The Pisces New Moon is a dream boat

The Aquarius Moon gives us a dose of common sense before sliding into the deep dreamy waters of Pisces at 9:30 AM, PST. She’s heading for a remarkably visionary New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST. New beginnings under Neptune’s healing mist of compassion and artistic imagination. Neptune’s fog can trick you into a vertigo--not as scary as Alfred Hitchcock’s, but one that finds you reading a diet book while your hand reaches for one more chocolate.
The Force of discernment is with you.
Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aries (March 20-April 19)
The early part of the day will be your most productive time, since a fog bank is rolling in with the sensitive Pisces Moon 9:30 AM, PST. Take the morning to ground yourself in Saturn’s common sense gift of patience. Set your plans as firmly as you can on high ground before the emotional flood of the New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST. An idealistic fog-of-dreams accompanies this event and offers you inspiration for your art, and for romance. It’s right on the mark for a spiritual infusion of compassion and the desire to help others. This is the doorway of Avatars.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Today’s a day for a daydream as your psychic antennae are vibrating to the Pisces New Moon coming in full force at 2:35 PM, PST. A fog rolls in with this Moon, reflecting the Sun’s rays in myriad colors, inspiring your music or art and offering you a peek at the other side of life. Your Taurus practicality can contain this visionary energy, even thought it’s quite idealistic, without loosing your ability to turn these dreams into a reality. Using your natural atunement to Venus, today’s new beginning marks a new cycle of creativity for you.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Your interest in expanding the frontiers of your career, allowing yourself more visionary latitude, is highlighted by today’s New Moon in Pisces at 2:35 PM, PST. Your spirit of helping others is deepened to include the less fortunate, the poor, or those with drug and alcohol problems. Earlier in the day you get a boost of patience and realism from Saturn in Libra. Just right for practical planning, and setting your course before Neptune’s fog descends with the Moon at 10:48 AM, PST. Whatever personal love interest came your way from the recent electric Venus in Aries, will now have a spiritual dimension.

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
You’re going to be swimming in some colorful waters today, as you’ll be very much in the flow of things. First the Moon joins your watery depths when she glides into Pisces at 9:30 AM, PST. Grab your board, even if the surf’s not up, you’ll want to be near the ocean. You’re in-sync good feelings get solar-powered by the Pisces New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST, and you feel a new beginning on the horizon. Your ability to psychically tune-in to people and events is enormous, since this New Moon is paired with visionary Neptune. You can dream a big dream for your life, for your feet are always on the ground.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
If you have tasks today involving concrete data or numbers, finish them early. Around 9:30 AM, PST, the astrological weather changes to some blurred emotional waters when the Moon dives into sensitive Pisces. Hidden (probably from yourself) areas bubble up from your subconscious, and grab your attention. You want to learn more about your inner workings. Your intuition in this regard has all it’s feelers out. A new cycle of your life is beginning, and the New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST, can heal the old and help you envision the new. Take notes. Tonight around 8:10 PM, PST, you get help turning dreams into realities.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
The beginning of your day offers a realistic look at your life from Sensible Saturn’s helping hand to the Moon at 8:17 AM, PST. If you need some strength-in-reserve to get through a difficult time, or to stand alone for some issue, this give it to you. You can handle considerable stress with the emotional stability of Saturn helping the Moon. Then, you can listen to a friend with magnanimous compassion and empathy as we shift into Pisces, heading for the New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST. This marks a new beginning, particularly as it affects your one-to-one relationships. You want to clear up any misunderstandings, while keeping a discerning eye on Neptune’s overly-idealistic fog.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
If you’re dedicated to your yoga practice, you’ll be up in time to take advantage of an early morning helping hand (8:17 AM, PST) from Structured Saturn. Saturn in Libra is reaching out to the Aquarius Moon with a plan for the day that is loaded with common sense, and makes a perfect harmonic for Libra. You’ll really need this because the New Moon in dreamy Pisces at 2:35 PM, PST, is a fantasia of uplifting visions that could blurr into nothing but fantasy. Plan a way to give your artistic strivings a practical form. The New Moon will be in your house of work and service. How could you put more of your vision into your work?

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Your artistic inspirations will be off the charts today, beginning with the Pisces Moon in your familiar watery depths at 9:30 AM, PST. Very quickly this Moon lands on Neptune, and you’re floating on a beautiful dreamy cloud--in your mind. When the New Moon adds solar-power to this at 2:35 PM, PST, you may have telepathic readings on those you’re close to. See the beauty in those you love, but be careful about idealizing them (or they could idealize you). The fall from pedestals is hard.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
First thing this morning, sit and get clear on your plans. You get a helping hand (8:17 AM, PST) to do this with patience and common sense thanks to Sensible Saturn. You’re in a place of emotional sobriety. Okay, good. Now brace yourself for an infusion of dreams and visions when the New Moon in Pisces arrives at 2:35 PM, PST. If you’ve held onto Saturn’s realism, this Moon will be a psychic atunement to people and events all around you, and it won’t result in a confusing fog. Your home and family life are the arena for this new cycle--this time of new beginnings.

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
You’ll need all of your sure-footed skills to keep your feet on the ground today. A big fog bank of idealism is rolling in with the New Moon in Pisces at 2:35 PM, PST. You can make practical use of this visionary new beginning by watching it through your spiritual lens. If you stay flexible, you’ll get subtle insights that immensely broaden your understanding--particularly in the ways communications happen with others. You may become interested in the metaphysical science of thought. You want to be clear, and to get your point across, even through the heavy fog of people’s delusions.

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
The last hours of the Moon in Aquarius hold a gift of patience and emotional sobriety for you thanks to the helping hand extended by Serious Saturn around 8:17 AM, PST. Shore up a firm sense of direction before the fog of fantasies drift over you with the Pisces New Moon at 2:35 PM, PST. This will highlight the prolonged period you’re in of examining your values and making fundamental changes in your attitude toward your possessions. You do not want to be excessively involved in material matters of this world, and this is where you’ll strive for more freedom.

Pisces (February 18-March 19)
Tether yourself to a tree! Today’s a tsunami of Piscean waves. First the Moon swims into Pisces at 9:30 AM, PST, setting you up as the proverbial “psychic sponge.” Your hypersensitive antennae are up, big time. Then this impressionable Moon meets the Sun for the New Moon in Pisces at 2:35 PM, PST. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, is right in the mix. This is solar-powered clairvoyance, but with an imagination to go with it that can be self-deluding--hence the tether to earth-bound stability! You're going through a chameleon phase in which you’re trying to incorporate new ways to express yourself, and improve your self-image. Allow the visions to come through uncensored, but write them down. You can make sense of them as time goes by.
Posted on February 20, 2012 .