Today the Sun rises on the Age of Aquarius

Neptune’s parting-of-the-seas arrival in Pisces today marks the Sunrise on the Age of Aquarius at 1:01 PST this afternoon. Immediately, the watery Cancer Moon shows up with moonlight on this new path to a higher consciousness. A time of peace, of the coming forth of great artists, mystics, healers and spiritual leaders. You don’t need an invitation for this event. You’ve already planned to be here. Neptune waits quietly, unobtrusively, humming a song of surrender to your soul’s destiny, step by step, for the next 13 years. Simply tune-in.
The Force of visioning is with you.

Fated Friday, February 3, 2012
Aries (March 20-April 19)
Neptune has just moved into your 12th solar house, the natural home of compassionate Pisces and the place of spiritual wisdom. Here you will develop as a healer and mystic. You are going to want periods of seclusion and privacy, not as a withdrawal, but as a time to develop your abilities. The signal will be a foggy fearful episode--time to get away! Tonight the sensitive Cancer Moon will be singing harmonies with psychic Neptune, and you’ll have flashes of clairvoyance and prophecy. Take notes for the rest of us!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
Neptune has just moved into your 11th solar house of friends and groups. You’re entering a prolonged period of extending spiritual guidance and generosity to friends and groups you belong to, and they will also help you. You’ll feel a close spiritual link to them. Just be discriminating in the friends you chose. The Cancer Moon arrives at 10:04 PST this evening. It is the perfect time to turn your nurturing abilities to yourself. While the Moon is in Cancer you’ll feel a close tie to your mother, and to your own mothering of others.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
At 1:01 PST this afternoon Neptune moves into your 10th solar house of ambitions, career and success in the outer world. Now your intuitive faculties and spiritual leadership will play an important role in your career. You may gravitate to a position in which you are a minister to others. Remember that your clairvoyance from Neptune does not come packaged with any practicality! Later this evening the Moon joins in with a poem she’s put into song, the language of her heart. With the Moon in Cancer your primary concerns will revolve around the safety and security of family and home. The grounding roots.

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
You’re swimming in some rising tides right now! Visionary Neptune lumbers into your compatible water sign, Pisces at 1:01 PST this afternoon. You may not feel the shift consciously, unless you slow down and tune-in (highly recommended!). The Moon follows Neptune and floats into your sign at 10:04 PST this evening. The Cancer Moon is all about taking care, of others and of yourself. This Moon has the milk of human kindness, and very sensitive skin. With your Sun also in Cancer, this is a double dose of emotions and may even lead to excessive mothering (smothering!). But really, how bad could it be to smoother someone with love?

Leo (July 22-August 22)
Neptune is swimming into your 8th solar house of transformation. You’ll become more interested in spiritual matters of ultimate concern--death and rebirth. You're ability to gather information from non-traditional sources like intuition, metaphysics and the interplay of other dimensions will grow. You can get a feeling, a sneak preview, of the quality of this new energy when the Cancer Moon begins to shine a light on it at 10:04 PST this evening. She immediately strikes a harmonious chord with Neptune at 10:06 PST --this is worth staying up for! Paint, sing, hum or chant your way in.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
The god of the sea, who rules the realms of the collective and unconscious mind, will be slowly drifting through your 7th solar house of relationships over the next 13 years. You’ll begin to feel this shift in your relationships to spiritual ties, to a unity felt as “karmic” destiny. This evenings Cancer Moon adds psychic links to the beginning of this transcendental experience of your partner. Remember how Lois Lane loved the fact that Superman could read her mind? Try to conjure up that attitude for this evening when anyone you’re close to will be able to “read” you--and vice versa.

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Neptune’s spiritual focus will be on your 6th solar house of work and service to others. You'll develop a heightened interest in spiritual healing and alternative medicine. Even if you already work in this arena, your skills and approach will take an intuitive turn. This evening the Moon moves into Cancer at 10:04 PST and two minutes later makes an exact harmonic connection with Neptune, setting off his new vibe. If you’re still awake, listen with all your senses. If you’re asleep, keep a pen and paper by your bed to capture your dreams. They will be prophetic.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
Neptune’s shift to Pisces will bring inspirational visions to your 5th solar house of creativity. You’ll begin to feel a vaguely conscious desire for love and appreciation through your romantic partner and creative self-expression. Inspiration for music and artistic talent will become a compelling need--demanding expression. When the Cancer Moon joins in this harmony at 10:04 PST this evening, the psychic sparks will fly. You will see that domestic security, marriage and commitment, are contributing to your sense of emotional well-being. Under the light of this Moon these issues will be your primary focus.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
Your 4th solar house of home and family will feel the compassionate merging, sometimes even the blurring of boundaries, of Neptune’s higher octave view. You may decide you need to live near the water and the land will hold increasing significance for you. The Cancer Moon shows up later this evening, bringing qualities of shyness and and the need for security to the forefront. Your mind turns to the safety and comfort of your home. You’ll have an increased sensitivity to what others feel and think which may induce you to withdraw into seclusion. Actually, some private time would be perfect for you right now.

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
Neptune, the king of the deep seas of dreams and visions, is sailing through your 3rd solar house of communications. Ever considered writing poetry? His presence will inspire your words and your mind with spiritual language and thought. However, he’s not know for clarity, so watch documents very carefully for correct details. With the Moon in Cancer the next few days, you’ll get the urge to tend to something left undone at home. Perhaps a remodeling project that helps you feel more comfortable and secure. Now’s the time.

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
Early this afternoon Neptune leaves your sign for the deep waters of Pisces. He will spend approximately 13 years sailing through your 2nd solar house of resources. You’ll get inspirations about how to make and use money and resources, and it will all have a philanthropic, humanitarian goal. The Moon in Cancer tonight could have a wide-ranging affect on you--anywhere from wanting to make home repairs to simply being seized with the urge to cook something nourishing. It will also turn your mind to marriage and family. A spiritually sentimental love drifts over your memories, and your present.

Pisces (February 18-March 19)
As Neptune arrives in your sign this afternoon at 1:01 PST, it would benefit you to stop and reflect (highly recommended!). The king of the deep, unconscious seas brings you inspired artistic and musical talents emanating from an intuitive source of inspiration. He dives into your 1st solar house of individuation and self-expression. You’ll begin to get a sneak peek into the motivations beneath people’s behaviors. Your hyper-vigilant imagination will combine with the usual Cancer sensitivity to occasionally create a shy withdrawal. Cancer does not particularly like change, unless it contributes to a more secure home environment. Snuggle up with sweet memories and dreams.
Posted on February 2, 2012 .