Friday the 13th is your lucky day

Puritanical fears of idle hands, devil’s workshops, and unmade beds leading to “lazy” pleasurable indulgences is why Fridays, the day named for the goddess of love, started getting a bad rep.  Dies Veneris is Latin for Friday, and translates as “Day of Venus.” It’s Viernes in Spanish, Vendredi in French, and TGIF in American!

Fun Fridays then picked up the “unlucky” number 13, which is symbolically associated with death.  “La petite mort” (little death), the French descriptive phrase for sexual orgasm, probably sealed the admonition against Friday the 13th!

Working in partnership with like-minded others will be deeply satisfying while Mental Mercury is in Libra (September 9th-29th).  “Let’s talk about it” carries the goal of peace and cooperation, rather than trying to be right.  You’ll be less interested in winning the “argument” than in finding a fair compromise.   

Messenger Mercury moves into Libra Monday, and your thoughts turn to relationships.  Human relations, the psychology of intimacy, and  Communications with others just seems to flow with a natural harmony of understanding.  You can see the benefits of compromising.  
Venus enters the Scarlet Letter depths of sensuous Scorpio this Tuesday.  It’s going to be four weeks of deepening the bonds of intimacy, confronting possessiveness, and owning your passion.  

“Love, whether newly born or aroused from a deathlike slumber, must always create sunshine, filling the heart so full of radiance that it overflows upon the outward world.”  Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

♡ Date Night:  Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Leo
Ever eat salty movie popcorn mixed with sour strawberry Gummy Bears? Your mouth watering, puckering, and exploding with delightful tastes?  Strange bedfellows can make life very exciting, even explosive.  Romantic, storytelling Mars in Leo is dating the zodiac’s most seductive temptress, Venus in Scorpio.  Fire and rain.

The Force of being juicy is with you.
Here’s your horoscope for the week of September 8-14, 2013:
(★ Astrology Wonks see bottom of page)

Aries ♈ (March 20-April 19)
Your mind gets some fresh air for the next four weeks, and turns to concerns about fairness and justice.  No matter how proficient you are in the art and craft of relationships, Mercury in Libra challenges you to a new balancing act; learning to surf with two on board!  Hope you’re not attached to your old way of doing things, because electric bolts out of the blue will make your mid-week exciting and full of surprises.

Taurus ♉ (April 20-May 20)
Your mind attended to details and some rather picky, critical reviews of your finances while Mercury was in Virgo.  Now the messenger planet enters a graceful period in Libra, and your writing and communications take on beauty and balance.  Venus, your muse, dives into her deeper passions in Scorpio this Tuesday for a four week swim.  When Venus’ love nature meets Scorpio’s intensity you can expect heightened passions, as well as a temptation to jealousy. Don’t expect to be content with superficial interactions.

Gemini ♊ (May 21-June 20)
Your mind has a “get out of jail free” card beginning Monday when Mental Mercury, your muse, moves into harmonious Libra.  Your words spill out with grace and ease.  Happiness in partnerships is your main concern, and cooperation is your tool. Venus’ dive into deeply intense Scorpio this Tuesday will stir any unconscious habits that want to bubble to the surface.  Thursday’s the day that Miracle Grow pays off with new greener shoots and branches for those dreams and ambitions you set on the New Moon last week.  Step by step.

Cancer ♋ (June 21-July 21)
A little detective work on your feelings will bring powerfully meaningful results, especially after Tuesday when the goddess of love enters your harmonious sign of Scorpio.  Relationships take on a depth that feeds your sensitive soul. Messenger Mercury has finished editing and proofreading some very technical work while in Virgo, and beginning this Monday your mind will be flying in the intellectual airwaves of Libra, adding grace and beauty to your speech for the next four weeks.  Your thoughts are pulled into your head, rather than your heart.  Objectivity is the gift.

Leo ♌ (July 22-August 22)
Your warrior instincts get a challenge.  For the beginning of this week, the urge to actively go out into the world with all your creative genius seems to be stonewalled by Saturn’s austere insistence on discipline. It’s as if you’re a virtuoso violinist whose hands are in a cast!  Hang on though, because the heavenly choir pumps up the volume this Wednesday and you’re off for a wild ride into adventurous new territory. Breakthroughs galore.  This Saturday Mars in Leo strikes a harmonious and brilliant chord with Uranus and lightning bolts of genius ideas combust.  

