January Horoscope: What promises do the stars hold for 2014?

Flames of revolutionary transformation flare up with a stressful force that collides for the 5th time this April.  A call to action for the spiritual warrior in all of us.  “Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Yoda.

2014 asks for the quantum leap in consciousness that only comes through co-creating; creating as you were created, by Love.  

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller

The Force



is with you.

Here’s your horoscope for  2014:

(*Astrology Wonks see bottom)

Aries ♈

(March 20-April 19)

Your constant companion is still the god of lightning, and although anticipation of a strike makes you anxious, he is putting a blazing light on the trail your soul wants you to follow. Between now and April 22nd, the electricity builds.  You can expect the first sudden sense of relief with the breakthrough that comes with the Aries Equinox on March 20th.  But the real money is still on the 5th of 7 revolutions that occurs on April 22nd.  Expect ease of action and graceful ways to get stuff done March 6-April 5th, June 24-July 18th, and September 30-October 23rd.  Your birthday month is more loaded with new beginnings than it usually is. Be sure to stop for the hour long total eclipse on April 15th.  Doors open.  You’ll barely catch your breath before Generous Jupiter enters Leo on July 15th and creates a one-year harmonious trine to your Aries Sun.  Great good fortune and success will come from your ardent love of life, your positive outlook, and your altruistic attitude toward others.   

Taurus ♉

(April 20-May 20)

2014 is not a quiet armchair read!  The key player, Warrior Mars in Libra, entered the playing field on December 7th in your 6th solar house of work and service.  Your desk will be piled high with jobs and you’ll have the energy and skill to manage them.  Opportunities to be of service will expand your patience for those who don’t seem to be able to help themselves, for whatever reason.  For the next 7 months your actions have the thoroughness of a skilled surgeon and the craftsmanship of a talented sculptor.  This is the energy that will carry you through the revolutions of April when a shift in consciousness occurs as the result of a major breakthrough.  You love your security, and you’re not asked to give it up, but you will be asked to share.  Powerful Pluto continues to throw up control issues until you realize the impossibility, which may happen around April 22nd.  Your soul knows that the lonely journey fails; that the arc of Love is entered two by two.  May 29th through June 3rd is a glorious time when Venus is in your sign.  Your effervescence will attract fun-loving people and everyday will be a good hair day!  

Gemini ♊

(May 21-June 20)

2014 calls you to stand-up and be counted on to take your part in the transformation of the world.  You have a soulful calling to deeper intimacy and to teaching forgiveness as the “magic” key to loving relationships.  Mars is in Libra until July 26th, making a graceful and harmonious trine to your Sun.  You’ll have a robust vitality and a solar-powered intellect for the next 7 months.  This will carry you through the earthquakes and fireworks surrounding the April 22nd revolutionary square.  You’re struck by an epiphany April 15th, during the time of the total Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  Since Messenger Mercury is your ruling planet, and the gift of your gab, the retrograde periods are especially crucial. February 6th to the 28th is a easy turning inward to the world of ideas; June 7th to July 1st helps you rethink decisions made when Mercury was brilliant in your sign from May 8th to 28th;  October 4th to 25th relieves your worries through logical solutions.  It’s not an easy year, but it is simply transforming!

Cancer ♋

(June 21-July 21)

Tired of putting out fires?  Your soul has arranged some life lessons to help you realize that staying safe is an empty life, and doesn’t bring the security you long for.  If you’ve allowed yourself to have breakthroughs and to take advantage of the opportunities Generous Jupiter has brought you since June 25, 2013, you can now see broader horizons and bigger dreams.  You’re in the home stretch now.  You can maximize your gains, solidify your investments, through July 15th when Jupiter enters Leo and your 2nd house of resources. Then you take it to the bank!  The weeks surrounding the April 22nd revolution in consciousness are peppered with wake-up calls and power struggles that jangle your nerves and threaten to crack your shell wide open.  What’s really happening?  The world is calling for you to come out and show your deep sensitivity and your exquisite antenna.  You’re a leader, not meant to be an escape artist.  You can teach what you know best; that it’s the deep roots of family that allow you stretch your wings in peace.

Leo ♌

(July 22-August 22)

Your divine soul is called into the heart of change where you’re asked to have the courage to be quite flexible--not usually Leo’s strength.  It’s not the courage that tramples victoriously over the bodies of fallen foes, but rather the courage to act from the promptings of your heart in all matters.  Your fierce pride and love of your tribe is your sword.  Your life force is being reawakened by affirmations of your strength.  A sense of urgency will be growing in you from January to April 22nd, when a seismic event in the world opens up an unforeseen pathway.  It has deeper roots than you first imagine.  When Jupiter enters your sign on July 15th, you enter one of the luckiest periods of your life, a new 12-year cycle.  For over one year, until August 11, 2015, you do have dominion over all you survey.  An abundance of energy, the enthusiasm and vitality of a child, will infuse your creative drives and allow you to inspire confidence and enthusiasm in others.  

