Monday, Monday, so good to me...

As soon as the Moon heats itself up in Leo (5:24 AM PST), she brushes out her glorious mane, bares her teeth in a smug smile, and struts up to Jovial Jupiter to start some fun (11:24 AM PST). On her way, she plays a few catch-the-lightening-bolts games with Uranus, to keep the surprises and excitement going. Tomorrow she’s a Full Moon, so today she’s pumping herself up, trying on costumes for dress rehearsal.
The Force of fun is with you.

Moon's Day, February 6, 2012

Aries (March 20-April 19)
The sunny Leo Moon just loves your fire, in spite of a competitive edginess. You co-create some brand new venture, and Leo throws in the drama. While you might be so full of energy you literally sprint to the corner store for an indulgent treat, Leo will be setting fireworks off to greet you--and draw some attention her way. This is not a calm day for you, as you may feel quite restless. But your mood is very positive, and you’re feeling the steamroller energy propelling you toward tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Monday morning comes without warning. Ok, the traffic is nuts and the drivers are distracted--by almost anything! If you’re looking for a level-headed friend, you better get a great search engine. You’ll likely spend some time today putting out other people’s fires. The pace is quick, and you feel good. This Leo Moon will stimulate your courage, and you’ll practically dance through any work you have today. Dancing is good!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
It’s a pump-up-the-volume kind of day with the Moon on fire in Leo, heading for a dynamic Full Moon tomorrow. There is wind in your sails to accomplish a great deal today. You’re in the mood for fun, and Jovial Jupiter is contributing the optimism. Your life is accelerating, but you have no trouble keeping up. In fact, you may be thinking “finally, somebody can keep up with me!”

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
A little irritation, like an annoyingly mushy kiss from a grandma who won’t stop hugging you, starts your day. Expect some drama with today’s Leo Moon, and it’s only going to escalate through tomorrow. This is a day that your natural instinct to withdraw will come in handy. Jovial Jupiter is on your side, down-to-earth-wise, so it’s a very pleasant day emotionally for you--even lucky.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
Wow! If that’s a feeling, then it describes your mood. You’re running on high test (you do not need caffeine today!) with the Moon in your sign. Buoyant and full of energy, you are ready to tackle any task. You’re on your way to tomorrow’s Full Moon in Leo, so this is a culminating time. Closing out a chapter, and harvesting the fruits of your labors this month. You’ll see what is working out, and what needs to go in the shredder. Something a little too hot to handle may appear in your career sector, but your positive thinking will turn it your way.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
A rapid fire Monday morning may put you in a jittery mood, as you’d prefer a more orderly start to the week. Jovial Jupiter is creating a very benevolent day, full of generosity toward you, and from you to others. It’s the day before a Full Moon, so agitation may surround you. Your creative energy is high. This is not a day for routine anything, and even you won’t feel like messing with the details! Just give in to having fun.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Your loving buddy, the Leo Moon, is shining her sunny disposition on you today. Actually, she has an even more powerful crescendo planned for tomorrow, when she makes a direct face off with the Aquarius Sun (Full Moon). This is air and fire fueling each other, creating major passion and creativity (really the same drive). Just don’t expect to relax. Work with the extra voltage and you can accomplish a lot--even miracles!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
We’re heading to a powerful Full Moon tomorrow, so today is loaded with action. The Moon in Leo may annoy you with too much drama, but she inspires art and romance. Tap in. The pace is a little too impulse-driven for your tastes, and people around you may appear to be loosing their heads. Make some pauses in your day to chill out and keep your wonderful, responsible cool. The month’s work is culminating, so think of what you can harvest.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
This is your trifecta! First, the fiery Leo Moon is fueling a creative surge, all the way to tomorrow when it’s full, and full of itself. Second, this drama queen Moon has struck up a bargain with Jovial Jupiter to throw the dice your way. Third, the god of lightening is in love with this fiery Moon (and you), and will make changes today to put some wonderful, welcomed excitement into your life. Hang on. It’s going to be quite a ride!

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
It’s not just that the Moon is in fiery Leo, grandiose for your style, but she’s on her way to an exact face-off with the Aquarius Sun tomorrow. Circuits may get overloaded. It’s like watching a forest fire, everyone’s jumping around, but not actually putting it out! It’s all good, very dramatic, fun. You’re mood is positive and Jovial Jupiter is adding benevolence to your actions. Unexpected events will be in your best interests.

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
Your Monday is all fired up with creative Leo, who reminds you to roar around a little, and hunt down some romance. It’s a day that will be good to you, especially when Jovial Jupiter adds his famous well-being and benevolence to the mix. Some surprises are on the menu too, but they will be good natured and perhaps even fun! It’s an amped up day, preceding tomorrow’s Full Moon. Still, Leo lions love to nap.

Pisces (February 18-March 19)
Monday, Monday has no guarantees, since it’s usually a moody day, ruled by the Moon. But this one is exceptional. The mood of this Leo Moon is big-hearted and fun. And to make it even better, Jovial Jupiter rolls the dice for a lucky hand. It’s a lot of fire, but the earthy influence from Jupiter in Taurus gives it some grounding. Nevertheless, don’t expect to do well with details today. You’d be better off dancing, but get your own drummer. Your rhythm, your pace.
Posted on February 5, 2012 .