May Horoscope: If you'll tear down your walls, you can build a whole new road with the debris!

Destructive beliefs that you’ve held about yourself for a long time, and have been used to build a wall against the truth of who you really are, have been struck down by lightning and overturned by the hand of transformational Pluto. What you thought would be exposed was the dark underbelly of how unlovable you are, how lacking in worth. But it turns out that the light you let in dissolved the darkness, as truth will always shine through illusions, and there you saw your treasure. Your burning desire to love and be loved. Your true Self.

Just imagine, the lies you told yourself were nothing but a dark cloud without the power to stop a button’s fall.  We are learning that our perceptions are the result of our thoughts. It is always our thoughts that we see.

“You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what  you think.” A Course In Miracles

Your future is green, organic, and decidedly unique.

★ Stay tuned for Thursday updates on the major astrological events. Mark your calendars for May 8th, May 15th and May 22nd. The action is really going to heat up after May 19th!

Here’s your horoscope for the month of May, 2014:

Aries  (March 21-April 19)
May is going to be the loveliest and most creative month of this year for you, a time of personal magnetism in which you draw people to you. You’ll be provided with respites along the way, which will help with a critical stress point in your relationships that will be coming May 11th-15th. A release of energy will be required then, in which you either forge ahead with greater steam or cut your losses and let go.

Who has the reins for your vivacious sociable and loving energy during this paradoxical month? Venus! She finishes her artwork in your unconscious mind and wakes you from your dreams into the sparkle and enthusiasm of your birth sign, fiery Aries, on Friday May 2nd. The goddess of love will be in your sign until the 28th. While she’s in Aries, Venus will sit beside your Sun at some point during her 26 day journey depending on the degree of the Sun at your birth. You’ll feel very affectionate and you won’t want to go it alone. Your physical health is excellent all month. You’ll want to express yourself creatively, in fact your energy needs this outlet.

Why is this month a critical turning point in your relationships? While Venus is pairing up with your Sun, she will also activate the Grand Cross 4 times (yes, you’re not done yet!). May 11th she reaches out to Warrior Mars in Libra to explore a partnership. She’s counting on his grace and diplomacy, which she considers a bit wimpy and passive, to help her get her own way. You love your independence dear Aries, so you must ask yourself, Do I want to surrender certain personal freedoms in order to be in a partnership?

You get help deciding when Mental Mercury moves into Gemini May 7th, beginning a 22-day bonanza of ideas and an overloaded in-box. Around the middle of May you’ll feel your love for someone very intensely. So much so that your feelings for someone close to you might be tinged with possessiveness and that ol’ green eyed monster, jealousy. The air is electric with your need for more excitement, and you also have a bit of a lucky streak! Look for epiphanies, not the roulette tables! Put your feet up on the 18th for a break in the action, and to let yourself know how you really feel about that special someone who came into the picture so suddenly. Plus, you’ll need to rest up before the Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th when the truth pops up from your unconscious mind.

Stardust Blessing for Aries; When I answer the call for love in another, I answer it for myself.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
How did your life’s direction shift during the provocative Grand Crossroads April 20-22nd? Because this is your birthday month, the choice would appear in some form of letting go. Why? Your personal New Year begins on your birthday, therefore a process of clearing the decks occurs in the 6 week leading up to it. This year in particular, because of the Grand Crossroads, you’re challenged to release the need to feel secure through accumulating material wealth and possessions, and look for security in the deeper bonds of love, the rewards of marriage and partnership.

Venus finished stirring your unconscious mind and making artwork of your dreams and visions while she was in compassionate Pisces. May 2nd she moves into fiery Aries, which keeps her in your visionary corner because in the sign of Aries she is in your 12th house of hopes, dreams and wishes. She wants to wake you up to the fact that you must have no reticence about going after your dream. It’s not that anything is wrong with your usual slow and steady pace, it’s that it lacks the spontaneity needed to act on your aha’s and epiphanies! For the next 26 days Venus is giving you a gentle pat on the shoulder, not a push or shove, so that when she enters your sign on May 28th you’re ready for the facelift that is only “bought” by loving yourself.

Your compassion becomes your treasure, and your ability to empathize with the strengths (not the sickness) in another person becomes your artform. Venus activates the Grand Cross with her spontaneous passion on four days in May, beginning on the 11th when she calls out Warrior Mars in Libra to the negotiating table. Your relationships get juiced up, hopefully without her competitive and aggressive side, and enter the peace talks with the goal of getting a win-win.

