Taurus, the Rock of Gibraltar

Our Moon moves like a tortoise into Taurus at 6:30 AM, PST. The Moon absolutely loves resting in solid and secure Taurus--no mood swings and you easily attract the good things of life.

The earthy bull is know for his stubbornness, and indeed he’s hard to budge. But what’s really going on? The Taurus bull likes his own familiar turf, and woe be to the one who tries to talk him out of it. I doubt that it’s this characteristic that made him the symbol of Wall Street. Truth is, Taurus is the zodiac master of managing other people’s money. Your broker, your accountant, your financial planner should have Taurus prominent in their chart. Venus is the muse for Taurus, and we know how she likes nice things--it takes money!

It’s “Practical Clairvoyance” when the Taurus Moon does a Mind-Meld with visionary Neptune at 8:15 AM, PST. Ordinarily the Moon with Neptune is a spaced-out trip to la la land, but the Rock of Gibraltar Taurus Moon will keep your sensitivity within manageable bounds. You’ll just “read” people.

Jovial Jupiter joins the Taurus Moon at 7:43 PM, PST, creating a jackpot of generosity and good feelings. You’ll feel like you just won the Oscar! Best Supporting Person.
The Force of stability is with you.
Sunday, February 26, 2012

P.S. I’m moving my stuff.
In the process of packing up my home, I’ve found the 12th Dimension--it’s Mysteriously Multiplying Matter! This is a phenomenal dimension of the mushrooming growth of your stuff when your back is turned. I’ve nicknamed it The Little Shop of Horrors, although I love that absolutely every plant I have is blooming it’s head off!

Everything else is in boxes. So, my dear readers, I beg your patience. My full length horoscope will return in just a few days. Meanwhile I'll give you a daily reading on The Force.
Posted on February 25, 2012 .