Virgo ♍

(August 23-September 22)

It’s new partnership territory and you’re the leader.  First, the sudden shifts in consciousness, the epiphanies that at times can be disorienting will be piling up through April and May.  Your right hand holds the wand of successful career ambitions and your left hand is unwrapping gifts of optimism and opportunity.  Maximize your ability to transform, yourself and others, before Jupiter leaves Cancer on July 15th.  After that you’ll be called to put your plans into action, which won’t come until Warrior Mars enters Scorpio on July 27th.  Your main challenge in 2014 is to keep your innovative fires burning while you patiently take baby steps through the muddy terrain of seriousness.  The day to day inertia you encounter in others will slow you down enough to make sure you're pursuing the right goals.  You’ll need patience when it comes to others who seem to bumble along, but it will build your tolerance for mistakes--a talent you need for yourself.   Your divine soul is calling you to see the flaws, and love them anyway.

Libra ♎

(September 23-October 22)

By surfing through some rough waves in 2013, you’ve finally mastered the art of balance--every Libra’s dream!  Now Mars in Libra teaches you to surf with two on board!  Easier to just do it by yourself?  Yes, dear independent Libra.  But your divine soul is calling you to step back and let Love lead you to partnership.  That’s how you’ll catch a bigger wave, one that easily carries both of you.  Watch the April 15th eclipse in your sign for a reboot of your intellectual prowess.  The perfect intro to the 5th of 7 revolutions in consciousness that cracks open the lock on your deepest desires.  You’re on deck with a powerful wind in your sails for the first 7 months of 2014.  Mars puts you in front of groups beginning March 6-April 5th, then hands you the microphone June 24-July 18th, and ensures your role as a teacher of peace and love September 30-October 23rd.  You’re ambitions take off because you’re not alone. Ticket sales expand along with your creativity when Generous Jupiter enters the sign of your fiercely loyal friend Leo on July 15th.  The ambitious path Mars in Libra put you on is now paved with golden opportunities.  

Scorpio ♏

 (October 23-November 21)

Here’s the promise that ends all suffering; you are not alone.  You are the child of Love Itself and by extending your love you fulfill your destiny of reawakening joy in yourself and others. Structured Saturn remains in your sign until December 23, 2014, keeping some heavy responsibilities on your shoulders and bringing success in the end.  You’ll find that your self-concept has been redesigned by a building of your self-esteem.  This year is therefore a clearing of the decks for you. As tests and challenges reveal what to keep and what to release, your awareness of limitations becomes acute and you’ll turn to make new habits. Mars in Libra through July will call you to a deeper quiet and time for meditation.  The month of April is a crisis of opportunity and change that will affect your 6th house of health and healing.  Then look for a new relationship or partnership to form beginning in May.  When Jovial Jupiter leaves Cancer for Leo on July 15th, he pours opportunities into your 10th solar house of career.  Expect success!

Sagittarius ♐

(November 22-December 20)

2014 is all around excitement!  Bold adventure marks the frontier of your ambitions for 2014. You always keep your soap box handy, and now is the time to get up on it.  Activism is what your soul is calling you to do.  You’ll have an increased involvement in groups and humanitarian needs.  You shift into forward gear March 20th on the Aries Equinox.  The revolutionary transformations being called for during April’s crescendo of activity and heightened awareness will bring you to the edge of an enormous breakthrough in consciousness--but you’ll have to decide to jump in.  It’s not about taking risks, but rather channeling the divine intentions of your soul’s destiny.  Tune-in and listen to the small quiet voice within you during the total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th.  People will need your help, especially children.  When Venus leaves the chilly mountain top of Capricorn March 5th, your love life picks up speed.  

Capricorn ♑

(December 21-January 19)

The New Moon in Capricorn January 1st started your year on a brilliant note of taking the initiative, grabbing the moneywise Taurus bull by the horns!  2014 is your time to rise above the battleground of a clashing world, and from your higher perspective see people’s suffering with the compassion of a loving parent for a wayward child.  Pluto has infused you with a sense of responsibility for reforms that are so sorely needed, and this must include a greater compassion for your own self.  Self-examination is the key to breakthroughs, since it will open up untapped resources.  The total eclipse on April 15th is a sign to stop and reboot your relationships.  When Mars in Libra makes the big stress aspect to Powerful Pluto in Capricorn on April 22nd, you’ll be challenged by persons in authority who would use force rather than diplomacy.  Don’t let it override your careful career planning.  Settle investments and taxes before March 5th when Venus leaves your sign.  The weeks surrounding May 5th are loaded with opportunities to be your authentic self; to go for what you want.  By December 15th you’ve clearly heard the call; to transcend the limitations of physical form and reawaken to your divine destiny.