On May 7th Mercury moves into his favorite home, mutable Gemini, where he’ll stay until he settles into the home sweet home sensitivity of Cancer on May 29th. Gemini is a casual friend to Taurus, but too scattered to be of much help. Wait until the 29th to start that book or make that speech.The Scorpio Full Moon on the 14th is in your 7th house of relationships. Secrets are unearthed and you get to the bottom line of what’s true.

Stardust Blessing for Taurus: I accept only loving thoughts in others and see everything else as a cry for help.

Gemini May 21-June 20
Think of it--some things you thought were true about you turn out to be false, and vice versa. For example, maybe you’ve been thinking that job you quit in 1995 was the worst mistake of your life, and now you can see it was the best thing you ever did!

The Grand Crossroads continue to light up your house of creativity and romance. Now some actual fireworks are added, beginning May 2nd, when the goddess of love enters the sign of Aries. She has been in your house of career, and now she moves into your 11th house of groups, friends and humanitarian concerns. While there, she activates the Grand Cross again on four occasions. May 11th she calls out Warrior Mars in Libra for hot, hurried talk about your relationships. Mars is in your 5th house of creativity and romance, directly opposite Venus, meaning you could draw to you a romantic attraction which will have a magnetic and passionate quality. Venus in Aries is all about love at first sight!

Think, think, think because you’ll be very good at it, quite non-conformist and eclectic in your communications and understanding. On May 7th Messenger Mercury, the ruler of your chart, moves into his favorite home, mutable Gemini (He’ll stay there until he reluctantly settles into the underwater sensitivity of Cancer on May 29th.) For 22 days your keen intellect finds easy expression in writing or speaking. Your in-box will be loaded. It’s a very active time for you because Mercury will trine Warrior Mars while he’s in Gemini, putting action where your words are.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th will be in your house of work, bringing intensity and culminations. Watch my Thursday updates for more.

Stardust Blessing for Gemini: I recognize only loving thoughts in others, everything else is a cry for help and love.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
May 4th is both a turning point and a day for caution, especially if you try to hold onto the past. Keep your eyes forward. Venus has been your helpful companion and lifted your hopes and dreams into new and artful forms while she was in PIsces. May 2nd she shifts gears in a big way and moves into the impulsive fires of Aries. This will stir up some competitive feelings in your relationships, perhaps even possessiveness and jealousy. Venus will now grace your house of career with money, especially money earned through creating art or beauty products or decorating to improve the appearance.

Venus will activate the Grand Cross (yes, again!) four times in May. As you consider the grander horizons and expanded choices that have presented themselves to you, Venus will now step in and add the love! It’s like getting a big bouquet of red roses just to remind you how much you are loved and appreciated!

Warrior Mars in Libra is trying to keep the peace by never hurting your feelings, but instead you just hear his relationship negotiations like someone’s talking to you underwater. People in your life don’t seem to get to the point. Hang on until May 29th when Messenger Mercury goes into your sign. That will begin a month of writing and communications that flow like water. Especially because at the same time Venus will slow down thoughtfully in Taurus. Wait until then before you make any major partnership agreements.

Around May 18th you have a golden, relaxing few days with Jovial Jupiter. You won’t feel like doing much work, so just enjoy your friends and your good feelings. It’s a welcome holiday with a 5-Star indulgence.

Stardust Blessing for Cancer: Fear and love are the only emotions I have, and only love is true.

Leo  (July 23-August 22)
The goddess of love is a key player for all of what will be a very merry May for you. Venus slips into enthusiastic Aries on May 2nd, bringing art, romance and wealth into your ninth house of the higher mind. She will sweeten your love of travel, especially to foreign places, and add financial success to anything you’re doing that is related to education or publishing. You have four weeks of lovely adventures ahead.

Tuesday May 6th is a day for caution. Don’t get into a battle of wills, especially the ones that go on inside you between your head and your gut. The grand cross has opened up new avenues for you, like fixing a broken compass that suddenly points due north--to the pinnacle of success.

Beginning May 7th your communications smooth out and flow in the direction you want. Mental Mercury moves into his home base, Gemini, where he’s your friendly neighbor with lots of great ideas. It’s another indication for success through writing, public speaking and publishing.
The Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th has an overdose of seriousness and brings to culmination a project that required you to work hard. It’s a good time to clear the decks and put on your track shoes. When Warrior Mars shifts into forward gear on the 19th, projects that have been on your drawing board since March 1st, will take off. You’ll feel more energetic and you’ll take a more powerful stance.

