April 24th Weekly Update: Who moved my horizon?

Jovial Jupiter did! With optimism and generosity of spirit, this archetypal Santa Claus has painted a bigger, brighter horizon of new opportunities for you. Jupiter had help with the special effects from transformational Pluto, who’s spent the past five years in Capricorn, pulling up the dead roots of your attachments to the past, releasing you to live vibrantly here and now.

Three years ago you found a “Question Authority” teeshirt left over from the ‘60’s, put it on and decided to pay it forward. Whether you consciously knew it or not, you were inspired by rebellious Uranus, the mythological god of lightning, who moved into the sign of the warrior, hot blooded Aries on March 11, 2011. His urgency to free you has inflamed a seven year itch, through April 2018, to make radical changes born of sudden epiphanies.

Both within and without, your efforts to liberate yourself and your world from conditions that held you back, restricted your ability to fulfill your destiny, began to have force during the Arab Spring. Uranus threw his fireballs against repression and dictators, breaking open the locks on prison doors.

By October 2011, rebels had finally stopped the violent abuse of Gaddafi in Libya, veterans of the Civil Rights Movement joined Occupy Wall Street, a record number of deportations incited immigration reforms, and Obama announced a troop withdrawal to end the war in Iraq. Our feet were planted firmly in the uncertainty of mid-air rebellion.

Time’s up. You’re awakened! Right now, on the horizontal and vertical axis of the zodiac an exact alignment of four planets, at tense right angles to each other, has formed a powerful grand cross that joins Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in LIbra and Pluto in Capricorn. This creates internal angst and external unrest.  

LIke four tectonic plates sliding into alignment, our old and hardened outer crust, similar to the Earth’s lithosphere, cracks open. The walls we have built against the awareness of Love’s presence, crumble. We are called to a radical shift in perception of ourselves--from being different and alone to being happily joined as one.
In this meeting place we are called to make choices about our desires--for freedom through radical change, for loving relationships through cooperation, for activating our dreams through optimism, and for the rebirth of our system of beliefs.

Energetically we stand at the center of this crossroads, being called to integrate these energies rather than referee their differences.

For the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, the fires of freedom to demonstrate and teach the creative power within you has an urgency and must be expressed. You are burning with the desire to be free of obstacles that restrict the full use of your dramatically pioneering ideas. Your challenge is to pace yourself, nothing impulsive, and know that when you feel anxious it’s simply a call to ground yourself in mother nature. Then these  electric power surges you're experiencing will propel you into productive action, albeit on fastrack mode.

For the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, your home and hearth needs to be a sanctuary where you consciously retreat, allow yourself to be vulnerable, salve your wounds and call serenity into your life. Otherwise the bounty of opportunities coming to you will overwhelm your heightened senses and you’ll hide in defensiveness versus retreat in strength.

For the air signs of Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, your focus is on relationships and the right stuff to balance your need for peace with your need for closeness. You’re challenged to eliminate the need to please, to debunk the myths of consensus building as a way to lead or get stuff done. As an intellect sign, there’s no way around using your head more than your heart to decide on issues, however under the urgency of Uranus you must act on what you know, not read another book on it. Now is a time of implementation.

For the earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, you are the grounding agents of change for many people right now. The search for healing has gotten convoluted with infinite choices and pathways, and you are called to add good orderly direction and simplify your life. Focus on yourself, yes, but your humor, your green thumb, your healing hands are the balm for fear and panic you see all around you. You’re called to change now, without knowing the outcome!

There’s plenty of help along the way. The ability to create great inner happiness walks in with the Taurus Solar Eclipse, New Moon, on April 28th at 11:14 PM, PDT. Your thoughts and plans are as stable as the Rock of Gibraltar, but the new attitudes and the changing bottom lines are unnerving to the stubborn Wall Street Bull. Don’t dig your heels in just yet but remember that Taurus loves money. Nobody is better at collecting it!

“Take your place, so long left unfulfilled, in the Great Awakening.”
A Course In Miracles, Text 306

Astrology Wonks
Uranus entered Aries on March 11, 2011, and will remain there until May 2018. The proverbial “7 year itch” is the amount of time Uranus spends in one sign. In Aries he urges new beginnings, stimulates innovation, fires up technology, and incites revolution.

Pluto entered Capricorn January 26, 2008, at the beginning of a global meltdown in finances, net worth, real estate values and many long held “standards.”  Pluto’s prior stint in Capricorn, 1762 through 1778, coincided with the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.

Uranus and Pluto began the first of their seven tense squares on June 24, 2012, the second on September 19, 2012, the third May 20, 2013, the fourth November 1, 2013, and the fifth and most potent is now, April 21, 2014.  Two more are ahead, the denouement, on December 15, 2013 and March 17, 2015.

Why is this fifth square so potent? It’s the only one with the addition of two other planets in the same degree, forming a cross on the north/south and east/west axis of the zodiac. Urgent Uranus in Aries is in opposition to Warrior Mars in Libra which may explode like someone plugging a 220 volt appliance into a 110 outlet!

The last Uranus-Pluto square occurred in the late 1920s through most of the1930s. This era, the Great Depression, has obvious resonance with the huge economic challenges being faced around the world today. The stock market may be hitting record highs, but very little of this prosperity trickles down to the masses.

Blame it on the Moon!  Here’s a bucket of excuses for your moods...
Moon in Capricorn April 19th at 6:28 PM to April 21st at 9:17 PM
Moon in Aquarius April 21st at 9:17 PM to April 23rd at 11:55 PM
Moon in Pisces April 23rd at 11:55 PM to April 26th at 3:00 AM
Moon in Aries April 26th at 3:00 AM to April 28th at 7:24 AM.
Moon in Taurus April 28th at 7:24 AM to April 30th at 1:56 PM
Moon in Gemini April 30th at 1:56 PM to May 2nd at 11:13

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Posted on April 24, 2014 .