Aquarius ♒

(January 20-February 17)

You’re traveling in 2014.  You felt the speed build up in late December and it’s going to propel you into the universal school of higher consciousness until late July.  Warrior Mars in Libra brings grace and beauty to your 9th solar house of the higher mind where he makes a harmonious trine to your Sun for the next 7 months.  You’ll feel a physical vitality and enjoy a more robust health.  Your divine soul is being called to teach in a language understood by everyone, and by teaching only Love you extend your belief that everyone is worthy of it and all people deserve happiness and not to suffer.  Your altruistic nature will be especially needed in the weeks around April 22nd when rebels and revolutions try harder to breakthrough outworn structures and beliefs.  This 6th summit forms a grand cross that shakes your foundations, requires flexibility and right action.  Plan to stop and rethink your position during the total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th.  What was hidden is revealed.  Write and communicate about it.  You’ll be speeded on your way by destiny.

Pisces ♓

 (February 18-March 19)

It’s your year to experience what you have know intuitively; that we are joined to one another by a Force so strong that it never breaks.  A golden thread is tied from your ankle to the ankles of all those you are destined to meet and help in this lifetime.  A thread so strong it cannot be broken, even if it’s stretched or twisted or remains unseen.   Neptune in Pisces will stay close to your Sun throughout 2014, especially if your birthday falls between February 21-26th.  Your imagination and intuition is so heightened that you may fall overboard into confusion, except that Structured Saturn continues to create harmonious, orderly thoughts in your higher mind through December 23rd.  Saturn’s common sense is one of two things that save you during the stressful challenges in April (see Astrology Wonks below).  The other is Venus in your sign from April 6th to May 3rd which sweetens your self-esteem and adds a charismatic radiance to your appearance.  Mars in Libra has made your 8th solar house a powerful place of getting things done.  You have wind in your sails for success in corporate money and investments through July 26th.  You’ll have the emotional intensity, energy and persistence to go after your deepest desires.  

✶ Astrology Wonks

April 22, 2014:

Crisis/Opportunity:  By far the most important time in 2014.  An exact Grand Cross perfects with the opposition of Powerful Pluto in Capricorn to Expansive Jupiter in Cancer; and, Urgent Uranus in Aries opposing Warrior Mars in diplomatic Libra.  This means these four planets in cardinal signs are also square to each other:  Pluto is square Mars; Mars is square Jupiter; Jupiter is square Uranus; and the really big one, the 5th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto.  Enough pull to shake tectonic plates under the outworn hierarchical structures and send them toppling.  

April 15, 2014:  

A total lunar eclipse, visible in North and South America, lasting nearly an hour will occur at between the Moon in peaceful Libra (next door to Warrior Mars) and the Sun in action packed Aries (with a Uranus-Mercury conjunction).  Peace talks get not just a nudge, but a hammer that surprises everyone.  Relationships and the economy are shaken by sudden events.  

March 20, 2914

:  The spring equinox in the northern hemisphere knocks on prison doors, spilling the excess into city streets.  Talking about reforms must move to effective legislating;  As Yoda advised, “Try not.  Do or do not.  There is no try.”

Mercury Retrograde

:  February 6-28; June 7-July 1st; October 4-25th.  

Mars in Libra

squares Venus in Capricorn:  Venus ends her prolonged stay in Capricorn March 5th, but not before making a troublesome square to Mars just hours before the March 1st New Moon in Pisces.  Mars is in the midst of his prolonged stay in Libra--December 7, 2013-July 26, 2014.  Mars will bring us powerful ambition and instinctual courage two more times in 2014:  April 23rd and June 14th.  He will bring a graceful harmony to relationships/partnerships three times:  March 6-April 5th with Venus in Aquarius; June 24-July 18th with Venus in Gemini; and best of all, September 30-October 23rd with both Venus and Mars in Libra.  Love fest!

July 15th, 2014

:  Jupiter enters Leo:  Jupiter leaves Cancer for Leo on where he’ll spill a cornucopia of creativity through August 11, 2015.  Jupiter in Leo inspires our confidence and enthusiasm and takes optimism to dramatic new heights.  We learn that greatness comes from service and devotion to others.  

July 20, 2014

:  Serious Saturn in Scorpio is in stress aspect to Urgent Uranus in Aries. Status quo versus innovation.  Revolt against the established order; the secure rug beneath our feet is pulled away suddenly.

December 15, 2014

:  The 6th of 7 squares between Uranus and Pluto (see above).  This will finish with the 7th square, the 7th sign, on March 17, 2015.  The Ides of March are particularly prophetic of our world to come.  

Posted on January 5, 2014 .