Virgo ♍ (August 23-September 22)
If this happens to be your birthday week, the gods are smiling on your solar New Year.  Logic and reasoning, which have been your key tools of late, take a backseat to a peaceful easy feelings.  The goddess of love is back in your corner starting Tuesday, encouraging your to get a massage, buy a new jacket that’s not even practical!  Those crystal clear beautiful eyes of yours are focused on letting go of dutifulness and moving on to authenticity.  You’ll just feel very comfortable in your own skin.  Happy Birthday!

Libra ♎ (September 23-October 22)
“Marry Me” says Mercury in Libra.  “Let’s co-create.” Mental Mercury moves into your sign this Monday evening.  For the next 21 days you’ll have an intense curiosity about the thinking and behavior of others.  Your relationships take on a happiness that you previously considered only an ideal.  It gets real on Tuesday when Venus, your ruler and muse, moves into passionate Scorpio.  Intense!  Not much sensibility but lots of sensuality for the the next 4 weeks.  If you think he’s worth it, you’ll go to any lengths!  This weekend you’ll be trying hard to keep matters pleasant and tempers calm when truth-telling Powerful Pluto gets you into an intense debate. Look under the surface for answers.  

Scorpio ♏  (October 23-November 21)
The Moon enters Scorpio this Sunday at 6:44 PM, PDT, and you dive deep into the secrets of your recent psychic “research.”  What did she really mean by that?  You know, no matter what is said.  By Monday evening you're frustrated, as if your every attempt to fulfill your creative ambitions is blocked.  It’s like forcing a military career on a concert violinist!  But it’ll all iron out Tuesday when the goddess of love moves into your sign for 4 weeks of grace, beauty, and artful relationships.  Time for love as you head toward next week’s Harvest Moon.
Sagittarius ♐ (November 22-December 20)
Your brains light up with intellectual curiosity for the next four weeks.  Mentally, you think before you act.  But emotionally you jump with the Moon into Sagittarius Tuesday night, and you start two days of feeling very upbeat and positive about yourself.  You’ll make friends with Love over a bowl of sweet ambrosia for breakfast; then catch a ride across the Golden Gate bridge with your visionary spirit, where you’ll enjoy hanging out with a Shaman and even try some spelunking. Time to get comfortable going underground.  You bring the light to the darkness.

Capricorn ♑ (December 21-January 19)
The intentions you set at the Virgo New Moon last week are taken to a new level of growth this week, peaking on Thursday.  In spite of any inner or societal prohibitions, Venus wins your heart this Tuesday and takes you away from work and into the pleasures of a “gay Paree” for the next four weeks.  Then the bright orange Moon leaves philosophical Sagittarius for the ambitions mountain peaks of Capricorn this Friday.  For the weekend you are cool, calm and collected.

Aquarius ♒ (January 20-February 17)
It’s lift-off for your mind!  Messenger Mercury enters the harmonious ivory towers of Libra this Monday.  Thank God a few creative ideas survived the nagging pickiness of Virgo!  Relationships dive into too much intensity for your tastes when Venus starts four weeks in Scorpio this Tuesday.  Behind the scenes, secretiveness, is not your style in partnerships, but it will be the norm for a while.  Might as well make friends with your deepest desires.

Pisces ♓  (February 18-March 19)
Sweet visions.  Your green thumb produces results from those new intentions you set on the Virgo New Moon (keep your eye on the Full Moon Harvest coming in your sign!). Venus enters Scorpio this Tuesday, where the depths of your compassion mingle with your deepest desires. Romance doesn’t get any sweeter.  This is the dreamy, deeply empathic soul love of a Romeo and Juliet.  Timeless. Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces Friday evening at 11:32 PM. Notice any shift in your direction and go with it.  It’s meant to be.  

✶ Astrology Wonks
The Moon enters Scorpio this Sunday at 6:44 PM, PDT, beginning an intensely passionate week.  

Mercury leaves Virgo and enters Libra at 12:07 AM, PDT, Monday.  Then, Warrior Mars in Leo is in a tense square with Serious Saturn in Scorpio at 4:05 AM this Monday morning.  This is one of astrology's most difficult pairings; rigidity and seething anger.

Tuesday at 11:15 PM, PDT, Venus enters the Scarlet Letter depths of sensuous Scorpio.  

Wild Wednesday starts with the Moon in Sagittarius in an energetic trine to Mars in Leo at 3:54 PM; then trines Uranus at 7:13 PM.  Surprises catch fire.
Posted on September 8, 2013 .