Springtime for your mind!

It’s a shocking move for Mental Mercury to leap from the culminating deep waters of compassionate Pisces into the fire of never-look-back Aries (3:41 AM, PST). So shocking in fact that Mercury will slide back into Pisces for 3 weeks (March 24-April 16th) before completing his Aries travels on May 23rd. Start a new project while Mercury is in Aries, finish one when he’s in Pisces.

Your mind is in a decisive mode now, with a fiery competitive edge. Expect your thoughts to be rapid-fire and innovative. When Messenger Mercury is in Aries he’s sending you lots of original ideas, but they come so fast you may not complete a whole sentence! Your mind is on the go and virtually unstoppable. Under the influence of Mercury in Aries you’ll have no interest in lengthy discussions (more than 30 seconds). But you may slow down for a good debate, as long as you’re winning.

The Moon loves to be in Cancer. At 7:08 AM, PST, the emotional vibe shifts when the Moon drops the multi-tasking of Gemini and soaks in the warm waters of Cancer. It’s such a good place to just be herself, indulging in a depth and intensity of emotion that other signs don’t allow her. This gets a beautiful accentuation when our Cancer Moon snuggles up with daydreaming Neptune at 9:12 AM, PST. Get out your paints, pens, and musical voices.

In the light of this Moon, nurturing is the key word. You might even feel like calling your mother. Not out of guilt, but just to touch that taproot of your existence. Marriages made under a Cancer Moon are usually big on domestic security and bring both partners a sense of emotional well-being--a gift this Moon brings us all when she winks at Jovial Jupiter this evening at 9:28 PM, PST. The side to watch out for is the Cancer Moon’s acute sensitivity. A thoughtless comment or an unintentional slight may feel wounding and you’ll want to withdraw. You handle this by getting lots of hugs and mugs of cocoa.

The Force of nurturing is with you.
Friday, March 2, 2012

P.S. All my worldly belongings and I went swimming in the "culminating deep waters of Pisces" this week while moving to San Carlos, a mere 33.8 miles due south. I underestimated the "hornet's nest" factor (see my blog for Leap Day). Sorry to have missed you yesterday. My full horoscopes return tomorrow!
Posted on March 1, 2012 .