Ides of March sizzle!

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. Rilke

Galanthus announces Spring
A symbol of hope, the courageous Galanthus flower blooms through winter's snows to herald the spring.  

Aries aggressive fire fuels the Ides of March, the conflictual time of tender seedlings pushing upward through all obstacles.  Hibernating dreams, awakened by the longer days, call you into action.  

The zodiac is heating up!

Mercury slowly turns direct Sunday, March 17th, still in close conjunction to foggy Neptune.  The road ahead beckons you to press the accelerator, but your mind's still sleepy and drawn to dreaming.  

Spring arrives in the early morning mists this Wednesday, celebrating the balance of light and dark on the Vernal Equinox.  The Sun has dried himself off and marched purposefully into Aries at 4:01 AM, PDT, pioneering the start of a new 12-month growth cycle for your year.  

Thursday the goddess of love moves into Aries, joining Mars for the next three weeks. This promises to be one of the most electric times for romance this year.  Big highlights coming on March 27th!  Stay tuned.

Gear up! Friday morning Warrior Mars, now in his hometown of out-of-my-way Aries, joins forces with the god of lightning who’s been on that battlefield since March 11, 2011.  Expect bolts of mental electricity and epiphanies.

Buckle up for safety Saturday, and take a risk for more adventurous horizons.  Load your GPS with optimism.  

♡ Date Night:  (♀ Venus and ♂ Mars)
Together again!  Sweeten by her stay in Pisces, Venus has been longing to follow her lover Mars.  She joins him in those Aries passionate fires this Thursday evening.  Now like-minded fools, they take up their swords and stand by their love. The universe rushes to their side with a romantic and loyal Leo Moon, adding awe and wonder to the playful weekend ahead.

The alchemist was dazed and dumbfounded...From life to death, and back again to life.  It was indeed the greatest magic of the world.  Lauren Oliver

The Force of new life is with you.
Here’s your horoscope for the week of March 17-23, 2013:

Aries ♈ (March 20-April 19)
Like the newborn beauty of a fresh start that has been 12 months in the making, you lead with the excitement of a novice, the unbridled enthusiasm of a child.  In the journey around the zodiac you picked up something of the lessons taught in each house, adding to the wisdom of your years and your tremendous creative drive.  Your thoughts are still foggy with past memories until April 14th, when your mental circuits are cleared for take off!  Meanwhile, enjoy your vivid imagination.  

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
The deep roots never doubt Spring will come.  Marty Rubin
You are the Green Thumb of the zodiac. You have the deepest, most secure roots (not ruts!). Others may see this outwardly as stubbornness, the bull is famous for it, but it’s really your rock of Gibraltar stability.  Spring announces the beginning of your most fertile time of the year. You plant the seeds of new ideas during Aries, and in your birth month they are fertilized. The better the fertilizer, the bigger the harvest. Make you plans solid before April 14th, because you don’t do your best thinking with your hair on fire! 

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
The Gemini Moon winks a curious eye at Uranus Sunday afternoon, exciting your curiosity and electrifying your intuitive mind.  You start the week feeling generous and sympathetic toward everyone.  You’ll get to reap the rewards of some good karma this week, and find people cooperating with you because they trust your integrity.  You’re engines are revved, and throughout this week there’s a progressive but not overwhelming increase in your energy and drive.  Mentally, logic and reasoning still take a backseat to imagination.   

Cancer (June 21-July 21)
Finishing up old business is the best use of your time at the beginning of this dynamic week.  Prepare yourself for some itchy wanderlust as Spring fever hits you like a tons of bricks! No fear though, you’ll get inspiration in big waves of intuitive hunches when the Moon goes sailing on your homey Cancer seas this Tuesday. Relax with a copy of Proof of Heaven, courtesy of Neptune, and enjoy your clairvoyance. Deeply intense feelings are trying to come to the surface, through the crusty bravado that covers your insecurity.  Just be vulnerable, it really won’t hurt.

Leo (July 22-August 22)
Pivotal.  That means staying light on your feet because so much is catching fire at once that you'll have to be uncharacteristically flexible to take full advantage of this enormously creative and productive time. You are literally solar powered. Between now and March 27th you’re pushing through obstacles like that proverbial fast growing blade of grass through the sidewalk 
cement. You're quick but not frantic. Take advantage of the end of this week to relax and glow. Your life has to heat up so the alchemy can take place. Yes, expect gold.  