Toward the end of the month, you have the last of three harmonious trines between the archetypal Santa Claus, Jupiter, and serious but successful Saturn. The light is neon green for expanding your business or starting a new one. And particularly auspicious at the time of the Gemini New Moon on the 28th.

Stardust Blessing for Leo: The one true thing you can say about past is that it’s gone. The one true thing you can say about the future is that it’s being created by you, right now.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
The goddess of love has drifted to the surface of your consciousness after trolling around your sweetest memories for the past four weeks. You’ve had your compassion stretched wider, encompassing more of your past as well as the collective consciousness of those in need.

Enjoy the abundance that comes from a life lived in service to others. May 2nd Venus is moving into Aries, and into your ninth house of the higher mind where your philosophy of life finds an artistic expression. Your relationships may be stressed by someone acting impulsively (at least in your mind) or flaring up in anger. Luckily the peacemaker, Mars in Libra, is gearing up to take action beginning May 19th. He’s been relaxing gracefully in his think tank since March 1st, where he’s written over 12 partnership agreements on a scale from long-distance, just-friends, or engaged to be married. You can bet they’re all overly accommodating so don’t sign anything until Messenger Mercury moves into Cancer on May 29th.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th will be intense, but will bring a project you’re working on to a clear, concise conclusion. Emotionally is a closet cleaning aspect. On the same day, Venus squares off with the lord of the underworld and suspiciousness gets loose in your relationships, demanding a “talk” that may be more revealing than you intended.

The 18th is one of those “leave your credit card at home” days of probably harmless overindulgence. Chocolate may be involved! Just enjoy your friends and your good feelings-and try to share! Life turns very sweet for you after May 28th, particularly when it comes to money. It’ll be four weeks of good hair days too!  

Stardust Blessings for Virgo: Love is the world’s reality and I will not defend myself against the awareness of Love’s presence.

Libra  (September 23-October 22)
You’ve heard the expression for Libra, “I’m built for grace not speed!” Not this month. Your muse, Venus, leaps into the passionate fires of Aries on May 2nd. Speed is now your modus operandi (luckily, running shoes now come in fashionable colors). Under her “guidance” you may find yourself scratching an itch for something or someone brand new, or taking an action simply because it breaks a dull routine and satisfies your need for spontaneity.

Venus in Aries is in a direct face-off with her ancient lover, Warrior Mars, who’s still in Libra. You have your sparkle back and your interest in working things out in your relationships. Just keep in mind you’re in no mood to lose your independence no matter how tempting or downright helpful the offer may be! You’ll still be weighing both sides until May 19th--then, look out!. Mars in Libra finally shifts into forward gear after a long long time in his think-it-over tank. Plans you’ve had on the dining room table since March 1st are energized for action.

The grand cross gets activated again, this time being ruled by the principle of love and the desire to reach out to others. Of most importance to you is May 15th, when Venus takes her flame on a date with the god of lightning. You’ll love the surprises this brings, but you’d rather ignore the unpleasantness from the surprising consequences to your high voltage flirtation.

Your mind clears with the refreshing breeze of Mental Mercury moving into your harmonious sign, Gemini, on May 7th. The right words just come to you, ideas are flying for the next 23 days. Even better, the Sun moves to Gemini on the 20th, pairs up with the Gemini Moon on May 28th to form a powerhouse of a New Moon for you. New beginnings.

Stardust Blessing for Libra: The veil that I have drawn across the face of love has been lifted.

Scorpio  (October 23-November 21)
Does it feel like something’s being asked of you, urgently, but you can’t quite make out what it is? It could be shouting at you so loudly that you’ve covered your ears, or it’s a soft whisper that’s brushed against your cheek that you couldn’t quite decipher?

While Venus was in Pisces (April 5th to May 2nd), she was bring art into your house of creativity, romance and children. You may have been romancing the idea of an old flame, putting music to those lyrics you’d forgotten about. Whatever the goddess of love inspired in you, it is now time to put it to practical use, to be put to work for you. Venus is in Aries until the 28th, which is a time you’ll feel antsy, ready to ignite your passions but anxious about the outcome. Wade in, check the temperature when courting such volatile emotions. You’ll want to take action on your desires when Warrior Mars shifts into forward gear on the 19th. Something you’ve put off since March 1st will insist on happening.

The Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th is the time of an important culmination of a project that you’ve worked on relentlessly (especially since the Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28th), that allows you more self-expression, and gives you a bigger voice in your career. This is a turning point for you that carries the kiss of Lady Luck!   

The 18th brings you a welcome and well earned holiday with a 5-Star indulgence! Not that Jovial Jupiter would require you to work for it! Simply a gift. Then, May 24th finds Jupiter happily sharing his Santa’s sleigh with, believe it or not, Serious Saturn in Scorpio. This is the third and final time they’ll make this harmonious trip together that they started on December 12, 2013. What opportunities to expand your life in an organized and orderly way were offered to you?  

Stardust Blessing for Scorpio: I give no power to fearful thoughts, for they dissolve in the light of my love and understanding.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
Venus finishes redecorating your home and family, joining you together with her golden threads of affection and good feelings, and beautifying your surroundings. She’s been at this since April 5th, and now she moves into your fifth house of art, romance and children. You now have her gift of a sunny outlook on life and a personal magnetism that will increase your popularity for the next four weeks. During this time you will get sweet reminders that you are at your most creative self when you join your imagination with that of a child. You’re already a master of spontaneous play, so Venus in enthusiastic Aries is almost too much fun!  

May 15th Venus in Aries decides (very impulsively) that she needs more excitement in her life, so she joins the god of lightning for a trip to Vegas. After all, Venus is the quintessential Lady Luck! But please consider that during this time your adventurous Sagittarius fire is dancing with still more fire from Aries, and you’re both getting struck by lightning bolts of our of the blue. Yes, it could be a jackpot if you keep an extinguisher handy. That may have been provided yesterday by the very serious deep waters of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Peace talks for your partnerships have stalled since March 1st when Warrior Mars in cooperative Libra went home to think things over. But he’s back for action beginning May 19th, and you’ll find your relationships getting more balance, fewer chiefs and more indians.

The Sun moves into light and airy Gemini on the 20th, and pairs up with the Gemini Moon on May 28th to form the New Moon. If you got back from Vegas with all your resources still in tack, now will be a time of ingenious ideas that find their way to many others through electronic communications.

Stardust Blessing for Sagittarius: My thoughts create my reality.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
Dear industrious Capricorn, awake, arise and assert your powerful faith. It’s time to move a few more mountains! Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, has been your communications muse for the past four weeks. Her influence has given your writing, your voice, a pleasing quality and artful delivery. Beginning May 2nd, she enters your fourth solar house of home and family. You’ll feel your attachment to them very strongly and affections will be freely expressed. You’ll have a heightened sense of awe and wonder in your love of the land, of mother earth. Any activity you’re engaged in that is related to the buying and selling of homes will bring you wealth. Make sure some beautification is involved.

Unfurl those blueprints you’ve been patiently working on. The middle of May is loaded with activity, especially after the 19th when Warrior Mars shifts into forward gear after two months of thinking things over. Projects you’ve put a lot of work into will come to a culmination at the Scorpio Full Moon on the 14th. Flashes of aha’s and ingenious ideas zing through so fast you’ll have to hustle to keep track of them! At the same time, something or someone you’ve invested a lot of energy in will cause some intense emotions. A short but welcome vacation from the fast pace of your life comes on the 18th when you should let yourself be lazy, you won’t feel like working away.

There’s a creative cycle of expanding opportunities that’s occurring in your life now. It began July 17th, 2013, had a second pinnacle on December 12th, 2013, and will culminate for the third and last time on May 24th. It marks a time of, excellent managerial skills because you are farsighted, provident, and able to carry large responsibilities. Under this influence, any matter pertaining to justice and the law combines with your Capricorn integrity to improve your public reputation and career success.

The Gemini New Moon on the 28th has the seeds of great ideas, but you’ll have to provide the grounding for this whirlwind. Even so, everything gets very clear by the 28th, money arrives through family connections and/or well negotiated contracts.

Stardust Blessing for Capricorn: The mind that serves Spirit is beyond the laws of time, unbound by any preconceptions, and has the strength and power to do whatever is asked.

