May 22nd Weekly Update: Hope sits on the horizon as Jupiter calls you to think outside Saturn’s box.

Tuck the blueprints for your wildest dreams under your arm and get fitted for steel-toe boots! Saturday May 24th you are completing an eleven month process of co-creation with Generous Jupiter and Serious Saturn.

This expansion project has opened up possibilities you may have dreamed of, but didn’t think possible until now. Beginning last summer (July 17th) manifestations of your hopes and dreams began to show up in your life, and thanks to Saturn you took them seriously.

Jupiter broke you out of a rut, maybe lots of them. Usually we’re whining about Saturn’s relentless insistence on baby steps, like needing to floss your teeth every day, one by one (Saturn rules the skeletal system, bones and teeth--but you can blame Pluto for the root canals!). Now Jupiter’s lightened your responsibilities with can-do.

Optimism hits a high fly ball out of the park, allowing you to steal home! You rounded third base on December 12th, and now you’re on a true course for your destiny. You felt the anticipation and promise throughout the trials of the Grand Crossroads in April. Now you go forth with a spirit of enthusiasm, excitement and expectancy. And that’s not all...

Rays of the Gemini Sun brighten your brains! Thinking is solar-powered by a multi-tasking Gemini Sun whose sidekick, Warrior Mars in Libra, raises the bar. Intelligence quotients rise, scholars are in high gear. Gemini’s keen mind is the annual host for commencement speeches. This year the Gemini twins combine with Libra’s social grace to bring Bill and Melinda Gates to Stanford’s podium and Al Gore to prestigious Princeton.

Gemini’s genius for debate, unconventional ideas, and nonconformist philosophies will provide inspiration for new ventures which you want to initiate under the Gemini New Moon on May 28th. Set your intentions.

“If you are trusting in your own strength, you have every reason to be apprehensive, anxious and fearful. But if you call upon the Voice for Love, if you place your faith in Spirit, you reach past your weakness to the Source of all strength.” A Course In Miracles

*Astrology Wonks
*Saturday May 24 th Jupiter is trine Saturn for the third and final time. Previous trines occurred July 17th and December 12th, 2013. Jupiter’s positive thinking expanded Saturn’s love of limits to stretch your dreams. What has this series of opportunities to expand your life in an organized and orderly way brought you?

Wednesday May 28th  Gemini New Moon at 11:40 AM PDT; the Sun entered Gemini May 21st. Write the great American novel!

Wednesday May 28th   The Gemini New Moon is squared by Neptune in Pisces. Lost in a daydream or two so just relax and enjoy. You won’t feel like working!

Wednesday May 28th  Venus enters Taurus 6:45 AM. She is at her sensuous best! See the June Horoscope for the full picture.

Thursday May 29th  Mercury enters Cancer at 2:11 AM. Second warning--Mercury will go retrograde on June 6th. Back up your files!

Blame it on the Moon...
May 21st at 5:19 AM the Moon enters Pisces through May 23rd at 9:02 AM
May 23rd at 9:02 AM the Moon enters Aries until May 25th at 2:28 PM
May 25th at 2:28 PM the Moon enters Taurus through May 27th at 9:47 PM
May 27th at 9:47 PM the Moon enters Gemini through May 30th at 7:13 AM
May 30th at 7:13 AM the Moon enters Cancer until June 1st at 6:43 PM

The stars are thoughts God is holding about you.
Posted on May 22, 2014 .