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
You are completing a long period in which your have reached a new understanding of your self vis a vis the world around you. Your true self. You have access to a new spiritual view that requires you to use very different skills. This week in particular you will feel the awkwardness of being pulled to expand and at the same time trying to hold on to what’s familiar!  Read The Giving Tree, again.  Are you self-sacrificing or using your gifts wisely?  As Mental Mercury puts your mental circuits into forward gear again, you can harvest your spirituality like wheat from the chaff.  Time for you to teach.  

Libra (September 23-October 22)
Once you get your footing with the Alice In Wonderland thing, shrinking and expanding at the same time, this is going to be a wildly productive Springtime for you. It's clearly time to integrate your daring, adventurous self with the graceful but conflict avoidant Libran. Your passions will have such heat by the end of this week that their sheer force might inhibit you from acting on them, but for Heaven's sake let loose!  Messy but incredibility revitalizing.  And this week is only the beginning.  You’re on your way to a powerfully intense Full Moon in Libra on March 27th that is going to rock your world!  

Scorpio ♏  (October 23-November 21)
It’s an inside job.  If you think you feel tired, it’s really just that your identification with the endless demands of ego is fading. You are not driven by your old definition of success.  Your “go get ‘em” has a more diffuse, spiritual quality.  Your growing edge is in the mystical realms, even more than usual.  You can trust insights that previously deluded you, because now you can make practical use of them.  As Mental Mercury in Pisces turns (slowly) to direct expression of the logjam of ideas in your head, you’ll make common sense of your hunches. Take notes. Write!  (Yes, I mean you!)

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)
All fired up!  And it’s just beginning.  This week is a booster rocket gaining speed, so that you’ll be more and more energized.  For the most part, your time in the dark forest has ended.  Full mental clarity won’t return until after April 14th, but your drive and creativity has already taken off.  Beginning Thursday evening, a sense of well being fills you for the weekend.  Use the time to relax and have fun.  The pace is quickening.  Although Saturday has an awkward challenge, you'll feel like the life of the party. And you are!

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)
In astrology there’s an aspect called a yod, know as The Finger of God.  As a Capricorn, you’re in the palm of His Hand, even though the lord of the underworld is still renting space in your basement of old beliefs.  Right now the Finger of God is pointing you toward a pivotal spot, Optimism!  Your natural domain as a Capricorn is ambition and integrity, which is undergoing earth shaking transformations both in your inner and outer worlds.  Working hard comes easily to you, but now this Finger of God wants you to integrate a bigger, more positive outlook, and to broaden your horizons. It's time to expand your life, your ideas, and how you communicate, by embracing positive thinking.  You’ll always have your feet on the ground dear Capricorn.  Put your head in Heaven!  Look up!

Aquarius (January 20-February 17)
You must feel the logjam of ideas breaking up by now!  Communication glitches are slowly being repaired. Your old excitement about the possibilities of life returns, but with a booster rocket.  You’ll never lose your focus on global humanitarian concerns, but now your energy needs to shift to yourself.  Your confidence, self esteem, and even your identity as a person.  It’s me-time.  Jovial Jupiter has been calling you to expand since May, 2012.  Now Aries puts a fire in your belly. Touch your guiltless innocence. Live there.  

Pisces ♓  (February 18-March 19)
Mercury, still in your sign until April 14th, slowly surfaces to allow for more unhampered communications.  You still need to rely on your intuitive functions rather than reasoning and logic, however your thinking emerges from Neptune’s fog with spiritual insights galore!  Your nerves may feel jittery this week, but if you sit still long enough to write you will be amazed.  And remember, you also have Serious Saturn helping you take it to the marketplace. Tuesday night will bring you the sweetest of dreams when compassion and sympathy for the sufferings of mankind enters your dreamworld, dressed in a new sympathetic understanding.  Linger there.  Take notes.

✶ Astrology Wonks
Mercury in Pisces slowly turns direct Sunday, in close conjunction with Neptune and squared by the Gemini Moon.  This sets lose lots of info that’s been in the retrograde log jam.  But we’re not out of the mental fog until Mercury enters the clarity of Aries fire on April 14th.  

Tuesday the Gemini Moon trines Neptune at 7:39 PM, PDT, and goes on to also trine Mental Mercury at 11:55 PM.  Talk about the sweetest of dreams!

Thursday at 8:15 PM, PDT, Venus enters Aries.  She’s on her way to an exact conjunction with the Sun on March 27th’s powerful Full Moon.  Effervescence!

Friday, Warrior Mars in his hometown of out-of-my-way Aries joins forces with the god of lightning (11:17 AM, PDT) who’s been on that battlefield since March 11, 2011.  This initiates the magnetism of the Full Moon coming on March 27th, the most dynamic one of this year.

Posted on March 16, 2013 .