Set yourself free!

Don’t be fooled, Darth Vader is wearing a mask!  It’s all threats and firecrackers to spook you.  

You know too well the relentless voice of that dictator in your head, selling false promises and rehashed excuses for why you can’t be free.   Lightning bolts have sparked a rebellion that’s still spreading like wildfire.  A transformed world is rising from the ashes, and phoenixes are rising everywhere.  One Avatar at a time.  

Mars is finishing his fact-checking mission in Virgo that started on 11/11/11.  This go-out-and-get-what-you-want warrior rarely spends more than 7 weeks in one sign, but with Virgo’s precision he spent 7 months sculpting a new sword that he now unsheathes to defend the peace in Libra.  

The worlds famous lovers, Venus and Mars, are finally back sync this Tuesday.  For the next 5 weeks they are in intellectual air signs, so if it’s true that your sex drive is between your ears, the time is ripe for romance.  
The Force of lift off is with you.
The week of July 1, 2012

Aries ♈ (March 20-April 19)
In keeping with the 4th of July, you don't take kindly to anyone restricting your freedom. You’re on the move, and swiftly, as you start this week with the independent spirit of the Sagittarius Moon.  Get outdoors and have an adventure.  You may have to put up with the irritation of a fender bender on Monday, but you can celebrate the open air relief of a grumpy Warrior Mars finally getting out of in Virgo at 5:33 AM, PDT, on Tuesday.  This ends a 7 month period of nose to the grindstone lightens up your goals and actions.  Lift your sights to a peaceful horizon.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
As the week begins, a blast of fresh air helps you out of an ol’ rut on Monday.  If you’ve dug your heels in, refusing to change, you’ll have the impetus to free yourself this week.  The Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday (11:53 AM, PDT) helps you balance your work and home life, your inner and outer needs, to be very fulfilling for you.  Time to reassess your net worth, and count the value of your inner resources.  Have you put up with anything that enslaves you for the sake of being comfortable?  Take a risk and create an adventure that pushes the edge of your comfort zone.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Beginning Monday afternoon, you have a cool-down period for your emotions, as the reserved Capricorn Moon focuses your attention on serious work issues.  Focus is possible for all those fleeting inspirations to be put into a systematic plan.  You get the necessary practicality with the Full Moon Tuesday at 11:53 AM, PDT.  Close the books and balance the budget.  You get lift off later that day when Mars in Libra ushers in a 7 week period of easy and fortuitous action.  Just don’t stop the flow of energy by looking for approval or cooperation from others--it’s a do-it-yourself project.   

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
You’ll feel the need for a security check at the beginning of the week, as you mood has a serious tone leading up to the earthy Capricorn Full Moon on Tuesday (11:53 AM, PDT).  Are you building the assets you need--both inner and outer? You’re finishing a long 7 months of careful planning and now you’re called to take some uncomfortably risky action.  But getting out of your comfort zone will build some adventure into your life will lift your spirits.  

Leo (July 22-August 22)
You’re in a freedom-loving mood as you start your week with a trip through the lofty ideals of the Sagittarius Moon.  What is worth fighting for?  You’ll feel emotionally cautious on Monday, as you slow down to do a security check of your perimeters.  The Full Moon in down to earth Capricorn on Tuesday asks:  Bills paid?  Budget realistic? But hang on, your creativity and fresh ideas seems to suddenly re-emerge on Tuesday when your energy gets lightened up by Warrior Mars lifting your goals to a bigger horizon.  Then Friday is happily productive and you see your problems practically solving themselves!  An effortless, happy end to the week.  

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You’ve enjoyed a 7 month period with go-get-um Warrior Mars in your corner, helping you craft yourself a new and powerful way of getting what you want.  You’ll feel a little grumpy leading up to Tuesday, because you’re pressured to shift gears from your carefully systematic plans to a larger social arena where you have to take into account the needs of many others.  The Capricorn Full Moon on Tuesday is a time for you to harvest the fruits of 7 months of hard work.  Friday is a wonderfully peaceful easy feeling  and you sympathy and compassion, first for yourself, are aroused.  The goddess of love is on your shoulder and the only down side is a little overindulgence in beautiful things--no problem if you have an unlimited budget!