Aquarius  (January 20-February 18)
Any reticence you may have about acting on the ideas you’ve been mulling over since March 1st is blown away by the high voltage passion that Venus in Aries is bringing you.. May 2nd the goddess of love finished her journey through your house of money and resources, loading it up with many kinds of wealth. Now she is visiting your house of communications, adding enthusiasm to your writing, magnetism in your words. You came the to grand crossroads with the wisdom to tolerate the complexities and paradoxes of life and love. You want the comforts of love, not the drama! As the great humanitarian, the champion of equal rights, Venus helps you express the truth that where there is no war there is great beauty.

Learn to love surprises. Venus in Aries will activate the grand cross four times in May. The most important for you occurs around the 11th when she challenges what she considers to be the wimpy assertiveness of Warrior Mars in Libra. But don't be deceived by someone’s apparent passivity, your included, because Mars is turning around on the 19th to help you take a firm but diplomatic stand in your relationships. Just don’t think too much!

Communications are doubly blessed for you in May because on the 7th Mercury moves into his favorite home, mutable Gemini, which creates an easy harmonious channel for you to express yourself. The rub may come with the Scorpio Full Moon on May 14th which is deeply intense and may reveal secrets you’d rather not know. It will all become very clear to you by the 28th when the Sun and Moon in Gemini join to form the New Moon. This falls in your house of romance, creativity and children. It will also stimulate your desire for travel, probably to foreign places within and without.

Stardust Blessing for Aquarius: When others are busy denying the presence of love, I see their fear of love as a cry for help.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)
You can still take the familiar road and try again without changing your beliefs, but it will be stale and dry. Or you could have faith in the first steps you’ve taken along a new pathway whose outcome you can’t predict. The wisdom you bring to this revolutionary time in your life has been stirred in the alchemical cauldron of Venus’ stay in Pisces (April 5th to May 2nd) into the gold of your deep and strong compassion. The transcendent love you know exists in the collective consciousness of mankind, even when it can’t be seen. Time to get comfortable with the illusionary fog of fear. You may only see the next step in front of you, but you can make the whole journey that way. It’s being created by you as you go. It’s organic.

Venus has moved into your 1st house of self-expression and self confidence. Yes, you can expect four weeks of good hair days! But Venus also wants to encourage playfulness in you, to light up your memories so that you can act as if you had a happy childhood. Afterall, you only have your perception of the past which is guaranteed to subjectively skewed. On your new path you’re free to make up your own version, in which you remember only the love. You relieve your own suffering by questioning it’s reality.

Several planets line up in Gemini beginning with Messenger Mercury on May 7th. The Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th and is joined by the Moon to create a New Moon on the 28th. This is a plethora of ideas! You’ll find yourself juggling too many, and it’s not a good time to sign contracts unless it’s related to your home or real estate. It all settles down nicely for you by the 29th.

Stardust Blessing for Pisces: When I deny the light of love, I’m like a child frightened by nightmares, I’ve shut my eyes and hidden under the covers. Today I uncover my fears and see them dissolve in the light.

Astrology Wonks
For those who like to plan ahead, Mercury will go retrograde on June 6th, back up into Gemini on the 16th, where he stays in his man cave until he turns direct in Gemini on July 1st. Snafoos in communications will mean re-doing and re-writing, especially in electronic data when he’s in Gemini. He’ll be back in Cancer again on July 12th.

Here’s the really big show in detail for May:
May 2nd Venus moves into Aries at 6:21 PM, PDT.
May 7th Mercury moves into Gemini at 7:46 AM. It’s his favorite home, mutable Gemini.
The Scorpio Full Moon is May 14th at 12:15 PM, PDT, and conjunct Serious Saturn. Heavy!
May 28th is the Gemini New Moon at 11:40 AM PDT. (and, Mercury is in Gemini too!) Airheads!
May 28th Venus enters Taurus 6:45 AM. She’s exalted in Taurus, a home she rules.
May 29th Mercury enters Cancer at 2:11 AM.

Blame it on the Moon...and love the days it’s in your sign!
May 2nd the Moon enters Cancer at 11:13 PM, PDT, until May 5th at 10:56 AM
May 5th at 10:56 AM the Moon enters Leo until May 7th at 11:24 PM 1st qtr square
May 7th11:24 PM May 7th the Moon enters Virgo through May 10th at 10:19 AM
May 10th at 10:19 AM the Moon enters Libra through May 12th at 6:07 PM

Flames of revolutionary transformation flare up with Jupiter’s call-to-arms for the spiritual warrior in all of us. The only fight is the one within.  

Posted on May 3, 2014 .