings, taking an in-depth read on the superficial face other people often show you. Scorpio reveals hidden motives and desires, and the Aquarian Sun adds some cool objectivity to it. The air shifts into warmer territory at 4:57 PM,PST, when Sagittarius rushes in waving travel brochures for Tahiti. Yes, she lacks realism, but her fire is contagious. Your aspirations are elevated, and you see no harm in a daydream or two. It is Valentine’s Day.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
When the Moon sits exactly halfway between being Full and becoming New, it marks a turning point in which tensions need to be released. You may want to blow your stack or just put on the tea kettle with a friend for a heart-to-heart chat. You have until around 4:57 PM, PST, when the Moon leaves Scorpio for enthusiastic Sagittarius. You’ll be inspired to dream big, to raise your sights to higher goals. Then the evening gets a lively surprise when you decide to go dancing the tango across the Golden Gate Bridge--well, you get the idea!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Before the Moon leaves the intensity of your sign at 4:57 PM, PST, she marks the equidistant point between Full and New. This is a pivotal time for the release of tensions. Your emotional sensors are on high alert. You may feel an edginess and discomfort as you allow yourself to see the deep need you have to belong. You want to fall in sync with the rhythm of your friends and partner. You are very present for anyone who needs your sympathy and caring. Around 5:41 PM, PST, the Sagittarius Moon has a date with visionary Neptune that carries them into exciting fantasies. You keep it playful, with one eye on reality.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
The morning hours have some tensions to release at this mid-way point in the lunar cycle. Scorpio would have you look deeply at the need to let go of the past and clear the decks for a new life. You’ll feel so at ease and warmly yourself when the Moon jumps into your sign at 4:57 PM, PST. Jonathan Swift aptly writes the Sagittarian Moon’s tale in Gulliver’s Travels. A love of travel and a propensity to swiftness in all things characterize the Sagittarius Moon. You’re fun!

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
Around 8:29 PM, PST, brainy but shy Mercury in Pisces gets overwhelmed by the bigger-than-life Sagittarian Moon. Your feelings can dominate your thinking so strongly that you’re very subjective about your decisions. Write it on cards and hand them out to everyone you talk to--don’t take anything I say personally, my “gut” is talking, not my mind. Then the evening gets a lively surprise when you pull out the microphone and sing your happier version of Adele’s “Rolling in the deep.” Everybody loves your smile.

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
Today’s a turning point in the lunar cycle when the watery Scorpio Moon challenges the bright reveal of the Aquarian Sun. She wants to help you face the depths of your desires, and the Sun wants to shine an objective light on it. Then your mood gets a lift in cheerfulness and optimism because, in honor of Valentine’s, visionary Neptune has a date with the newly arrived (4:57 PM, PST) Sagittarian Moon. Go ahead, fall into a dreamy state of mind. It only gets better. The god of lightening shows up unannounced right after dinner claiming the last dance with the Moon. This day is guaranteed an electrified surprise ending.

Pisces (February 18-March 19)
Your understanding sidekick, the Scorpio Moon, has a last showdown of intense emotions (isn’t that just like her!) before she hands over the baton to Sagittarius at 4:57 PM, PST. This is the equidistant point between the Full and New phases, and a time to release tensions that have been hidden. Later, at 8:29 PM, PST, Mental Mercury in your sign, and a little shy, gets overrun by the Moon on their first date! Emotions are beating logic to the drawing board, so no big decisions please. An electric surprise awaits anyone up for the late night show. Exciting.

*Valentine’s Date Night: Believe it or not, down-to-earth Mars in Virgo is in touch with his feelings! His feminine side is flanked by the strong desires of the deep, watery Scorpio Moon. Venus however is on fire! She’s trying to pump up the excitement with hard-working Dr.Mars, who’s in the middle of performing open-heart surgery. Venus, briefly, thinks of setting off the hospital’s fire alarm to get his attention. Instead, she happily accepts an invitation to Cirque Du Soleil from the god of lightening. There she finds Mars’ perfect precision acrobatics quite exciting--responding to her challenge, he dazzles her by doing it blindfolded!
Posted on February 14, 2012 .