May 15th Weekly Update: Does love play hide and seek?

Expect your relationships to get a lot more interesting! The goddess of love has a date with lightning Thursday evening. The fizz on this scintillating combo has excitement written all over it!

Impulse buying will seem like a good idea on the 18th. Overindulgence will be at an all time high. The exception would be selling real estate, which can bring money and good fortune. Problem is, you may decide to buy a sight-unseen timeshare in Bali with the profits! Venus is a bit of a show-off while she’s in rambunctious Aries.

Play nicely with others. The warrior in you has finished some needed repairs on your relationships, and he’s ready to put them to the test. Mars has been honing his sword of justice and fair play a la Libra. He shifts into forward gear Monday the 19th, after idling in neutral since March 1st. Projects and relationships that have been through a reorg are ready to move forward.

Watch out for a vigilante impulse however, since ego drives have been frustrated while Mars was retrograde. If you’ve had internal wars with guilt, ego may be waiting to even the score.

Fire signs--Aries, Leo, Sagittarius--will get a gentle breeze in your sails and encouragement to use more diplomacy. Earth signs--Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn--can let some of your caution go, risk saying what you really mean. Air signs--Gemini, Libra, Aquarius--will feel challenged to stand up for your rights and throw out the doormat. Water signs--Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces--need to dry your wings by basking in the sunlight of those who love you.

“Finding” love is as simple as opening your eyes to daylight when you have no more need for sleep.

*Astrology Wonks
May 15th Venus in Aries conjuncts Urgent Uranus at 4:53 PM, PDT.
Sunday May 18th Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Cancer at 8:30 AM. You may decide to buy a timeshare in Bali, redecorate your living room, and invite the neighborhood to dinner!
May 19th Mars turns direct in Libra after being retrograde since March 1st! Relationships shift to forward gear.
On May 20th the Sun enters Gemini. Playful and curious George is loose and laughing.

Blame it on the Moon...
May 14th at 10:44 PM the Moon enters Sagittarius through May 17th at 1:12 AM
May 17th at 1:12 AM the Moon enters Capricorn until May 19th at 2:58 AM
May 19th at 2:58 AM the Moon enters Aquarius until May 21st at 5:19 AM

May 21st at 5:19 AM the Moon enters Pisces through May 23rd at 9:02 AM

Posted on May 15, 2014 .