Libra (September 23-October 22)
If anyone tries to restrict your freedom, you’ll ride right over them (gracefully) on your way to open ground.  You know all those calls to action that have been churning around in your head the past 7 months?  Sing “Hallelujah” Tuesday (5:33 AM, PDT) when you get a big boost of action energy that will give you the chutzpah to make things happen for the next 7 weeks!  Warrior Mars will be in Libra--your own personal Knight in shining armour.  This marks an enormously productive time.  Make waves!  Stare down Darth Vader and disarm his wrath.  It’s your turn to take the lead.  Friday is your luckiest day when the Aquarius Moon forms a beautiful partnership with Saturn in Libra (8:48 AM, PDT) and everything's goin’ your way!

Scorpio ♏  (October 23-November 21)
You may be tempted to engage in emotional power plays Monday and Tuesday, as you see others driven by self-centered seeking.  Keep your integrity in tack by focusing on the larger social responsibilities of fair play and justice.  You’re finishing a 7 month period of systematically placing yourself in the best possible position for success.  The Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday is a culminating time for your ambitions.  Get it in writing now.  The next 7 weeks will feel “loosey goosey” to you and shake you into social situations you’d rather avoid.  However, this is the time to take off your mask of calm control.  Show your softer side.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
You open your week galloping on the horseback of an overly adventurous Sagittarius Moon.  But enjoy Sunday’s free-wheeling  ride because you’ll run into a grumpy mood on Monday that will only last ‘til around 4:15 PM, PDT.  But it stops you long enough to show you where you need to change.  The Full Moon in Capricorn reveals what you need to do to put practical feet on your ambitions.  Then, you get the wind in your sails for the next 7 weeks when Warrior Mars takes action in relationship oriented Libra, you friendly sidekick.  You’ll strive for harmony in your social sphere and bring peace to any relationship discord.  

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
An itch for freedom makes you just uncomfortable enough to break out of some rut or obsession that has restricted you.  More than all the other zodiac signs, you are called to the unmasking of Darth Vader--to look softly at your wounds.  The Moon settles down in Capricorn on Monday at 4:12 PM, PDT, so your moods put on practical feet.  The Full Moon in your sign on Tuesday at 11:53 AM, PDT, brings provocative contrasts between your ambitions and your home life.  You are closing a major chapter in your life.  What has been hidden is illuminated.  Risk the uncertainty of being a hitchhiker through some unknown territory.  

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
A lively start to your week has you embracing the freedoms you love, and determined to keep them.  The earthy Capricorn Full Moon may be irritatingly cool, calm and collected, but it’s right up your alley--it helps you focus on the larger social responsibilities of fair play and justice.  “Hallelujah” is what you’ll be shouting Tuesday when Warrior Mars breaks out of his rut in picky Virgo, where both of you have been stuck since 11/11/11.  You now will have the wind at your back for the next seven weeks, and your actions will seem easily harmonic and your relationships blessed with grace.   Friday the Moon sails into Aquarius (5:25 PM, PDT) and that’s when the party really begins!!

Pisces ♓  (February 18-March 19)
It’s perhaps an irritating start to the week when foot-in-mouth Sagittarius contaminates your moods with reckless adventures Sunday and Monday.  Just pay the speeding ticket and move on!  With the Full Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday at 11:53 AM, PDT,  it’s harvest time for your ambitions.   Reassess your net worth and count your inner and outer resources.  Don't’ let Capricorn’s seriousness and insecurity land on your delicate self-worth.  Friday evening the Moon in Pisces (9:29 PM, PDT) sweetens the end of your week with sympathy for your wounds and unconditional love for yourself.
Posted on July 1, 2012 .